Sanju Samson: Early Life, Cricket Career, IPL Journey, International Cricket, Wife And More

Sanju Samson’s journey to cricket stardom is nothing short of inspirational. From humble beginnings in Kerala to representing the nation on the international stage, he continues to captivate audiences with his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication

Rising Star: Sanju Samson’s Journey to Cricket Stardom

Sanju Samson, born on 11 November 1994, emerges as a prominent figure in the cricketing world.

As an Indian international cricketer, he not only showcases his talent on the global stage but also contributes significantly to Kerala’s domestic cricket scene.

Early Beginnings and Rise to Prominence

Hailing from Kerala, Sanju Samson exhibited an innate passion for cricket from a tender age. His dedication and perseverance paved the path for a remarkable journey in the world of sports.

Excelling in both batting and wicket-keeping skills, Samson’s prowess caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts early on.

Making Waves in Domestic Cricket

Samson’s journey to prominence accelerated as he donned the jersey for Kerala in domestic cricket.

His exceptional performances not only earned him accolades but also solidified his position as a key player in the team. Notably, he etched his name in the record books by achieving remarkable feats in various tournaments.

Leading Rajasthan Royals in the IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) serves as a platform for budding talents to shine on a global scale, and Sanju Samson embraced this opportunity with fervor.

Sanju Samson
                                                                          Sanju Samson (Image:@Instagram)

As the skipper of the Rajasthan Royals, he showcases exemplary leadership qualities coupled with outstanding cricketing skills, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances.

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International Recognition and Achievements

Sanju Samson’s talent transcends borders, earning him a spot in the Indian national team. His contributions to the team exemplify his commitment to excellence, further cementing his status as a cricketing sensation.

Notably, he served as the vice-captain of the Indian Under-19 team for the 2014 U-19 World Cup, showcasing his leadership abilities at a young age.

Setting Records and Milestones

  • In the 2019-2020 edition of the Vijay Hazare Trophy, Sanju Samson etched his name in history by becoming the first wicket-keeper batsman to score a double century.
  • His breathtaking innings of 212 runs against Goa not only highlighted his batting prowess but also showcased his ability to excel under pressure.
  • This remarkable feat solidified his position as a trailblazer in List A Cricket, marking it as the second-fastest double century and the fastest and highest by a wicketkeeper.

Dominance of Subcontinent Teams in ICC Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy, previously referred to as the ICC Knockout Trophy, stands as a testament to the prowess of subcontinent cricket teams.

With victories in the tournament on two occasions, and two runner-up finishes, these teams have showcased their mettle on the global stage. Let’s delve into their journey in this prestigious event.

Triumphs and Setbacks

New Zealand Triumph, 2000

In the second edition of the ICC Champions Trophy held in Kenya in 2000, the subcontinent team faced a setback, losing to New Zealand in a hard-fought battle.

Shared Glory, 2002

The following edition in 2002 saw an unusual turn of events as persistent rain marred the final, leading to a shared trophy with Sri Lanka due to the match’s inconclusive outcome.

Sanju Samson
                                                                           Sanju Samson (Image:@Instagram)

Solo Victory, 2013

The year 2013 marked a significant milestone for the subcontinent team, clinching the title as sole champions for the first time on English and Welsh soil, showcasing their dominance and resilience.

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Final Defeat, 2017

However, their journey in the 2017 edition of the tournament, held once again in England, ended in disappointment as they faced defeat in the final against the formidable Pakistan cricket team.

Hosted Edition

India had the honor of hosting the ICC Champions Trophy in 2006, further solidifying its status as a powerhouse in the cricketing world.

Sanju Samson’s Net Worth in 2024: A Comprehensive Look

In 2024, Sanju Samson’s net worth stands impressively at approximately INR 82 crore or $10 million.


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This article delves into the various facets contributing to his financial success, including earnings from international matches, IPL engagements, domestic circuits, and lucrative brand endorsements.

Analyzing Sanju Samson’s Financial Standing

Sanju Samson, the talented cricketer hailing from India, has not only made a mark on the cricket pitch but also in the financial realm. Let’s break down how he amassed his impressive net worth.

International Matches: A Major Revenue Stream

One significant contributor to Samson’s wealth is his participation in international cricket matches.

As a prominent player representing the Indian cricket team, Samson has showcased his skills on the global stage, earning both recognition and substantial financial rewards.

IPL Engagements: Capitalizing on T20 Cricket

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been a boon for cricketers like Samson, providing them with lucrative opportunities to showcase their talent.

Sanju Samson
                                                                          Sanju Samson (Image:@Instagram)

Samson’s consistent performances in the IPL have not only earned him praise but also bolstered his financial portfolio significantly.

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Domestically Dominant: Success in Domestic Circuits

In addition to his exploits in international and IPL matches, Samson has also excelled in domestic cricket tournaments.

His stellar performances at the domestic level have not only contributed to his team’s success but also padded his bank account.

