The Last of Us Episode 4: About The Game Series, Plot, Review, Cast and More

Los Angeles, California: The main focus of “The Last of Us” episode 4 was Joel and Ellie continuing their journey to meet Tommy in Wyoming

On the other hand, it also introduced viewers to ‘The Hunters,’ a brand-new, deadly antagonist. Currently, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) are sheltering in one of the structures that enter the territory controlled by the hunters.

But a specific scene in the most recent episode has left viewers wondering what the enormous creature is that is moving beneath the broken floor.

Since “The Hunters” are a merciless group that murders everyone who tries to enter their territory or disobeys their orders, it is pretty obvious that this plot arc will continue for a few more weeks after their appearance.

The organisation, led by Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey), will stop at nothing to apprehend Joel and Ellie after they killed two of their men.

The group does, however, have one additional concern, and, to be quite honest, that is the only concern the group should have right now.

The Last of Us
The Last of Us

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The Last of Us Episode 4: What Happened There?

In the most recent episode, Kathleen and Perry discover a hiding place Sam and Henry utilised and follow it to the basement. Perry appeared to be experiencing paranoia as a result of what he saw in the basement and wants Kathleen to share his concerns.

As soon as they open the door, the ground is covered with fractures and something enormous is moving beneath it. When Perry and Kathleen notice that the movement beneath the floor is become more forceful than ever, they become alarmed.

They close the door after leaving the room. Perry is aware that whatever is lurking beneath the floor’s gap is anxious to emerge, and that if it does, everyone will perish. Perry wants people to be aware of it, but Kathleen isn’t prepared for that since she doesn’t want them to become uneasy and lose motivation.

We can say with absolute certainty that we are getting closer to seeing the Bloaters for the first time because of what we saw in that particular scene.

Bloaters, for those who are unaware, are a subset of the afflicted who have served as Cordyceps’ host for more than 20 years.

They are more difficult to kill simply because they have been afflicted for such a long time and have a fungus plate covering every inch of their body.

The Last of Us
The Last of Us

The Last of Us Episode 4: About The Game Series

The game’s Pittsburgh chapter demonstrates how a bloater is concealed beneath a hotel and causes mayhem when it emerges from the ground. It would be intriguing to learn more about The Hunters’ knowledge of it and the reasons they haven’t yet dispatched it.

The organisation and the creature will be revealed to us in the coming days, and after tonight’s episode, things will undoubtedly become more intense.

Few, if any, have done the “post-apocalyptic zombie” thing better than Naughty Dog’s 2013 game The Last of Us, despite the fact that many video games, comics, TV shows, and movies have attempted it.

Now is the ideal opportunity to review and explain the game’s plot in full, from the gripping prologue to the shocking and thought-provoking finale, as we eagerly await the upcoming HBO TV series adaptation.

We’ll see that The Last of Us’ ability to tell both a personal and an epic story in a way that continuously seems natural and fascinating is one of its most distinctive features.

Given that some new characters will be introduced, it will be intriguing to see how showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann (who also developed the game) adapt this tale for episodic television.

There’s no denying that the showrunners have some excellent source material to work with in this scenario, even though some writers have historically found it difficult to translate video games into TV series.

In the dramatic opening scene of The Last of Us, a young girl called Sarah Miller is urgently looking for her father Joel as chaos erupts outside her Texas home.

We learn through a TV news programme that a viral pandemic is wreaking havoc on the nation and turning healthy people into maniacal, violent, hyperactive beings known as “the infected.”

When Sarah is reunited with her father Joel and her uncle Tommy, they seek to evacuate their home as people are dying, flames are burning, and the Army is called in.

They leap into a Jeep. Joel carries Sarah as they try to flee on foot after they are involved in a car accident due to the commotion.

They run across a soldier who has been given the go-ahead to shoot them. A few shots are fired by the soldier, but Tommy kills Joel with a bullet to the head before he can be killed.

While Sarah sustains a shot wound to the stomach, Joel escapes the altercation unscathed. Joel tries to save Sarah, but she tragically passes away in his arms.

The Last of Us
The Last of Us

The Last of Us Episode 4: Plot

The country’s history since the outbreak is described in a sequence of news broadcast audio clips that play as the opening credits roll.

