Class Season 1: Who Killed Suhani? Recap, Suraj in Custody, Plot and More

Based on the Spanish series “Elite,” the Indian Hindi-Language show “Class” on Netflix tells the story of three transfer students 

Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki (played by Piyush Khati), Saba Manzoor (played by Madhyama Segal), and Balli Sehrawat (played by Cwaayal Singh) — who attend Hampton International, the fictional school for the children of India’s rich and powerful, on scholarships and

The film “Class,” which takes place against the backdrop of Delhi, investigates the complexity of the Indian way of life by shedding light on themes such as the disparity in income, casteism, corruption, homophobia, child maltreatment, and addiction.

The show opens with the passing of a significant figure, and then, for the remainder of the season, it jumps back and forth in time between the recent past and the present as the police investigate and try to uncover the truth.

Everything you could possibly want to know about how the first season of ‘Class’ came to an end is included in this article.


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Class Season 1: Who Killed Suhani?

In ‘Class,’ there are two separate eras that can be followed. In the present day, the life of Suhani Ahuja (Anjali Sivaraman), who was the daughter of the well-known real estate agent Suraj Ahuja and his wife Garima, is taken.

Dheeraj “Dheeru” was seated next to the deceased person when the police arrived, and they took him into custody after discovering him there.

During the course of the interview, he starts to recount the chain of occurrences that led to his being in that position. After that, the story begins jumping around in time, jumping between the present and the past until the two different histories eventually collide.

The plot centres primarily on the students of Hampton International and their families in the past, with the present being broken up by interviews conducted by the police with a variety of personalities.

After their previous school, Nurpur Khatola Government School, is destroyed in a major fire two months before to the murder of Suhani, Dheeru, Saba, and Balli start attending Hampton International.

Suhani’s killer is still unknown at this time. Suraj Ahuja is being held responsible for the incident that resulted in the deaths of six children.

In order to pacify the people, Suraj transfers all of the pupils from Nurpur Khatola to schools located all across Delhi, with the exception of the three schools listed above.

He sends all three of them to Hampton International, which is the school attended by his two children, Suhani and Veer (Zeyn Shaw).

Because Dheeru, Saba, and Balli are going to the same school, it is inevitable that their personal lives will become intertwined with that of their fellow students.

Suhani and Dheeru develop feelings for one another, but then Suhani meets Dheeru’s older brother Neeraj or Neeru (Gurfateh Pirzada), who is an anti-caste campaigner, and she begins having sexual relations with him.

Soon after, she becomes pregnant. Until Saba comes along, Veer is involved in a relationship with Yashika Mehta (played by Ayesha Kanga), the student who finished first in their class.

Yashika starts to worry that she won’t be awarded the Hampton Gold scholarship, so she encourages her boyfriend to woo Saba and record their sexual session.

Class Season 1: What Happened with Suhani?

Instead, they develop a true closeness with one another; nevertheless, as Saba learns more about Veer, she becomes concerned by his outbursts of explosive fury.

Through Balli, one of Veer’s closest friends, Dhruv (played by Chayan Chopra), gets introduced to Saba’s brother Faruq (played by Chintan Rachchh).

Faruq, just like his sister, longs to escape the environment in which he was brought into the world. Because he is not as gifted academically, Faruq has turned to selling illegal marijuana in order to support himself. In the course of the show, he and Dhruv have what is arguably the most romantic and fulfilling relationship.

While everything is going on, Balli, the one of the three transfer students who is the most authentically Delhite, becomes entangled in a dangerous ménage à trois with two of her wealthier classmates, Koel Kalra (Naina Bhan) and Sharan Gujral (Moses Koul).

In the last episode of season 1, the school celebrates the coveted Founder’s Day, and the recipient of the Hampton Gold is revealed to be someone unexpected. After finding out she is pregnant, Suhani has made the decision to abscond with her girlfriend, Neeru.

Dheeru makes the decision to intervene since he believes that both his brother and the girl he loves have betrayed him. Sharan is becoming increasingly hopeless as a result of the brutal criticism he is subjected to as a result of the admissions that Balli and Koel have made regarding his sexual orientation.


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Class Season 1: Recap

The shocking manner in which Suhani passed away is the primary focus of this season’s investigation. Suhani has never been an easy child, and a significant portion of her difficulties can be traced back to Suraj and Garima’s ineffective parenting.

