The tension between Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde is examined as the actress apparently criticises Ted Lasso star for “aggressive” service of papers

Jason Sudeikis’ petition was denied by a judge who determined that their children cannot reside in New York because their native state is California, giving Olivia Wilde her first victory in the custody dispute.

Wilde has filed a motion criticising Sudeikis for his “aggressive” delivery of custody papers while the actress was onstage in front of 4,100 Hollywood executives at the CinemaCon event in April, according to fresh legal records obtained by The Daily Mail.

“Jason’s actions were obviously meant to intimidate me and surprise me. He had the option of serving me discreetly, but he opted to be as forceful as he could be.

Olivia Wilde further criticised Jason Sudeikis for using their private quarrel to make her look bad in front of others, adding that Sudeikis’ action motivated her to file a lawsuit:

It goes directly against the interests of our children that Jason would embarrass me professionally and put our private dispute on display in this way.

Added her:

“I filed a petition for custody in Los Angeles since Jason has made it apparent that we won’t be able to resolve this for the sake of our children outside of the legal system.”
In accordance with court records, Sudeikis and Wilde spent the most of their time in New York during their relationship, where both of their children were also born. Between 2014 and 2019, the pair apparently shared a house in Brooklyn, but they also frequently travelled to Los Angeles for work.

While he and Olivia Wilde had been residing in London and sharing parental responsibilities with their children since December 2021, Jason Sudeikis stated in his filing that he intended to relocate to Brooklyn after he finished shooting for Ted Lasso in July.

The actor also stated that in order to keep their existing parenting arrangements, he wants his kids and ex-partner to relocate to New York. He even asserted that Wilde “insisted” on relocating to Los Angeles and contacted Sudeikis in April to negotiate the custody of their children.

He claimed that the author of Don’t Worry Darling revealed her plans to go to London by the end of the next year. According to reports, pop sensation Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are residing in London.

A look at the custody dispute between Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are now engaged in a custody dispute over their two children.

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde first met in 2011, and they became engaged in 2012. Their first kid, a male named Otis, was born in 2014, and their second child, a daughter named Daisy, was born in 2016. However, the pair made the decision to divorce in 2020.

At the time, a source close to the couple told Entertainment Tonight that their split was without drama or controversy:

They just stopped functioning as a pair; there was no drama or scandal. There isn’t a juicy story if you’re seeking for one.
The insider added that despite their breakup, the couple would still put their kids first:

Of course, their children come first in their priorities and are the deciding factor in all of their decisions. They cherish one other and hold each other in the highest regard. When it comes to raising their children and advancing their jobs, they will still be each other’s biggest supporters.

According to the custody agreement, which enabled each partner to have a different one-week of “parental access” between their time in Los Angeles, New York, and London, Wilde and Sudeikis maintained their friendship and co-parented their children.

The couple finally disagreed over where to raise their children, though. While Wilde was giving a presentation about her movie Don’t Worry Darling at Las Vegas CinemaCon on April 26, Sudeikis filed a custody petition and served the papers to her.

After being silent for a while, Olivia Wilde recently denounced the action as “outrageous legal methods” and criticised Sudeikis for his “aggressive” serving of papers.

The latter stated in his filing that he desired for his children to grow up in Brooklyn, where he is now preparing to go following the completion of Ted Lasso’s filming in July:

“I am a New Yorker, for better or worse.”

Initially “reluctant,” according to Sudeikis, he served the papers on Wilde after learning of her intention to move to London with their children.

First, Olivia asserted that she would grant me weekend and vacation access to Otis and Daisy if I did not live in Los Angeles full-time, depriving me of the ability to raise the children through critical stages of their development.
He went on:

Second, Olivia stated that she planned to move to London with the kids once school completed in 2023

Sudeikis claimed that out of concern for the children being taken away from him, he made the decision to serve custody papers to Olivia Wilde. He added that rather than the residence where she resided with her current partner Harry Styles, he intended to serve the papers in a “benign manner” at Heathrow Airport:

Otis and Daisy might be there, so I didn’t want service to be held at Olivia’s current partner’s house. I did not want the children’s school to be the site of the service because parents might be there.
But the actor admitted that “a sequence of logical mistakes” prevented the process server from delivering the documents to the “designated location.” Additionally, Sudeikis claimed that he was “very disturbed” about the public service of papers and that he only learned of the peculiar incident when it made headlines:

“While I am aware that the process server was merely carrying out her duty, I sincerely regret what transpired. Olivia’s talk was a significant occasion for her both emotionally and professionally, and I’m so sorry the incident ruined her wonderful moment.

According to Olivia Wilde, she and Sudeikis had previously agreed to have their children attend school in Los Angeles, but recently Sudeikis wanted them to relocate to New York:

However, Jason just made the decision that he wanted to go to New York for the upcoming year while he is off work and that he wanted the kids to be there with him during this time off. Jason filed these documents after I refused because the kids haven’t resided in New York for a while.
Otis and Daisy, according to Wilde, have spent the most of their time in London and Los Angeles during the past four years, and they even went to school there. According to the most recent filing, the judge determined that California, not New York, was the children’s home state.

As a result, the judge decided to accept Olivia Wilde’s request to have Jason Sudeikis’ custody suit dismissed.

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