What is Lottie Tomlinson’s age? a whole account of Louis Tomlinson’s sister giving birth to a boy

An author, model, cosmetics artist, Instagram influencer, and businesswoman from the UK, Charlotte Elizabeth Lottie Tomlinson is 24 years old. She is also the half-sister of Louis Tomlinson of One Direction.

On August 10, Lottie announced to her followers that she and her boyfriend Lewis Burton had welcomed a baby boy via an adorable Instagram photo of the child. Lottie wrote in the same Instagram story:

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Dreams really do come true,

Instagram story of Lottie Tomlinson following the birth of a boy.

The newborn infant was seen covered in a tight towel in the black and white image that Lottie uploaded. Lewis Burton and the makeup artist welcomed a boy, according to Phoebe Tomlinson, her sister.

All the information we have about Lottie Tomlinson

In 2015, Lottie Tomlinson began her profession as a makeup artist by serving as their makeup artist for Louis Tomlinson’s hugely successful band One Direction. During the group’s “On The Road Again Tour,” she took on the roles of stylist and makeup artist as well as assisting them in a number of other promotional appearances.

Lottie teamed with Nails Inc. in 2016 and was honoured as their ambassador while promoting their Paint Can spray-on nail polish.

In an interview with Paper Magazine in September 2016, the model talked candidly about her desire to become a makeup artist. Lottie gushed about receiving the chance to launch her beauty career with Louis Tomlinson’s group as well. She observed:

“I’ve always wanted to work in the makeup industry, but I wasn’t sure whether I had what it took because I was so young. I believe that as I grew older and gained more expertise, I saw that I could actually make this my career. Being able to share so many incredible events and locations with my brother made it a fantastic pleasure to work together. It would be fantastic to have my own line, and it is absolutely a dream!”

In addition, Lottie Tomlinson made a quick appearance alongside her ex-boyfriend Tommy in her brother’s Back To You music video. In Rainbow Roots: #MAKEUPBYME is a makeup-related book that Lottie published in 2017. For her fans, her book has more than 40 different sorts of beauty instructions.

Lottie and her partner Lewis Burton announced their pregnancy in February 2022. Lewis expressed his feelings when announcing the birth of their child:

We are both fortunate to have you, and I’m quite proud of you.

Lewis Burton published a touching essay honouring Lottie Tomlinson.

More about the romance between newlyweds Lottie Tomlinson and Lewis Burton

Lewis Burton, a former tennis player, allegedly began dating cosmetics artist Lottie Tomlinson in July 2020. It’s been stated that the two grew close because they both lost loved ones young.

For those who don’t know, Lottie lost her sister Félicité to an unintentional drug overdose and her mother Johannah to cancer.

The Daily Mail claims that Lottie and Lewis first connected at a house party in May 2020, at which point a source for the publication noted:

“After spending time together at a party at Lou’s place, Lewis and Lottie had developed a strong relationship. Although they had been meeting up in secret for weeks, their common friends have taken notice of their growing bond.”
Lottie and Lewis were seen kissing in Ibiza while enjoying cocktails with their friends, thus confirming their relationship. But now they are delighted parents of a baby boy!

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