Siesta Key: Miami Movie Cast, Release Date, Time and Filming Locations

Juliette Porter and other cast members like Brandon Gomes, Chloe Long, Madison Hausburg, Amanda Miller, Sam Logan, Jordana Barnes, and Cara Geswelli are back for season 5 of Siesta Key.

Also, this isn’t just a day at the beach, as viewers of the reality show have come to expect. As these young adults put everything on the line to grow their businesses and get ahead in the Magic City, they test their friendships and relationships.

Since the first season, Siesta Key has had a lot of cast changes. In season 5, some of the original cast is back, but there are also some new faces.

Siesta Key Miami Movie Cast
Siesta Key Miami Movie Cast

Siesta Key: Miami Movie Cast

The first episode of Siesta Key, an American reality show, aired on MTV on July 31, 2017. The show was based on the reality show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, which aired in the early 2000s.

The first episode of season five will air on MTV on October 27, 2022. The working title is “Miami Moves.” Siesta Key is turning up the heat now that a new season has started.

The popular reality show is moving in a big way to Miami, Florida, for its fifth season.

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Who is coming back to Siesta Key and who is new?

Since the first season, Siesta Key has had a lot of cast changes. In season 5, some of the original cast is back, but there are also some new faces. Several of the actors are back:

Juliette Porter

Juliette Porter was born on July 7, 1997, in Florida. She is an actress and reality TV star who is well known. She was a star on Siesta Key, a well-known MTV show.

The 25-year-old woman is very popular with young people in the U.S. People say that “Siesta Key” on MTV is one of the most popular shows.

In 2017, the first season of The Show began. Porter, who is a well-known celebrity, was also there. This show was the main reason why the woman became well-known.

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Gomes, Brandon

Click Model Management works for the well-known American celebrity Brandon Gomes. Because he was on the MTV reality show “Siesta Key,” he has become a very famous person.

In 2017, he was chosen to play Danny in Kt Curran’s drama film “The First Time Club.” In the action short “Locket,” he and Cameron Greco both played Fred, the main character.

He can act, but he can also sing well. On August 22, 2019, he released his first music, an EP called “Leftcoast.” “Waterfront” is the name of his second EP, which came out on May 1, 2020.

Chloe Long (Trautman)

Chloe Trautman is a reality TV star who was born on September 6, 1995, in Florida, United States. She is best known for being on the cast of the 2017 MTV show “Siesta Key.”

Because of the show, she has gotten a lot of attention, especially on her online profiles. Before her TV show made her famous, not much is known about Chloe’s past.

No one knows anything about her family, her early life, or where she went to school. She says she got interested in acting and modeling and decided she wanted to work in the entertainment business.

Madisson Hausburg

Madisson Hausburg, an American who is famous for being on reality TV, is known all over the world. Most of Hausburg’s fame came from her appearances on the MTV reality show Siesta Key.

Since the show’s first season in 2017, she has been a part of it. She was a part of all four seasons of the show, with the most recent one being the fourth. In May 2021, the show’s fourth episode will air.

Her personal and professional life are shown in the series. Ismael Soto, the show’s former producer, and Hausburg are now planning to get married. In January 2020, the third book in the series came out.

In May 2021, the third season of the show began. In the third season, she met Ish Soto, who became her new boyfriend.

Amanda Miller

Amanda Marie Miller is a reality star who is well known on the internet. On June 11, 1996, Amanda Marie Miller was born. In 2017, she was on the MTV reality show Siesta Key and became well-known.

Before she appeared on reality TV for the first time, she started posting pictures to Instagram in April 2012. She has more than 90,000 Instagram followers because she is known for posting pictures from her trips.

Siesta Key: When, where, and how to see the Miami movie

The story of “Siesta Key” is no longer about Sarasota County, Florida. The MTV hit has left the small seaside town for good, and it will make its debut under a new name and in a new place.

This is a good place for that. Note that the show that used to be called “Siesta Key” will now be called “Siesta Key: Miami Moves.”

The teaser for the documentary series says, “As life in Siesta Key gives way to the high energy of cosmopolitan Miami, we see our characters grow up and face the challenges of adulthood.”

The author said, “Watch these young adults grow into much smaller fish in a much bigger pond.”

Siesta Key Miami Movie Cast
Siesta Key Miami Movie Cast

Release Date & Time

The fifth season of Siesta Key has begun, and the first trailer for it has been released. Since Juliette Porter and her co-stars moved to Miami, fans have been eagerly awaiting the start of the new season.

