Ashley Reyes (How I Met Your Father): Is She Quitting Hannah’s Role? Plot, Cast, Dinner Date, Release Date

The end of the first season of the sitcom “How I Met Your Father,” which is broadcast on Hulu, finds Sid and Hannah secretly tying the knot away from their respective friends and families

They spent a number of months working on the preparations for their various weddings before they came to the conclusion that they did not need to postpone getting married any longer.

The cast members Sophie, Valentina, Charlie, Ellen, and Jesse are seen at the beginning of the second season of the series congratulating the newlyweds on their marriage.

The fact that Hannah is still not a consistent presence in Sid’s life, despite the fact that their relationship is healthier than it has ever been, causes viewers to question whether or not the character played by Ashley Reyes is still a part of the show. Let us fill you in on everything you need to know about the subject at hand!

Ashley Reyes
Ashley Reyes

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Ashley Reyes (How I Met Your Father): Is She Quitting Hannah’s Role?

The relationship between Sid and Hannah has historically been fraught with difficulty after difficulty. Hannah moves to Los Angeles after being offered a fellowship there to practise as a physician. This occurs as Sid has established himself in New York City and is co-owning a bar with his best friend Jesse.

Hannah decides to go to the City of Angels now that they are confident in the durability of their love and their commitment to one another. During the course of the first season of the series, they make it a point to get together every so often and eventually end up getting married.

However, despite getting married to Sid, Hannah will continue to spend time apart from him because her fellowship has been extended, which requires her to remain in Los Angeles for the foreseeable future.

After the wedding, Sid and Hannah make it a priority to look into cheap airline tickets and frequent flyer programmes in the hopes of increasing the frequency of their get-togethers.

To increase her chances of getting deals like these, Hannah even befriends Charlie’s blind date. Hannah has not come up with a long-term answer to the problem, despite the fact that she has been successful in earning them.

In the fourth episode of the second season, Sid tells Hannah how much he misses her while she is living in Los Angeles. Hannah is currently absent from the show.

The comments made by Sid must have caused concern among the die-hard fans of the duo with regard to Hannah’s absence as well as Ashley Reyes’ dedication to the show. Is Reyes’ potential departure connected to the fact that she is not there? Let’s find out.

Ashley Reyes
Ashley Reyes

Ashley Reyes (How I Met Your Father): As Hannah

Hannah, played by Ashley Reyes, is Sid’s wife; nevertheless, she does not play a significant role in the series. The fact that Reyes has joined the cast of ‘Walker,’ an action series on The CW, to play the role of Cassie Perez must have caused viewers of ‘How I Met Your Father’ to be concerned about the actress and the future of her character in the sitcom, in addition to the actress’s limited screen time.

However, as of this moment, neither Hulu nor Ashley Reyes have issued a word regarding the actress’ exit from the series they were both a part of. Prior to the commencement of the second season, Reyes had stated unequivocally that Hannah and Sid will continue to maintain their long-distance romance.

“Yes, I will be there again!” “Since [Hannah and Sid] just got married, I’ll still be a married woman, but I’ll be doing some long-distance relationshipping,” the actress said in an interview with TVLine.

Given what Reyes has said, it is very evident that Hannah will not be permanently relocating to New York City, which serves as the primary location for the sitcom. As a result, it is possible that we do not need to have the expectation that the actress will appear in each and every episode of the series.

There is a possibility that Reyes’ Hannah will continue to pay Sid the occasional visit, as she does in the first season. Hannah might not come back to New York City permanently in the foreseeable future given that there are no signs that her fellowship will be coming to an end anytime soon.

Having said that, Hannah may still play a big role in the storyline of the season despite the fact that her absence provides the authors with the opportunity to investigate the difficulties that come with maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Taking into consideration all of these aspects and potential outcomes, we believe that it is quite likely that Reyes will continue to appear in episodes of “How I Met Your Mother,” but only in a recurring capacity. Those who are fans of the actress can watch the show “Walker,” in which Reyes has a significant role as a member of the show’s main cast.

Ashley Reyes
Ashley Reyes

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How I Met Your Father: Plot

The new season of How I Met Your Father will follow Sophie (Hilary Duff), a mother who is reminiscing to her son about the time she first met his father. The show will follow the format of the previous series, which included flashbacks and narrated voiceovers.

