‘Class’: Dhruv, Faruq, Sharan, and Balli’s Sexuality, Plot, Review, Ending Explained and More

The show ‘Class’ on Netflix India delivers a convoluted tale that is constructed from several storyline lines

At the renowned Hampton International School, working-class transfer students Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki (played by Piyush Khati), Saba Manzoor (played by Madhyama Segal), and Balli Sehrawat (played by Cwaayal Singh) find themselves becoming embroiled in the lives of their wealthier classmates.

While Saba’s brother Faruq (Chintan Rachchh) becomes close to Dhruv (Chayan Chopra), the son of Hampton International’s principal and swimming coach, Balli becomes involved in a dangerous ménage à trois with Koel Kalra (Naina Bhan) and Sharan Gujral (Moses Koul).

We have the answers to your questions regarding the sexual orientations of Dhruv, Faruq, Sharan, and Balli, in case you were curious.


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Class: Dhruv, Faruq, Sharan, and Balli’s Sexuality

The fact that Dhruv and Faruq are gay is revealed rather early on in the show thanks to the romantic bond that develops between the two of them. Because Faruq is not as academically talented as his sister Saba, he is compelled to sell cannabis, which is against the law in most parts of India.

Like his sister, Faruq wishes to get away from their current situation. In the meantime, Dhruv is unable to cope with the expectations that his parents have placed on him, so he turns to cannabis for comfort, and Balli introduces him to Faruq.

As the season goes on, the two of them cultivate what could be considered the show’s healthiest relationship to one another.

They will very certainly be met with opposition from each of their different families. The Faruq family is originally from the city of Srinagar in the Indian state of Kashmir. Before he married Saba and Faruq’s mother, their father was involved in a relationship with a man who identified as gay.

This connection came to a tragic end when people in their lives discovered the truth. Dhruv categorically rejects the notion that the situation in Delhi is comparable to that in Srinagar, despite the fact that Faruq is of the same opinion.

When he comes out to his parents, they brush it off as harmless experimenting and make him go to counselling. This serves as a wake-up call for him. On the other hand, Dhruv’s best friend Veer has a far more upbeat and optimistic reaction to the news.

The Spanish television drama “Elite,” which was also made available on Netflix, served as the inspiration for the Indian series. Ander Muoz (Arón Piper) and Omar Shanaa (Omar Ayuso) share a love relationship in the second show, which is similar to the one that Dhruv and Faruq have in the first play.

In spite of this, they do eventually part ways and go their own ways. Ander drops out of school and embarks on an adventure throughout the world with Guzmán Nunier Osuna, who plays the role of Veer. As for Omar, he quits the show during the fifth season but comes back later.


Class: Are Sharan and Balli Gay?

Sharan and Balli are modelled after Leopoldo “Polo” Benavent Villada (Álvaro Rico) and Christian Varela Expósito (Miguel Herrán) from ‘Elite.’ Balli piques the interest of Koel Kalra (Naina Bhan), who is known to be a cold and manipulative girlfriend to Sharan.

This happens not long after Balli arrives at the school. Sharan, who is naturally subservient, follows close behind Koel as he aggressively chases Balli. However, once she observes Sharan masturbating in front of Balli, Koel develops feelings of jealousy.

Sharan is a bisexual individual, just like his counterpart on ‘Elite.’ Balli, on the other hand, appears to be someone who is willing to try new things.

Balli secretly films himself and Sharan engaging in sexual activity together and then uploads the footage on the internet. Sharan is the target of a significant amount of derision as a result of this, in addition to Koel’s comments regarding his sexuality.

However, he is still so blinded by his affections for Koel that he ends up killing Suhani for her after finding that the other girl had the phone that Koel is looking for.

Suhani was killed for Koel after he found out that the other girl had the phone. Towards the close of the first season, someone sends Sharan and Koel a text message from an unidentified number. In the message, the sender tells Sharan and Koel that they can keep their quiet and asks what they would get in exchange.

There is a strong inference that the sender is Balli, who had earlier witnessed Sharan and Koel together immediately following the murder of Suhani.

The plot of the Netflix series “Class” revolves around a group of spoiled rich kids who form an alliance with the newly enrolled pupils from less privileged homes in order to bully and humiliate them.


Class: Plot

The plot of “Class,” which was adapted from the Spanish show “Elite” on Netflix, is the same, but the show has a more contemporary feel. The high school teen drama that was created by Ashim Ahluwalia started off with a lot of potential, but as the show went on, it got increasingly boring to watch.

In the same way that the show “Class” is about the conflict between classes, it also addresses issues of caste politics.

The difficulties of the poor Dalit protagonists and the Kashmiri Muslim characters provide a lens through which the serial makes observations about politics.

