Is There Any Real-Life Inspiration for the Movie “Stars at Noon”?

Is There Any Real-Life Inspiration for the Movie “Stars at Noon”?

Claire Denis is the director of the romantic suspense film “Stars at Noon,” which tells the story of a love story that is put in jeopardy by foreboding events. Trish, a young journalist from the United States, is currently on duty in Nicaragua, but her colleagues have abandoned her there owing to the escalating political tension. During the course of her reporting on the events of the ongoing revolution, she comes into contact with Daniel, an English businessman who is also stranded in the foreign country. Soon after, they begin to develop romantic feelings for one another, and Trish begins to regard him as her only opportunity to from Nicaragua. However, they had no idea that the secrets that they are keeping from one another could end up being the downfall of their lives.

The film features Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn as the primary protagonists, and it is an engrossing story of love, trust, and the will to survive, which is brought to life by the outstanding performances of the actors. A realistic setting, such as Nicaragua at a time of political upheaval, raises the question of whether the events in the novel or its characters have any basis in real life or any relationship to real people. Is the book “Stars at Noon” a work of fiction or does it make reference to actual events? Let’s find out together what the answer is!

Stars at Noon
Stars at Noon

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Is There Any Truth to the Story of Stars at Noon?

No, the plot of “Stars at Noon” is not inspired by any real-life events. The film is an adaptation of the novelist Denis Johnson’s best-selling novel of the same name, which was published in 1986. The well-known novel tells the story of an unidentified female journalist who works as a prostitute at a hotel at the time of the Nicaraguan Revolution in 1984. While working there, she meets an English businessman, which leads to the development of a romantic relationship between the two of them. On the other hand, the film that Claire Denis directs takes place in the current day and is based on a script that she, Léa Mysius, and Andrew Litvack wrote together.

Johnson wrote the novel based on the experiences he had while traveling across Costa Rica and Nicaragua around the year 1984. The author had originally intended to write a non-fiction news report for a magazine, but she changed her mind when she realized that writing fictitious tropes would bring in more money and be more recognizable to readers. It is interesting to note that he does not give any names to the characters in the work, and he refers to the backdrop of the Nicaraguan disturbance as a representation of hell. Johnson decided not to name his protagonists and let them fall in love while concealing their identities because he believed it was appropriate given that hell is mainly meaningless.

Details About Stars at Noon

Reportedly, film director Claire Denis first became aware of the novel almost ten years ago and, upon recognizing the story’s potential, made the decision to begin adapting it for use in theaters. She explained her interpretation of the work to Variety in an interview, where she said that she saw it as an impossible love tale between two individuals who, if it weren’t for the Nicaraguan Revolution, never would have met. According to what the filmmaker had to say, “It’s also about the dread and the terror of love, as well as the fear of failure.”

Margaret Qualley, Joe Alwyn, Benny Safdie, Danny Ramirez, and John C. Reilly star in the 2022 romantic thriller film Stars at Noon, which was directed by Claire Denis and based on the 1986 novel The Stars at Noon by Denis Johnson. The film was produced in France and directed by Denis. The movie was given the opportunity to contend for the Palme d’Or at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, where it ended up taking home the Grand Prix instead. A24 is planning to launch it in the United States on October 14th, 2022, so stay tuned for that. The film was met with generally excellent reviews from contemporary critics, the majority of whom commended the director and the performances of the cast, despite the fact that many other commentators critiqued the pacing and the absence of romantic chemistry in the picture.

Premise of Stars at Noon

A young journalist from the United States who finds herself stranded in modern-day Nicaragua falls in love with a mysterious Englishman who appears to be her greatest hope of escaping. However, she quickly comes to the conclusion that he may be in an even more precarious situation than she is. The novel takes place at the time period of the Nicaraguan Revolution; however, the movie takes place in the present day during the epidemic.

Cast of Stars at Noon

Trish, played by Margaret Qualley

Joe Alwyn as Daniel Benny Safdie as CIA Man

Danny Ramirez Playing the Role of a Costa Rican Police Officer

Nick Romano plays the role of Second Lieutenant, and John C. Reilly plays the role of the American Boss. Stephan

Proao plays the role of Vice President.

Playing the role of La Seora is Monica Bartholomew.

Mercado, the Taxi Driver, Played by Carlos Bennett

Sebastián Donoso as Taxi Driver 1

In His Capacity as a Travel Agent, Hector Moreno

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Production of Stars at Noon

A decade ago, when Claire Denis was reading Johnson’s novel, she interpreted it as a love tale between two individuals who build a relationship purely due to the background of the revolution. Denis’s interpretation inspired her to adapt the novel into a film. She went on to say, “It’s also about the dread and terror of love, the fear of failure,” in her explanation.

After a screening at the Brattle Theatre of her 2018 film High Life, which also starred Pattinson, Denis made a speculative announcement in April 2019 that the film’s development would continue and that Robert Pattinson would be cast in the role.

In February of 2020, it was revealed that A24 had bought the rights to distribute the upcoming directorial effort by Claire Denis, which stars Robert Pattinson and Margaret Qualley. That summer was scheduled to be the beginning of filming. At that point, it was anticipated that filming would start in April 2021; however, it did not start at that time. Pattinson’s departure from the picture owing to scheduling problems is expected to take place in July. Taron Egerton will take Pattinson’s place, and production in Panama is scheduled to begin in October 2021. This did not come to pass, and in November, Egerton quit the film owing to personal circumstances. Joe Alwyn was brought on to take his position as the lead actor. In January of 2022, it was revealed that Danny Ramirez would be participating in the cast. The month of April saw the announcement of additional cast members, including Benny Safdie and John C. Reilly.

Beginning in December 2021, filming moved to Panama where it continued until 2022.

Stars at Noon
Stars at Noon

The filming was completed around the end of the same month.

Denis had the intention of filming the movie in Nicaragua, but she decided against it after President Daniel Ortega was re-elected and she realized that doing so would be unethical. She stated that she “knew I could not” make the movie in Nicaragua.

Tindersticks, an English alternative rock band who have contributed music to a number of films previously directed by Claire Denis, are responsible for composing the score for this movie. On October 6, 2022, it was formally revealed that there will be a soundtrack, and on the same day, the title track was released as a single. On October 14, 2022, the soundtrack was made available for purchase via City Slang.

In addition, Denis made the decision not to set the film in the 1980s like Johnson’s novel does, but rather in the midst of a pandemic in modern times. This was done so that the story would be more relatable to a modern audience. In order to keep the film’s authenticity, the director had originally intended to shoot on site in Nicaragua; however, given the current political climate in Nicaragua, he ultimately decided to shoot in Panama instead. In addition, Denis decided to give the story’s protagonists names in order to create a sense of comfort and familiarity for the reader.

Overall, ‘Stars at Noon’ examines a variety of topics, such as the shadowy side of love, political intrigues, and the ways in which people’s irrational fears drive them to turn to extreme methods for their own survival out of fear of losing something they value deeply. Despite the fact that it is largely a work of fiction, the romance subplot provides every member of the audience with something to which they can identify, making it possible for them to both agree and disagree with the motivations and choices made by the characters. In addition to this, the realistic depiction of Nicaragua’s political situation plays a significant part in elevating the narrative and adding to the ominous undertone of the love story that serves as the film’s focal point.

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