Reign Supreme: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

Reign Supreme: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

The documentary “Reign Supreme” follows young musicians as they contribute to the formation of French hip-hop in settings ranging from the slums of the city to the most prominent venues in the country. The series is currently available to stream on Netflix.

The band Dying Fetus released its seventh album, Reign Supreme. In the United States, it was made available on June 19, 2012, while in Germany, it was made available on June 22, 2012, and in Europe, it was made available on June 25, 2012.

The “Dead Whores Love to Fuck” bonus track is included in the “Deluxe Edition,” including enhanced artwork and a sticker.

In the episode titled “Band in China” from season 23 of the animated television series South Park, one of the songs that the fictitious band Crimson Dawn performs is “Second Skin.”

Reign Supreme
Reign Supreme

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Background of Reign Supreme

John Gallagher, guitarist and frontman for Dying Fetus, offered the following commentary: “The previous album had some groove in it, but it was primarily a lot of techs; this one is a return to form, so to speak, of older Fetus records, but with more contemporary production. Everything is in perfect order, the sound is smashing, and the drums sound incredible.”

Story of Reign Supreme

Daniel finds himself at a hip-hop party in California and becomes mesmerized by the DJ’s ability to mix and spin records simultaneously. The following scene finds Daniel back in France, where he and his friends, including his recent acquaintance Beatrice, discuss introducing hip-hop culture to the country.

Both Didier and Bruno use breakdancing and hip-hop music as therapy for dealing with problems in their families. Bruno and Didier, once competitors, gradually became friends and started performing together at various breakdance talent shows.

But unfortunately, Didier’s abusive father compels him to move to Italy, which places Bruno in a challenging circumstance and makes him a failure in his ostensibly “perfect” family.

To cope with her circumstances, a young woman named Vivi immerses herself in the world of graffiti, which contributes to the development of hip-hop culture in France.

When Didier moved back to France, Bruno reached out to him, and the two of them eventually found themselves involved in the French hip-hop and rap scene. Daniel eventually becomes known as DJ Dee Nasty, thanks to his musical ability. In contrast, Vivi, known as Lady V, discovers a new path in life.

Performances The series can realize its full potential due to the lead actors’ skillful portrayal of incredibly likable characters, their expert scene balance, perfect pacing, and outstanding music choices.

Reign Supreme
Reign Supreme

The creative underworld of Paris, as well as a variety of integration issues, are the primary emphasis of the show. The work’s freshness comes from the humor that is included in it, which deeply connects to the characters’ childhood and allows the characters the space they need to develop in the story.

Andric Manet has a fantastic portrayal of Daniel, a reserved, charming, and gentle character with a deep reverence for music.

The character of Didier, played by Melvin Boomer, is unchangeable throughout the series. He behaves exactly as nature requires and is never afraid to take risks. Anthony Bajon, a French actor, gives a strong performance in the part of the younger version of Bruno.

There are many supplementary characters who all contribute significantly to the narrative in their unique ways. Beatrice, Daniel’s girlfriend and an Asian woman living in France, is an excellent example of this unfortunate situation. Beatrice is presented as a strong woman who supports Daniel although her life is falling apart.

Positives Points of Melvin Boomer

Despite only consisting of six episodes, the series covers virtually every significant aspect of life in France during the 1980s. In each new episode, the viewer is presented with new material that is accurate to the events that took place in the 1980s.

It revealed how black people lived in France, how kids with family problems navigated their lives from drugs to sex, how the French riots made people lose trust in the police, how music and art brought people together, and how hip-hop was born via underground fights. All of these things are covered in this book.

With the help of a supporting cast, the scenario in the 1980s, and the clothes, the spectator is presented with an excellent overview of France in the years before the French Revolution.

Another factor that adds to the overall allure of the Reign Supreme series is the excellent soundtrack. The series makes frequent use of hip-hop music throughout its run. Because this fictitious plot is based on historical events, the characters’ development perfectly encapsulates the series’ essence.


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Negatives Points of Melvin Boomer

The hypothetical nature of the series will allow it to reflect the audience’s interest in European hip-hop, and this enthusiasm will be reflected in the series.

Because only some people are fans of the French band NTM, it is difficult to say whether or not the plot will be compelling enough to lure viewers interested in hip-hop but not necessarily die-hard fans of the genre. NTM still needs to be discovered in regions outside of Europe despite receiving significant exposure on international platforms.

Even if the play is primarily an intimate and laborious biographical story, it is still being determined why people in other parts of the world should care about NTM’s beginnings.

