Stella Shute: Know Early Years and Career Of The Young Dancer at the Gymnastics Academy 

Stella Shute: Know Early Years and Career Of The Young Dancer at the Gymnastics Academy 

Stella Shute is a well-known actress and a member of the cast of the sports television show Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance!

An accomplished performer, Shute is best known for her roles in the television shows Awoken, Wanted, Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance!, and A Second Chance: Rivals. In 2018, the actor made her very first appearance on television in the episode “Drive” of the series Wanted, playing the role of Young Donna.

In the 2019 episode of A Second Chance titled “Rivals,” Shute played the part of Tess Fuller-Jones. She made her debut in the role of Young Karla in the film Awoken the same year. In the television miniseries First Day, which aired in the year 2020, she had a performance as Isabella Primary School Crony.

After a wait of two years, Shute was cast in the starring part of a recurring character in the television series Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance! as Tess in ten episodes, some of which are “Competition all Round,” “Relationship is Tough,” “All in this together,” and “Jealousy has Consequences.”


Stella Shute
Stella Shute

Stella Shute’s Age

Stella Shute is 15 years old at the present time. The 24th of May, 2007, found the actress being born in Australia. Additionally, Gemini is her birth sign. A Second Chance: Rivals on Netflix is where the actress first gained widespread recognition for her acting abilities.

Shute first earned a name for herself in the entertainment industry when she appeared on the show Wanted when she was just 9 years old. The show was about two people who didn’t know each other very well who became the primary suspects in a murder.

The show was developed by Richard Bell and Rebecca Gibney, who are also its creators. The first episode of the series was shown on October 24th, 2017, across the United States. Despite this, the show was shot in Brisbane, which is located in the Australian state of Queensland. Screen Australia, Screen Queensland, and Seven Network are the three production firms that are responsible for the series.

In addition to that, India started doing gymnastics after she had completed her calisthenics routine. When she first became involved in these professions, she was only five years old. All of the actresses in the show are rather inexperienced performers.

Career of Stella Shute

When Shute first joined the Gymnastics Academy, he was just a young dancer. At the age of nine, the actor launched her professional career. The actress has appeared in a variety of films, including Family Expectations, Fairley Treated, A Second Chance, Family Support, Family First, and Price of Friendship.

Up to this point, Shute has been a contributor to four shows. Wanted was her debut in the world of motion picture franchises, and A Second Chance: Rivals! was her second. She began her career in the film industry at the age of 12, under the name Tess Fuller-Jones.

The length of the movie was approximately 1 hour 29 minutes. The story revolved around a gymnastics competition that took place between city girls and country girls from different parts of the country. Clay Glen was responsible for both the direction and the writing of the movie.

Going for Gold was the title of the film when it was made available to consumers in the United States by Glenpictures on February 5, 2020. Nevertheless, Australia was identified as the country of origin. The majority of the film was shot in Adelaide, which is located in South Australia, Australia. In addition, the program was also known by the name “ampiyona Heyecan.”

Stella participated in the game alongside other cast members of the program, including Emily Morris, Carmel Johnson, Natasha, Nina Pearce, Adam Tuominen, Elysia Markou, Alexender Lloyd, Eva Grados, India Colombi, Abbey Wilkinson, Quincy Gray, Akira, and David O’Brien. Melanie Munt, Kaylene Graham, Stephen, and more.

On the other hand, the film only garnered a 4.7 out of 10 rating on IMDB. She arrived in the family and sports show following her performance in the criminal show first.

Stella Shute’s Parents

It’s possible that Shute was raised by loving parents in Australia. As a young adult, she continues to be a source of pride for her family. Both of her parents supported her endeavors to advance her professional standing.

Stella portrayed Tess, a girl with an attitude, in the new series Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance!. Tess was played by Stella. Tess is the daughter of Nina Pearce, also known as Kate Fuller Jones, an actress who got her start in the film industry working on the set of Erin Hannon.

Nina Pearce is an accomplished actress who has garnered acclaim for her roles in the films A Second Chance, Danger 5, and Wanted. Both Nina and Stella made appearances in three performances together. In the films A Second Chance: Rivals! and Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance, Nina performed the role of the mother.

Tess’s mother did, however, make an appearance in all three of these sequences: Family Support, Family First, and Price of Friendship. Additionally, Adam Tuominen took on the character of Tess’s father in this production. The role of the actor became clear after watching the first four episodes of the series.

People recognized Adam as a result of his roles in the television shows “Escape from Pretoria,” “Power Rangers Ninja Strom,” and “Power Rangers DinoThunder.” In the subsequent films, including Jealousy has Consequences, Family Support, Family First, and Price of Friendship, Adam played the role of Stella’s father.

Adam had no other responsibilities within the Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance. He was not in the earlier film, which starred Stella, and he did not appear in it.

