Where Is Somsack Sinthasomphone, Konerack’s Brother Now?

The documentary ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,’ which can be seen on Netflix, tells the story of how Jeffrey Dahmer cruelly murdered Konerack Sinthasomphone. Dahmer bored a hole into the victim’s skull and then pumped hydrochloric acid into the hole. Nevertheless, Jeffrey was responsible for the tormenting of another member of the Sinthasomphone family in … Read more

What Kind of Hydraulic Engineer Was Kelly Suwant torat Modeled After? What is she doing now?

“Thai Cave Rescue,” a limited series on Netflix that consists of six episodes and explores how 12 young soccer players and their assistant coach were rescued after spending 18 days trapped inside a flooded hole, is absolutely captivating. This is due to the fact that it meticulously records this terrifying real-life event that took place … Read more

Review of the film Goodnight Mommy (2022) – Is the new version superior than the old one?

Goodnight Mommy

Is this reimagining of a horror classic a worthy successor to the film that first terrified audiences? Remakes of classic films, especially those in the horror category, almost never live up to the quality of the originals. As evidence of this, you need go no further than the subpar versions of Psycho, The Fog, and … Read more