The Cast of Reign Supreme, Season 1

Melvin Boomer will play Didier Morville, and Andranic Manet will take on the part of Daniel. Bruno Lopes will be portrayed by Anthony Bajon, who is most known for his leading role in The Prayer series. Many actors play the roles of DJ, Chino, Leo Charlie, and Be Verdict. These actors include Emmanuelle Hiron as Christiane Lopes, Laika Blanca-Francard, and Lady V; Keisha Court as Dora; Daouda Keita as Solo; Arthur Choisnet as Tecol; Jonas Bachana as Franck Chevalier; Ismael Sy Savane as Jean Morville; Franc Bruneau as Jb.

The series Reign Supreme is dramatic but moves along at a decent pace because it shows the characters’ histories, struggles, innate feelings, connections, and evolution. Those who appreciate the arts, freedom, and music will enjoy watching this series.

Anthony Bajon is a French actor born in France on April 7, 1994. The central part he played in The Prayer (2018), for which he received acclaim from film critics and the Silver Bear Award for Best Actor, brought him the most notoriety.

Anthony Bajon kicked off his career as an actor on a theater stage when he was just 12 years old. Since then, he has given regular performances in several theaters across France. 

In 2015, Bajon made his debut in the film Les Ogres, which Léa Fechner directed. Subsequently, he starred in the movie Rodin, directed by Jacques Doillon, and Golden Years, directed by André Téchiné, amongst other films.

In the film, directed by Cédric Kahn and released in 2018, Anthony Bajon portrayed the principal character, a 22-year-old drug user named Thomas. He became the seventh French actor in the history of the Berlin International Film Festival to be awarded this award for receiving the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the Berlin International Film Festival for this work. He earned this award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Melvin Boomer
Melvin Boomer

Melvin Boomer Wiki & Biography

Melvin Boomer, a French dancer, and actor, was born in France. Melvin Boomer was born in France. However, his exact date of birth or his zodiac sign is unknown. At this point, he is between the ages of 20 and 28. (Approx).

Melvin is both his given name and his nickname. His alternative name is Melvin Promeneur. His ethnicity is Black European, and his nationality is France. He is of French descent.

Parents & Family of Melvin Boomer

Melvin’s family is originally from France and is a kind and welcoming bunch. However, make sure that the names of his parents are not made public anywhere online.

On the other hand, the public is unaware of any information on Melvin’s siblings and sisters. As soon as possible, we will keep the information on Melvin’s family and parents up to date.

Background in Education of Melvin Boomer

No information can be found regarding the educational experience of the actor Melvin.

Melvin has been very secretive about his love life and the status of his relationships. Thus it is unknown whether he has a girlfriend or is engaged to someone.

Our research team is now looking into Melvin’s current dating life and his past dating life. We will be revising his relationship history in a concise amount of time.

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Melvin Boomer and His Lifestyle 

We do not have access to sufficient information; therefore, we believe Melvin is not currently in a relationship.

Melvin Boomer’s Career in the Professional World

Melvin, a break dancer, received training in hip-hop from Delphine Schoevaert at Arts en Mouvements and classical and jazz dance from Candice Alekan.

After that, he continued his education at the International Dance Academy. In the year 2020, he established the Artiumprod collective. This production company collaborates with various artists and dancers from different dance styles to produce original content that ranges from dances to short films to freestyles.

Melvin Boomer: As a Co-Star

In addition to photos. After that, Melvin was cast as JoeyStarr, the lead character in the new series The world of tomorrow, created by Katell Quillévéré and Hélier Cisterne. The story focuses on the beginning of the NTM group. Melvin plays the role.

Melvin Boomer
Melvin Boomer

Melvin Boomer’s Net Worth

Melvin Boomer’s earnings, salary, and net worth will be discussed in this article, along with some additional information. Let’s find out his current net worth in the year 2022 and how affluent he is expected to be in the year 2023.

Actor Melvin’s wealth was a mystery because no concrete information was available about it. According to many magazines and social media sites, his estimated net worth ranges from 700,000 to 1.5 million dollars. In 2023, he will have more money, and he hopes to reach $2 Million.

Instagram is where you can find Melvin Boomer’s social profile. Melvin’s Instagram profile does not appear to be verified as of November 2022; the username he uses for his profile is (@melvin boomer). His total number of followers on Instagram is 2982, and he has posted 48 times. Melvin updates his Instagram account with personal and family photographs and videos regularly.

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Quick Facts

Age 20 to 28 years old as of 2022
Weight 67 Kg (147.71 Ibs)
Height 6′ 1″ (1.85 M)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physique Athlete
Body Measurement Average
Voice type Tenor

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