Family of Stella Shute

The Shutes hail originally from Australia. It’s possible that the people she cares about most will inspire her to go for the life of her dreams. Her parents encouraged her to pursue a career in gymnastics and helped her develop her skills throughout her youth.

Shute is a fresh face in the world of motion pictures. She appeared in the 2019 suspense film Awoken as a cast member. Additionally, the film revealed the alternative treatment that was administered to the patient suffering from Fatal Familial Insomnia. The young student does everything she can to save her brother, who is suffering from a fatal sleep disease.

Daniel J. Phillips is in charge of directing, while Alan Drace is the one responsible for writing. Shute was a member of the band at the same time as Erik Thomson, Sara West, Benson Jack, Matt Crook, Amelia Douglas, Paul Reichstein, Mark Saturno, Felicia Tassone, Dana Abed, Jessica Burgess, Jules Dawson, and more.

In addition to this, Shute made his debut in the television miniseries First Day. Evie Macdonald, who played the role of Hannah Bradford in the series, was cast in the role of leading actress. She entered high school for the first time this year as a freshman. As a little girl attending a different school, the protagonist showed bravery by rising to the challenge.

Stella Shute Sibilings Imogen And Nellie

Imogen and Nellie Shute were Shute’s two sisters and brothers, respectively. She has an extremely strong bond with each of her sisters. After her performance as Stella, her sister could perhaps follow in her footsteps and pursue a career in acting. Despite this, they have the ability to select a different option than the actress.

In addition to acting, Shute revealed that she has a passion for traveling and working with animals. As a young gymnast, the actress developed a figure that was both supple and strong. In the series First Day, the actress portrayed Evie Macdonald under a false identity. Evie made her debut in the professional performing world when she was just 6 years old.

Joining the Cast of Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance is Stella Shute!

In the most recent episode of the television series Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance!, Shute played the role of Tess. The series was produced in collaboration by Sally Clarke, Clay Glen, and Venessa Shapiro, who served in the roles of executive producer and producer, respectively.

The first episode of the series was shown on Glenpictures on September 16th, 2022. The city of Adelaide, which is located in South Australia, played host to the filming. The series is called as Şampiyona Heyecanı: Jimnastik Akademisi.

David Banbury and Kristian Leadbeater were responsible for the film’s editing for its five episodes. Anita Seiler, who specializes in custom designs, Kimberley Bradshaw, Tracy Phillpot, and Marie-Lyne Morant are the other participants in this series (Makeup artists).

Stella was a member of the cast who appeared alongside Eva and India. During the course of filming the show, they discuss their experiences. Eva’s audition for the series was a little bit different than the others’ because she clave the director because he is her idol. The other people may have found the audition for the series to be routine. When the actor was asked to audition, she did it while in Queensland.

Additionally, Eva held the audition in the room of the hotel where she was staying. When she returned to Sydney, she still had the footage on her phone. It was deemed satisfactory by the director. Facetiming with her mother, he then extended the offer to her to play the part.

Emily Morris is quite popular among Eva, Stella, and India’s affections. As India was just starting out in the performing world, she offered her assistance in that regard. Because Emily had a wealth of experience, they were able to enjoy themselves while working with her.

Even so, they coexist peacefully with the universe. They have a friendly relationship with John, the cameraman. Everyone in the cast treats them with incredible consideration. Roxy questioned Stella over the unpleasant incident, and Stella stated that it was a personal matter.

Stella Shute
Stella Shute

Cast Members:

  • Emily Morris as Maddy Cornell
  • Jada-lee Henry as Kyra Berry
  • Zoe Rae Burns as Scarlett
  • Luciana Valdez Tirado as Maya
  • Eva Grados as Alkira
  • Akira Van as Li
  • Trung Le as Jaimi
  • Jett Gazley as Bradley
  • Alexander Lloyd as Jason
  • Emma Bargery as Miss Claver
  • Adam Tuominen as Shane Fuller (Tess’s father)
  • Melanie Munt as Gabby
  • Nina Pearce as Kate Fuller Jones (Tess’s mother)
  • Peta Shannon as Sandra Berry
  • Michelle Nightingale 
  • Mia Foran as Julie ( Track & Field Girl)
  • Katelyn Ohashi 

Some FAQs

How old is Stella Shute?

Stella Shute is currently 15 years old.

Who plays Tess in A Second Chance?

Stella Shute plays the role of Tess in Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance!

Does Stella Shute do gymnastics?

Yes, Stella Shute does gymnastics in Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance!

Quick Facts

Age 15
Birthday May 24, 2007
Birth place Australia
Birth Sign Gemini
Known For A Second Chance: Rivals!
Begun Career 2018
Love animals and traveling
Sister Imogen and Nellie
Eyes Color Blue
Hair Color Brown

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