Lookism: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

Lookism: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

Lookism has a new date for its arrival on Netflix after the release of the planned anime version of the webtoon series was postponed. The announcement also includes a fresh look at the program with a trailer and poster.

Netflix delayed the release of Lookism, which was scheduled on November 4, without giving a reason; however, there are rumors that the Itaewon tragedy was to blame.


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Lookism: Release Date

Lookism is now given a new Netflix release date: December 8, 2022.

The same production company behind DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, Studio MIR, is behind Lookism. During the TUDUM event, Netflix made an official announcement about the anime adaptation of Park Tae-South Joon’s Korean Webtoon.

Lookism is a WebTOON comic created by Park Tae-Joon and published by Daewon and Book through LINE manga in Japan, WebTOON in the US, and Naver WebTOON in South Korea.

Park Hyung Seok, a high school student who is ridiculed for being overweight and who consequently fears his appearance, is the subject of the book Lookism. Park Hyung Seok discovered one day that he could “soul hop” into a handsome young guy who is taller and slimmer, but this capacity is constrained.

Lookism: Watch Japanese-Korean Anime on Netflix

Advertisement \sPark Only during the daytime can Hyung Seok transform into the gorgeous youthful, thin, and tall guy; at night, he must return to his own body. He works as a model for a clothing line, a trainee for an entertainment firm, and a social media influencer throughout the day.

However, Park Hyung Seok returns to the harsh reality of who he really is at night, broadening his perspective on how people judge others based solely on their outward looks.

On December 8, 2022, Lookism, which offers the world a fresh perspective, will be available on Netflix.

Studio Mir is creating an anime version of the well-known Korean webcomic Lookism, with Netflix, set to launch the series in November.

An anime adaptation of the well-known Korean webcomic Lookism will be released.


Lookism, announced during Netflix’s Tulum celebration, will make its anime premiere on the service on November 4. The South Korean animation studio Studio Mir, well known for producing Legend of Korra, Voltron: Legendary Defender, and Dota: Dragon’s Blood, will develop the anime. Fans may view the trailer and listen to a sample of the opening song performed by the eight-member South Korean boy group ATEEZ on Netflix’s official YouTube page.

Fans of the webtoon series “Attorney Woo” absolutely detest it.

Lookism is the latest in a long line of Korean webcomics that have been animated. One of the few adaptations debuted in the past two years is Tower of God, followed by Noblesse and God of High School. The Netflix series is one of many adaptions of Lookism. A Chinese production firm created a live-action adaptation of the Webtoon in 2019. The 38-episode drama shares the same general premise as the original work but diverges significantly from its plot.

Studio Mir’s first attempt at adapting a Korean webtoon is called Lookism.

Yu Jae-Myung, who had previously served as the animation director for the second and third seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender, started Studio Mir in 2010. Based on the Russian space station Mir launch in 1986, which made headlines as the first space station ever launched, the studio is said to be focused on growth through collaboration. The studio has consequently concentrated its efforts mainly on foreign partnerships. Koji, a fantasy/adventure series, was described as Studio Mir’s first original when it was reported that it would be produced in 2018. This will be the first Korean webcomic to be animated by Studio Mir.

Lookism Meme
Lookism Meme

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Lookism: Plot

The story, written by Park Tae-Joon, centers on Park Hyeong-Seok, a high school student who is bullied because he does not meet the ideal definition of beauty because he is overweight and wears glasses. Before eventually relocating to Seoul to leave his past behind, he begs his mother for permission to switch schools. Sadly, the harassment continues once he gets to Seoul. He wakes up one morning and discovers that his appearance has completely changed; he is now more muscular and leaner and no longer requires glasses. When others witness Hyeong-new Seok’s appearance, their opinions of him completely change. Hyeong-Seok observes how individuals regard one another differently depending on their exterior looks as he alternates between his old body and the new one.

Lookism has received an astounding 8.7 billion views worldwide since it began serializing on LINE Manga and Naver WEBTOON. As of the publication of this article, 406 chapters of the webcomic had been published.


Lookism narrates the tale of Wen Shuai, an “ugly” child who was tormented in his first school and eventually mustered the guts to transfer. Then he realizes he has two very distinct bodies. He has two bodies: his original ugly body and a lovely body. Wen Shuai discovers his ability to alternate between the two bodies. He will see one body while he is awake and the other while he is asleep.

The mystery surrounding the two bodies entirely altered Wen Shuai’s life. He has never been warmly received or enjoyed the benefits of popularity. This attractive figure, however, conceals a dark secret. The layers of the enigma start to reveal themselves as Kris, the original owner of the gorgeous body, awakens.

After the South Korean anime was postponed in November 2022, a new release date for the Lookism series on Netflix has just been made official.

Over the past few years, a continuous stream of Webtoon – anime adaptations has appeared on television, some superior to others.


Lookism: Trailer

The community does, however, have high hopes and expectations for Netflix’s upcoming Lookism series, which may be one of the best adaptations on the streaming service thus far.

Here is everything you need to know about the postponement of the launch date and the revised release plan for the South Korean anime series Lookism. Unfortunately, but predictably, Netflix decided to delay the intended release of Lookism worldwide in early November.

Finally, a new trailer confirms that Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will debut in January 2023.

Lookism: Production

The well-known manhwa series of the same name by Park Tae-Joon will soon be adapted into a South Korean anime series called Lookism. The theme of the narrative is “lookism,” or prejudice towards those deemed unattractive by their peers.

Our primary character, Daniel, is a kid who has been teased for being overweight and ugly throughout his school career. Daniel feels self-conscious about his appearance.

The story of the animated series “Lookism” deals with the subtle materialism and Lookism present in people’s lives in modern society, just like the original Webtoon did. -Lookism, accessed through Netflix Media Center.

He vents his anger on his mother, who then moves him to a new school in the heart of Seoul. However, when he wakes up one day in a different body, his life is completely flipped upside down. According to his new schoolmates, this body is the “cream of the crop” because it is tall, attractive, and athletic. The problem is that he can only transfer bodies when the other is dozing off.

While his new body has helped him make friends, get respect, find love, and even land a career, Daniel longs for a life where he can be himself without feeling self-conscious.

The key characters from the original manga have been given life by distinctive character designers, who gave them vibrant voices, dynamic direction, and stunning effects. This series will provide excitement and new learning through captivating episodes with a somewhat different vibe from the original manga. -Lookism, accessed through Netflix Media Center.


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Lookism: New Streaming Date

The Lookism anime series will debut on December 8, as stated by Netflix Anime on Twitter.

The following worldwide times are anticipated for the Netflix release of all episodes:

6:30 PM, Australia Central Daylight Time.

On Friday, November 4, Lookism was initially intended to make its global Netflix streaming debut.
However, after the horrible Halloween crush disaster in Itaewon and the onset of South Korea’s national mourning period, the streaming juggernaut decided to postpone the debut of Lookism globally.

“We will postpone Lookism’s streaming date from its initial release date of November 4. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a new streaming date. – Twitter Anime Netflix.
On October 29, a crowd gathered in Seoul’s congested streets, causing a crush that left 156 people dead and more than 170 more hurt.

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