“Flashing back” to 2021, when Sophie and her friends are figuring out their futures, finding out who they are, and navigating the world of dating — including dating apps — in the city, the spinoff will be set in New York City (but filmed in Los Angeles), just like its predecessor. However, the spinoff will be filmed in Los Angeles.

In addition to her role as a producer, Duff will be a part of the production team for the show, which will be overseen by the creators of HIMYM, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, along with Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger (This Is Us; Love, Victor).

Duff has revealed to Cagle that the thing she is most looking forward to is meeting her new TV family. She is also thrilled to see how Sophie will develop throughout the course of the series, and she has hinted that she will have many potential partners to choose from. She stated that “there is so much opportunity for love tales with this programme because it’s Sophie and then three males.”

“There are so many opportunities for love stories with this show.” “So it’s going down that entire rabbit hole of like, which one was the one, and who the father was, and so on and so forth,” she said. And you get to experience everything that Sophie’s young life has to offer, from looking for love to going on dates and learning what that’s like in today’s world.

Ashley Reyes (How I Met Your Father): Dinner Date

Ashley Reyes was enjoying her dinner date night with her partner.


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How I Met Your Father: Cast

  • Soon after it was announced that Duff will play the lead part of Sophie in early May, it was revealed on June 16 through Deadline that actor Chris Lowell would be acting opposite her in the film. Lowell will play the role of Sophie’s friend Jesse in the upcoming season of GLOW on Netflix.
  • Jesse is a sharp and edgy person who has a cynical outlook on love. Lowell’s previous roles include Promising Young Woman and GLOW. Jesse is a musician who dreams of making it big, but for now he supports himself by driving for Uber.
  • Cattrall made the announcement that she would be joining the cast of HIMYF on Instagram on November 5th. The news was first reported by Variety, which stated that “Cattrall would recur as the future version of Sophie [Duff’s character].”
  • In addition, Francia Raisa, who stars in the television show Grown-ish, has been cast in the role of Valentina, an aspiring stylist who lives with Sophie. When Sophie is feeling sad, she relies on Valentina to provide her with positive reinforcement since she is “impulsive and adventurous,” as described by The Hollywood Reporter.
  • She had just gotten back from London Fashion Week with Charlie, a British aspiring model who is portrayed by The Royals actor Tom Ainsley and with whom she fell in love while they were there. At the beginning of the series, she has just returned from the trip. Charlie is a good person, but he was raised in an upper-class bubble his whole life because he was born to wealthy parents who hold traditional values.
  • The Hollywood Reporter first stated that Charlie lives with his best buddy Tom; however, the site later clarified that Charlie’s best friend and roommate is really named Sid and is portrayed by Suraj Sharma from God Friended Me. “a new bar owner [who] plays the optimist to Jesse’s pessimism,” is how Sid is depicted in the narrative.
  • Tien Tran, an actor from Space Force, plays the role of Ellen, Jesse’s adopted sister. She rounds out the major cast. She just moved to New York after divorcing her husband and leaving the rural community they had been living in, a location that was more suited to her personality than the crowded New York City clubs where her friends spent their time.
  • There is no evidence to suggest that any of the original cast members of HIMYM, such as Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan, or Radnor, will feature in the spinoff in any capacity, whether it as a guest star or even to reprise the roles they played on the original show.
  • But there’s no need to worry about that because Duff has already voiced her support for their comeback, saying, “Hopefully we’ll have some great cameo appearances from the original cast.”

How I Met Your Father: Release Date

The first official trailer for How I Met Your Father was finally released on December 16th, and it tells the story of contemporary dating and all the turmoil that comes along with it. Sophie, the character played by Duff, boasts at one point, “I’ve been on 87 Tinder dates this year.”

Cattrall also makes an appearance as the elder version of Sophie, which helps fill the vacuum that SATC fans have felt for quite some time due to the absence of Cattrall. Additionally, Drake & Josh star Josh Peck makes a cameo appearance so brief that it’s easy to miss him as he knocks on Sophie’s door.

The first season of the show will consist of ten episodes and will debut on Hulu on January 18, 2022. It looks like it’s going to be worth the wait, judging on Duff’s enthusiasm and this trailer.

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