The Army imposed martial law in major American cities when attempts to produce a vaccine were unsuccessful, which led to the emergence of the Fireflies, a violent revolutionary group calling for the restoration of democracy.

Joel is still alive and working as a smuggler in a militarised area of Boston 20 years after Sarah passed away. His accomplice Tess knocks on his door one morning and informs him that a man named Robert dispatched some thugs to attack her.

When Joel and Tess find Robert, they learn that he has sold many of their guns to the Fireflies. Following Robert’s death, Marlene, a Firefly, offers Joel and Tess a deal: remove a young child illegally from Boston in exchange for their return of the weapons.

Ellie is the young girl in question, and Joel and Tess quickly learn that she is resistant to the virus that has wiped off civilization. Joel begins to like Ellie as he and Tess leave the military zone since she reminds him of his daughter Sarah.

However, after 20 years of ruthlessly murdering everyone he came across, infected or not, Joel’s heart has become hardened and he is reluctant to develop a close emotional connection with anyone.

When the trio tries to meet up with several Fireflies to deliver Ellie, they find that all of the Fireflies have passed away. Tess is bitten as they fight the infected.

Tess bravely sacrifices herself while Joel and Ellie flee, believing that it is crucial to save Ellie’s life in the hope that her immunity might be utilised to create a vaccine.

Without a plan in place or Fireflies to assist them, Joel and Ellie are suddenly on their own. Joel believes that their best chance of success lies in locating his now-separated brother Tommy, a former Firefly, in the hopes that Tommy can assist them in locating more Fireflies.

The issue is that Joel and Ellie are on foot, while Tommy resides in the west. Joel suggests that they should ask Bill, a grizzled old loon who lives alone in the suburbs outside of Boston, for assistance.

Bill is an old buddy of Joel’s. Joel is hesitant to put his trust in Ellie, despite the fact that she is ready to be armed and battle the infected and other foes.

They eventually come to Bill, whose lover had abandoned him and killed himself. Bill, who is obviously nihilistic and concealing his loneliness suffering, counsels Joel against assisting Ellie.

Bill nevertheless assists Joel and Ellie in purchasing a car despite owing Joel money. Then Joel and Ellie got on the road and headed west to look for Tommy.

The Last of Us
The Last of Us

The Last of Us Episode 4: Review

  • When they reach Pittsburgh, Joel and Ellie are ambushed by a group of outlaws. They must one more walk because their car is totaled. In a fierce confrontation with one of the bandits, Joel is nearly drowned.
  • Joel goes for his submerged revolver anxiously, but as he does, a hand grabs it and shoots the bandit, sparing Joel’s life.
  • Ellie is here. Joel hesitantly admits to himself and Ellie that he is grateful she saved him, despite being angry that she broke his rule of not participating in any violent activities.
  • Joel and Ellie meet another couple, two brothers named Henry and Sam, while they are still in Pittsburgh. Ellie develops a bond with Sam, the younger brother, although Joel is hesitant to trust or work with them as usual.
  • Sam is bitten by an infected during Joel and Henry’s successful escape plan for the group from Pittsburgh. He conceals his sickness from the others out of dejection.
  • He assaults Ellie when he “turns,” or changes into an infected. Henry shoots and kills his younger brother out of desperation before turning the pistol on himself.
  • A few months later, Joel and Ellie are discovered in the countryside near Jackson, Wyoming, where Tommy is residing with a group of independent survivors.

  • We learn that Joel and Tommy’s argument about the Fireflies resulted in their separation. Joel disagreed with the cause, whereas Tommy did. But when Tommy recognises Joel in Jackson, he gives him a warm welcome and asks both Ellie and him to join the neighbourhood.
  • Tommy should bring Ellie to the Fireflies so that they may create a vaccine, Joel tells Tommy, because she is immune. Tommy offers to lend Joel some equipment for the trip but declines to give Joel custody of Ellie.
  • Ellie lashes out at Joel when she learns that he attempted to pass her off to Tommy because she feels betrayed by a guy she has come to regard as a father figure.
  • Ellie brings up Joel’s late daughter Sarah during their heated dispute. Ellie is rudely informed by Joel that she is not his daughter and that they must part ways.
  • A little while later, he changes his mind, and he and Ellie ride their horses to Colorado, where Tommy thinks several Fireflies are stationed.

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