She was prescribed a large number of medications, and she also began using over-the-counter remedies very quickly. Before the start of the show, Suhani, who is still a teenager, became involved with Mayank, who is substantially older than she is and married.

Mayank published Suhani’s photos on the internet, just as he had previously published the photographs of his other victims. When Veer found out about it, it is strongly suggested that he and his buddies were responsible for Mayank’s death.

Suhani tells Dheeru and Neeru’s father about the diamond-encrusted, made-out-of-precious-metals phones that Koel’s father, Tarun Kalra, collects after learning that Dheeru and Neeru’s father owes 15 lakhs rupees (1.5 million) to SK Chowdhary, a corporator in Nurpur who is on Suraj’s payroll.

Neeru is successful in stealing these phones, and after discovering that one of the stolen phones has critical encrypted data that has the potential to land Tarun in jail, he begins blackmailing the other man for a ransom of twenty-five million rupees (2.5 million).

Suhani is the one who is given the phone by Neeru before he travels to see Tarun. Koel notices that the other girl is using the phone, and she and Balli make a futile attempt to reclaim it from the other girl.

As a result of seeing all of this, Sharan comes to the conclusion that in order to regain Koel’s favour, he must first obtain the phone from Suhani.

During the course of their argument, he strikes Suhani several times with the Hampton Gold award that she had been given earlier because the institution was trying to appease her family.

He quickly gets the phone out of his pocket and heads over to tell Koel what has occurred. Koel, being the cold and calculated person that she is, tosses Sharan’s bloody clothing as well as the prize into a lake.

Neeru is taken into custody for the crime just as his brother Dheeru is about to testify that he saw his brother rushing away from Suhani’s body. It turns out that Tarun made a payment promise to the law enforcement agents who were looking into the murder.


Class Season 1: Who is holding Sharan and Koel hostage with their threats?

When Sharan meets Koel after killing Suhani and explains what he has done and why he has done it, neither of them notices that Balli has stepped out into the open and is observing them. Sharan tells Koel what he has done and why he has done it. Koel does not notice either.

After Neeru’s imprisonment, everything appear to have returned to normal, but at this time, the two of them begin to get text messages from an unknown number. These texts inform them that the sender may keep their quiet and inquire as to what they will receive in exchange.

A photograph of Sharan and Koel taken together shortly after Suhani’s passing was also included in the package. Because Balli was seen standing there and reaching for his phone right before the scene cut away from him, we may reasonably conclude that he is the one who is blackmailing the victim.

Balli is based on the character Christian Varela Expósito from the original series. Christian is the one who is aware of who killed Suhani in the first season, but he does not use this information to blackmail Koel and Sharan’s counterpart, Carla Rosón Caleruega and Leopoldo “Polo” Benavent Villada. Balli is modelled after Christian.

He reveals to them that he is aware of the truth, which prompts Carla to discuss the matter with her father, Teo Rosón, who arranges for an accident in which Christian is gravely hurt. After Christian assures Teo that he will never divulge the truth, Teo sends Christian to Switzerland to receive medical treatment there.

Unless the creators of the Indian series decide to give Balli a different story, his progression as a character in the adaption will most likely continue in the same direction.

Class Season 1: Suraj in Custody

  • Suraj is taken into custody in episode 6 for his role in the arson that caused the destruction of Nurpur Khatola and the deaths of six children.
  • Chowdhary is also taken into custody later on in the series for the role he played in the arson case. We are aware that Tarun is involved in this, but the information that was taken from Neeru’s phone is the only thing that can provide definitive proof of this.
  • Unfortuitously, by the time the season comes to a close, Tarun will have recovered the phone. In addition to this, he keeps the money that Veer brings him in order to bribe the police personnel and have Suraj out from custody. Tarun is very clear with his wife about the fact that he has no intention of acting in such a manner.
  • In the climactic episode of the season, Tarun ironically uses the funds that were intended to buy her father’s freedom so that she can buy off the police officers who are investigating Suhani’s death.
  • Therefore, it is probably safe to believe that Tarun is the one who disclosed to the authorities that Suraj and Chowdhary were involved in the arson of Nurpur Khatola.
  • Koel got everything she knows from her father, therefore it is not hard to see why she behaves the way she does. Tarun gets rid of Suraj and Chowdhary as it becomes clear to him that they will cause him problems in the future.

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