Troy Aikman’s Mother: Meet Charlyn Aikman, A Society Editor And Mother Of Three Children

Troy Aikman’s Mother: Meet Charlyn Aikman, A Society Editor And Mother Of Three Children

Troy Aikman, the great quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, was raised by his mother, Charlyn Aikman.

Charlyn and her ex-husband, Kenneth, raised three kids, including Troy. She used to work as a society editor.

If Kenneth pushed his son to play football, Charlyn took care of everything for him when he wasn’t on the field. Charlyn was in charge of everything her son did in public, from how he looked to how his crazy fans wrote to him.

Charlyn died at home in Lewisville, Texas, on November 9, 2022, when she was 80 years old. A day later, Troy paid tribute to his late mother on Instagram by calling her a selfless person.

Troy Aikman
Troy Aikman

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Charlyn Aikman: Meet Troy Aikman’s Mother

Troy Aikman was born in 1966. His mother, Charlyn Aikman, gave birth to him. Troy is Charlyn’s only son and her third child.

Charlyn was born and raised in Long Beach, California, and she went to college at Long Beach State. Charlyn was as interested in her son’s career as she was in her own. Her son said that she was a selfless woman. She married Kenneth in 1964.

They had three kids, including Troy and his two older sisters, Terri Starns and Tammy Aikman-Powell. And they were together for 36 years before they broke up in the year 2000.

During the time they were together, they raised Troy, who became one of the most well-known NFL players. In 1989, the Dallas Cowboys picked him in the draught. The former NFL player was taken care of by Charlyn.

She would take care of all the letters from fans and get him ready for public events. Charlyn would also handle the quarterback’s business matters. From putting money into restaurants to playing in golf tournaments for charity.

In interviews for many years, he said that his ideal woman looked like Cindy Crawford, but she had to act like his mother from a small town.

Troy Aikman wrote a moving tribute to his mother on Instagram the day after she died. The quarterback thought about the messages from close friends and family who knew his mother well and wanted her to know that everyone missed her.

Troy Aikman’s Mom Was A Society Editor

Charlyn Aikman, Troy Aikman’s mother, worked for the Daily Freelance as a society editor.

After her son’s success in the field, she worked for Troy Aikman Enterprises and also as his manager.

And Charlyn’s job as a society editor was probably a lot easier for her than dealing with her famous son’s angry fans. She would have had to deal with a lot of crazy things in the 20,000 fan emails she had to read.

The quarterback always looked out for his family, and his mother in particular. He didn’t want his parents to get divorced in the first place, and when they did, he built them a ranch in McKinney so they could stay close to him.

In an interview with ESPN in 2000, she said that her son was having a hard time understanding that he might have to retire. At the time, she was working at Troy Aikman’s Enterprises. Charlyn said that it was hard for Troy to stop doing the sport he had been doing for so long.

Charlyn Aikman
Charlyn Aikman

Charlyn Aikman (Troy Aikman’s Mom) Was A Mother Of Three Children

Charlyn Aikman had three kids, including a son named Troy Aikman and two daughters named Terri Starns and Tammy Powell.

1. Tammy Powell

Tammy Powell, who is 57 years old, is Charlyn and Kenneth Aikman’s first child. She is the CEO of St. Anthony Hospital now, but she started her career there as a nurse.

Tammy was hired as the COO of Bone and Joint Hospital in 2003. After two years off, she went back to St. Anthony in 2005. Even if Tammy has good memories of working for St. Anthony, she also has memories she doesn’t want to think about.

Tammy was at work five blocks away from the bombing site in Oklahoma City in 1995. She was hurt by the bombing for years, but she was able to move on with her life.

Mike Powell is married to Tammy, and they have two sons, Drew and Reid. Her family lives in the Oklahoma city of Norman.

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2. Terri Starns

Terri Starns is a certified registered nurse and is the middle child in the Aikman family. She lives with her husband, Rich, and their children, Brady and Brooke, in Lewisville, Texas.

Terri’s Facebook page shows that she is helping to raise money for health and LGBTQ projects through a number of foundations. Terri has tried to stay out of the media spotlight and hasn’t done many interviews with the media.

3. Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman is 55 years old and is Charyln Aikman and Kenneth Aikman’s third child. The legendary, whose name is one of the most well-known in NFL history, started his career with the Dallas Cowboys.

Aikman won three Super Bowls with the Cowboys. Six years after he left the league, in 2006, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Troy worked as a commentator for Fox after he retired, and he is now doing the same thing for ESPN.

Troy was married to Cowboys publicist Rhonda Worthey before, and they have two children together. In 2011, they filed for a divorce, and in 2017, the former quarterback got married to a woman who sells clothes.

Troy Aikman
Troy Aikman

Wife Of Troy Aikman

Three people won: Tammy Powell, Troy Aikman, and Terri Starns.

The couple had three girls: Troy, his older sister Terri Starns, and his older sister Tammy Aikman-Powell. They were together for 36 years, until the year 2000, when they decided to go their separate ways.

During the time they were married, they raised one of the most well-known NFL players, Troy, who was born to them. In 1989, he was picked by the Dallas Cowboys in the draught. Charlyn was the person in charge of the former NFL player.

She would take care of the mail from fans and get him ready for public appearances. In addition to this, Charlyn would take care of the quarterback’s business affairs. From taking part in charity golf tournaments to investing money in local restaurants.

In many interviews over many years, he said that the woman he pictured himself with was like the supermodel Cindy Crawford, but he wanted her to act like his own mother.

On the second day after his mother died, Troy Aikman posted a heartfelt tribute to her on Instagram. The quarterback thought about the messages from close family members and friends who knew his mother well and wanted her to know how much everyone missed her.

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