Although it was an important perspective, in my opinion, the topic was covered in too much detail during the course of the conversation.

Throughout the entirety of the show, there were numerous unsuccessful attempts made to bring the audience’s attention to the fact that the series deals with issues of social caste and class.

The next day, the same instructor will lead a discussion on caste, class, and privilege in the same classroom where they previously discussed social media (new media). It’s also intriguing to see how the programme glosses over its lack of sophistication in favour of focusing on its mass appeal.

When Dhruv checks Faruq’s social media, for instance, he sees photographs that look like they were taken directly from a model’s portfolio. Although it is true that people on social media are not real, the depiction of this concept in those photographs went a little too far in my opinion, and nothing else can convince me otherwise.

The topic becomes even more muddled as a result of the intricate subplots, and of course, there is a murder mystery at the heart of it, just like there was in the first season of “Elite.”


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Class: Review

Following the devastating fire that took place at the Nurpur Khatola Government School, three children, Dheeraj, Saba, and Balli, were given the opportunity to attend the prestigious Hampton High School in Delhi.

A number of children perished in the fire, and the remaining pupils were unable to continue their education because they had no school to attend. Suraj Ahuja, the builder, was held responsible for the fire, and the new admission provided him with an opportunity to repair his reputation.

Both Dheeraj and Saba were at the top of their class, and they intended to make the most of the opportunities that were presented to them.

Academics were not something that intrigued Balli; instead, he was more interested in modelling and dance. Balli was able to gain admission to the prestigious high school by currying favour with the local contractor.

The other pupils in the class laughed and made comments as the three individuals entered the classroom. They were made fun of for their appearance, their ability to speak English, and their current financial situation.

Balli did not allow the insults to shake his confidence, in contrast to Saba and Dheeraj, who were mortified by them. The instructor suggested that Saba submit an application for the Hampton Gold Scholarship when she mentioned that she aspired to have a career in diplomacy.

Yashika chuckled at the prospect, since she was under the impression that she was the only person who could be awarded the scholarship. Yashika was both an influential member of the social media community and an addict.

Her parents had a divorce and moved to a new country, leaving her to fend for herself in India while she tried to figure out what to do with her life. Due to the fact that her parents had cut her off financially, the scholarship was her only option for getting away and beginning a new life.

Class: Ending Explained

  • Neeraj made the decision to confront the Ahuja family while he and his buddies were drinking at their house. He told them how much he despised them. He came inside the house with some of his pals and Dheeraj, and they wrote on the walls that Suraj Ahuja was a thief, accusing him of being a thief.
  • They got away unscathed from the situation. Dheeraj went his separate way to go to the Ahuja party that he had been invited to. Although he disapproved of what Neeraj had done, the CCTV cameras caught him interacting with the gang anyhow.
  • When Suraj Ahuja revealed his awareness of it, Dheeraj realised that they were going to be in serious danger very soon. Mr. Chowdhury, a local contractor, delegated one of his goons to track down Neeraj in order to remind him of the 15 lakh debt that his father owes to the contractor.
  • Dheeraj reasoned that it had to have been Suraj Ahuja who had posed the question to Chowdhury about how they may create harm. It looked difficult to collect Rs. 15 lakhs until Neeraj overheard Suhani mention that her father’s safe used her birthday as the passcode. After that, the task became much more manageable.
  • He instructed Dheeraj to find out the woman’s date of birth and to steal anything of value from her home that he could locate. Dheeraj was successful in opening the safe, but he was unable to proceed with the theft. Because he was a man of morals, he could never steal or get engaged in any activity that entailed theft.
  • The conclusion of ‘Class’ is broken down: who killed Suhani, and why? Has the truth been uncovered by the police?
    When Suhani became ill out of the blue, Neeraj and Dheeraj didn’t waste any time getting her to the doctor. They were given the news by the attending physician that she was pregnant.
  • The news completely rocked Dheeraj’s world and crushed his heart. Over time, he became aware of the relationship that existed between his brother and Suhani. Because Neeraj had violated his faith in him, he was unable to forgive him. Suhani was his first love, and he was unable to come to terms with the fact that she chose Neeraj.
  • Because of this, a rift developed between the brothers, and Dheeraj ultimately chose to severe his relations with Suhani as a result. When Chowdhury was arrested for his role in the case that Ahuja was involved in, Neeraj made the decision to spend the money in order to flee the city of Delhi.
  • Suhani had shown an interest in coming along with him, and the two of them intended to cohabitate in Kasol. They had a troubled history from which they desperately wanted to break free, and despite the fact that the path leading to their goal appeared fraught with peril, they chose to take it nevertheless.

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