Brand Endorsements: Adding Another Dimension

Beyond the cricket field, Samson has ventured into the realm of brand endorsements, capitalizing on his popularity and influence.

His association with various brands has not only enhanced his visibility but also added substantially to his net worth.

Indian Cricket: Sanju Samson’s National Team Contract

The Evolution of Sanju Samson’s Contract with the BCCI

In 2024, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) disclosed that Sanju Samson maintains a C-grade contract, entailing an annual remuneration of INR 1 crore.

Samson’s financial structure includes INR 6 lakhs for participating in One Day Internationals (ODIs) and INR 3 lakhs for featuring in Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) representing the Indian team.

Sanju Samson’s Journey in BCCI Contracts

Transition from 2021 to 2022

Initially, in 2021, Sanju Samson secured a Grade C contract with the BCCI. However, his tenure with this contract faced an interruption in 2022 when he was excluded from the Grade C category.

Reinstatement in 2023

Despite the setback in 2022, Sanju Samson rebounded the following year, reinstating his Grade C contract with the BCCI in 2023.

Sanju Samson
                                                                           Sanju Samson (Image:@Instagram)

Current Status: 2024

As of 28th February 2024, the BCCI’s Annual Player Contracts for 2023-24 affirm Samson’s retention as a Grade C player, underscoring his continuing association with the Indian national team.

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Revamping IPL Contracts: Sanju Samson’s Salary Skyrockets

Sanju Samson’s IPL journey has been nothing short of remarkable, especially in terms of his contract negotiations. Let’s delve into the details of his lucrative deals and the staggering figures involved.

Sanju Samson’s Retention: Rajasthan Royals Lock Him In Again

In a move that turned heads during the 2022 mega-auction, the Rajasthan Royals secured Sanju Samson’s services by retaining him for a staggering sum of INR 14 crore.

This retention marked a substantial increase from his previous salary of INR 8 crores in the 2021 season. Such a significant hike underscores the Royals’ confidence in Samson’s prowess on the field.

From Humble Beginnings to IPL Stardom

Sanju Samson’s journey in the IPL began in 2012 when the Kolkata Knight Riders acquired him for a modest INR 8 lakh.

Fast forward to the present, and he commands a salary over 100 times greater than his initial deal. This meteoric rise in earnings is a testament to his consistent performance and growing prominence in the cricketing world.

Consistency Pays Off: Sanju’s Continued Success with Rajasthan Royals

  • As the curtains rose on the 2024 IPL auction, all eyes were once again on Sanju Samson.
  • Much to the delight of Rajasthan Royals fans, the franchise retained him for a sum comparable to his 2022 contract.

  • This decision reflects the team’s unwavering faith in Sanju’s abilities and his integral role in their lineup.

Beyond the Numbers: Sanju Samson’s IPL Legacy

Beyond the staggering figures and contract negotiations, Sanju Samson’s IPL journey is a tale of perseverance and dedication.

Having amassed over INR 90 crore throughout his IPL career, he stands as a beacon of success for aspiring cricketers.

Sanju Samson’s Wife: Meet Charulatha Remesh

Sanju Samson, the renowned Indian cricketer, is happily married to Charulatha Remesh, hailing from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Sanju Samson
                                                                        Sanju Samson (Image:@Instagram)

Their union was solemnized on the picturesque shores of Kovalam in a blissful ceremony held on 22nd December 2018.

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Charulatha Remesh: A Native of Thiruvananthapuram

Charulatha Remesh originates from the vibrant city of Thiruvananthapuram, nestled in the southern state of Kerala, India.

Born and raised in this culturally rich region, she embodies the warmth and grace typical of Kerala’s inhabitants.

The Love Story of Sanju Samson and Charulatha Remesh

Sanju Samson and Charulatha Remesh’s love story is nothing short of a fairy tale. Their journey from acquaintances to life partners is filled with love, laughter, and mutual admiration.

Their bond symbolizes the beauty of companionship and the strength of love that transcends boundaries.

The Knot Tied in Kovalam

On a memorable day in December 2018, amidst the serene backdrop of Kovalam’s scenic beauty, Sanju Samson and Charulatha Remesh exchanged vows, pledging their love and commitment to each other.

The tranquil ambiance of the resort provided the perfect setting for their union, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Charulatha Remesh: The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Beyond her role as the wife of a cricketing star, Charulatha Remesh is a woman of substance and ambition. She has ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, showcasing her talent, creativity, and business acumen.

Her endeavors reflect her determination to carve her own path and make a mark in the professional arena.


1)When did Sanju Samson make his international debut?

Sanju Samson made his international debut back in July 2015 in a T20I against Zimbabwe.

2)What record did Sanju Samson break in the IPL?

Sanju became the youngest batsman to score 1000 runs in the IPL in 2017. In a match against Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2013, Samson scored 63 off 41 balls. At the age of 18 years, he became the youngest player to score an IPL fifty.

3)What is the current IPL salary of Sanju Samson?

According to the IPL 2024 auction, Sanju Samson is paid INR 14 crore by the Rajasthan Royals.

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