Lara Amersey Husband – Is She Married? 5 Facts About The Actress

Lara Amersey has worked for over 20 years in the film, TV, and advertising industries. She is still giving everything she has to the field. In the section that comes next, we’ll talk more about the actress.

Her successful work on children’s TV led to a successful career as an adult. She starred in 52 episodes of the YTV show Monster Warriors and had other roles on the Family Channel and Nickelodeon.

The movie Christmas in Toyland is one of her most recent projects that will be coming out soon. It tells the story of a toy store data analyst who tries to save hundreds of jobs right before Christmas. This is meant to be like the real-life experience.

Lara’s most notable contribution so far has been her part in the TV show Monster Warriors. In this intentionally campy mix of Power Rangers and Ghostbusters, four teenagers try to protect Capital City from the wrath of crazy old B-Movie director Klaus Von Steinhauer, who has the power to make his monsters come to life. The show has been shown all over the world in many different languages.

She played Vanka, a young woman who is strong and athletic and is interested in old rituals and battles. She is the most brave of the Warriors, and she practices esoteric martial arts with all her heart. The brunette is tough, strong, and almost fearless, but she is afraid of heights, has failed her driving test more than once, and has been in a string of bad relationships.

Lara Amersey
Lara Amersey

Who is Lara Amersey’s husband?

Alex Jordan is married to Lara Amersey. He is also a part of the entertainment business.

Her husband has worked in film and TV for more than twenty years and has done a lot of different things. Alex has worked as a Production Manager on the action shows Nikita, Transporter, and Rogue. He is also a member of the Canadian Director’s Guild (DGC).

He was most recently a producer for the last five seasons on the hit TV show Private Eyes, which won a CSA Award. He has also worked with famous actors like Andy Garcia, Heather Graham, Forrest Whitaker, and Eva Longoria on movies.

Alex is promoting the international co-production Between Waves, which was funded by Telefilm and will be shown in theaters this summer. He is also producing Mayor of Kingstown, starring Jeremy Renner, for the first season of Paramount+, which will start soon.

On October 21, 2022, the couple will have been married for ten years. The actress posted a cute picture of herself and her husband along with the touching caption: “A few days ago, we had some wine while putting the kids to bed to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. But we’re going to do it right tonight. Here’s to the next million, AJ!”

Lara’s husband and her have two kids. Her son’s name is Joy, and in March he turned eight years old.

On Instagram, she often posts pictures of her kids. She is a proud mom, and her Instagram bio shows that. In her bio, she says that she is a mom.

She didn’t act for five years so she could raise her two children. It only made her want and be more determined to become an actress.

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Lara Amersey Height and age:

Right now, Lara Amersey is 37 years old. She was born on November 13, 1984, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She was born in Canada, but her family is from South Asia. She studied history and art history at the University of Toronto. On average, she stands 5 feet and 1 inch tall.

The work life of Lara Amersey:

In 2003, Lara started working in movies, and a Stridex commercial was her big break. She later did ads for 7Up, Coca-Cola, and American Express. The next year, she was cast in the popular children’s show Radio Free Roscoe, which helped her start her acting career and is still her most well-known role. She has since been a guest star on shows like “Life with Derek,” where she played Lucy, and “Overruled,” where she played Rory Jablonski. She has also been in the short films “Hate,” “Rose,” and “Red Velvet Girls.” She also made episodes of Flashpoint and Warehouse 13.

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Lara is not only a performer:

Lara has also found that she is good at writing, and she is currently adapting different stories about mothers and women for the big screen. Her short film “Reject” was a hit, and she won an award for writing it. Lara has had a number of lead and supporting roles in the last few years. She has also grown as an artist by combining her work as a sommelier in Toronto with the “Wine and Cheeseburger” online series made by Thrillist.

On Instagram, you can find her:

Lara Amersey uses Instagram all the time. She talks to her fans and other people who follow her on social media. Also, the actress often posts pictures of her husband, children, and other family members. At the time this was written, she had more than 1000 Instagram followers. She also talks about her late mother in the Instagram post. In one of her posts, she wrote about her mother, “Six years ago, my life took a sharp turn to the left, and from then on, nothing was the same. Mom, I miss you so much. Please look out for us.” Lara misses her mother a lot, and we know that if she had been there to see it, she would have been so proud of what Lara had done.

Lara worked for Jordan Entertainment as an associate producer:

Because of her close work with Jordan Entertainment as an Associate Producer, Lara has gained more experience in front of the camera. She is looking forward to her future creative projects and the chance to tell different and interesting stories. The actress is an important part of the film and TV industries in Canada.

Your life and work

Lara was born in 1984, and in 1991, she moved to Toronto with her family. Lara started working in movies in 2003, and she got her big break in a Stridex commercial. After that, she was in a lot of different commercials, including ones for 7Up, Coca-Cola, and American Express. The next year, she got a part on the popular kids’ show Radio Free Roscoe, which helped her start her acting career and is still the show most people know her from. Since then, she has been a guest star on shows like Life with Derek as Lucy and Overruled as Rory Jablonski. She has also been in the short films Hate, Rose, and Red Velvet Girls and the feature film Land of the Dead. Her most recent work is on episodes of Warehouse 13 and Flashpoint.

So far, Lara’s leading role on the TV show Monster Warriors has been her most memorable work. She played Vanka, a strong, athletic, and aggressive girl who was interested in ancient fighting styles and rituals. The show has been shown in many different languages all over the world.

Lara Amersey
Lara Amersey

As an Associate Producer for Jordan Entertainment, Lara has gained more experience behind the camera. She is excited about her future as an actress and about her future at Jordan Entertainment.

Lara is a Canadian actress with South Asian roots. She has worked in film, TV, and commercials for almost 20 years. After having a successful career on kids’ TV (including 52 episodes as the main character on the YTV show Monster Warriors and many other roles on the Family Channel and Nickelodeon network), he went on to have a successful career as an adult. She took a five-year break from acting to have her two children, but that just made her want to act even more. Lara has gotten a number of lead and supporting roles in the last few years. She has also added to her creative skills by putting her work as a sommelier in Toronto to good use in the new web show “Wine and Cheeseburger,” which she made with the New York company Thrillist. She has also found her voice as a writer, working to bring different stories about women and motherhood to the screen. Her short film “Reject,” which she wrote and directed, won a screenwriting award at a film festival. Lara is an important part of the Canadian film and TV industry, and she is looking forward to more creative projects and the chance to tell new and different kinds of stories. In 2021 and 2022, she will work on a new Hallmark Channel movie and a part in the CBC/Netflix show Workin’ Moms.

Is she still working as an actor, or did she leave that job?

Yes! She is still working as an actor, a job she has had for the past 18 years. She started her career in 2003.

Lara is listed as one of the most popular actors on Wikispro. Also put on the list with that person who was born in 1984. Have to be one of the most well-known actors.

Lara Amersey’s wealth

According to Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, IMDb, and other reliable online sources, Lara Amersey’s estimated net worth is as follows. Below, you can see what she made, how much she was worth, and more from previous years.

We’ve updated the information below about Lara’s estimated net worth, monthly and yearly salary, main source of income, cars, way of life, and much more.

Lara, who made $3 million and $5 million, has a net worth of Lara made most of her money from selling her Yeezy shoes. She lied about how big her business was over the years, but the money she made from her job was real—enough to make it one of the biggest paydays for a celebrity ever. Most of her basic income comes from how well she does as an actor.

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