When they moved to a new place to film, it was clear that the show was getting a fresh start. This season had a lot of drama, and the show’s producers fired cast members who didn’t bring the drama they were supposed to.

Kelsey Owens didn’t hold back in her Instagram post about why she was fired from Siesta Key right before she was about to film a scene. Siesta Key’s fifth season will start on MTV on October 27 at 8 p.m.

Where do they film Siesta Key?

As has already been said, “Siesta Key” takes place in a strange place. What makes this show different from other TV shows? The contestants and cast members are different from other young people because of where the show takes place.

It adds a bit of sadness to the show because it shows a life that is mostly easygoing but full of exciting things. The show is filmed in Siesta Key, which is also the name of the place where it takes place.

Siesta Key is a barrier island in Florida. It is close to the coast of Sarasota. The beach is famous for its beautiful sand beaches and warm, tropical weather, which make it a great place to have fun.

Some of the places on Siesta Key that have been shown on the show are Daiquiri Deck, The Old Salty Dog, and Siesta Key Oyster Bar.

All three places are very popular drinking spots with lots of people and a lively atmosphere.


On October 2, 2017, MTV ordered eight more episodes, making a total of 18 for the first season. On January 15, 2018, the first episode aired. [4] On December 17, 2018, it was announced that the show would be back for a second season, which started on January 22, 2019, with two new episodes. MTV said on May 13, 2019, that the show would be back for a third season, which would start on January 7, 2020. The show was picked up for a fourth season on November 18, 2020. The new season started on May 12, 2021.

On October 27, 2022, MTV will likely start showing the fifth season, which will be called “Miami Moves.”

Soon, season 5 of Siesta Key will start, and the cast is ready to take on the world with a new title, Siesta Key: Miami Moves, and a new city. Juliette Porter and her friends were ready for a new start after four years in their hometown, so they moved to Miami. The trailer shows that they couldn’t leave their problems behind, so they brought them with them to the party city in Florida. The new season is sure to be interesting, with fights between friends and Sam Logan trying to balance his relationship with Meghan Bischoff and his friendship with Jordana Barnes. The cast of Siesta Key has business ventures in addition to the drama, and fans will be able to follow them on their journey.

The official press release says that this season, the MTV reality TV stars have a lot to do. Garrett Miller and Kelsey Owens have left the show, so the focus will be on Juliette, Sam, Jordana, Cara Geswelli, Chloe Trautman, Madisson Hausberg, Amanda Miller, and Brandon Gomes. Juliette hopes that moving to Miami, which is known as the swimwear capital of the world, will help her swimwear company, JMP The Label, grow. Even though her business has done very well, this has put a lot of stress on her relationship with Clark Drum. Chloe is also building a business at the same time. Chloe’s skincare line is called Emerald Ray Botanicals, and its products are said to be made with “high vibrational ingredients.” At the same time, she and her husband, Chris Long, are thinking about starting a family.

The cast of Siesta Key thinks that Sam Logan and Jordana Barnes should get together.

Amanda, on the other hand, is not working this summer. After she graduates from college, she wants to have one last party in Miami before becoming an adult. Now that he’s in Miami, Brandon, who was on Siesta Key, is working on being the best dad he can be while still pursuing his music career. Last season was all about Sam and Juliette’s breakup, but this season, Sam has some new trouble. He lives with Jordana in a mansion in Miami, but his co-workers don’t think they’re just friends, and Cara is worried about Jordana’s new life. Jordana is lucky that she has a project for the summer. Madisson has asked her for help drawing pictures for a book about her son Elliot, who was stillborn in December 2021.

Everyone seems to be busier than ever since moving to Miami. Fans will also benefit from the move, which is good news. This season of Siesta Key Miami Moves might be the best one yet. Even though Juliette is over Sam, that doesn’t mean that all the drama from their breakup is over. This season, she and Meghan will keep butting heads, and fans will love every minute of it. There is also the pleasure of seeing Juliette’s business do well. Even though a lot of her cast mates didn’t think she would follow through with JMP The Label at first.

A lot of fans were sad that Garrett and Kelsey had to leave. Since they’ve been on the show since the first season, fans have seen them change and grow. Even though Juliette and Kelsey have made up, it won’t be the same without them on the show every week. It would have been fun to see how their friendship grows over time. Fans are also not sure about Sam, Jordana, and Meghan, but they are hoping that the new season will help them change their minds. Siesta Key Miami Move couldn’t come soon enough, though.

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