Jodeci Malixi: Is Leylah Fernandez SisterA Rookie Cosplayer And A Dentist?

Jodeci Malixi: Is Leylah Fernandez SisterA Rookie Cosplayer And A Dentist?

Leylah Fernandez, a Canadian professional tennis player, has an elder sister named Jodeci Malixi. Jodeci Malixi is also a professional tennis player.

Jodeci spends her days as a dentist, and her nights as a novice cosplayer. Her parents, Jorge Fernandez and Irene Fernandez, consider her to be their oldest child.

Tennis is a sport that is played by both of her younger sisters, Leylah Fernandez and Bianca Jolie Jolie. After seeing how much Leylah enjoyed the sport, Bianca decided to give it a go.

Because her younger sister, Leylah, is currently ranked No. 13 in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) as of August 8, 2022, and was the champion of the 2021 Monterrey Open, everyone is curious about the sister who went in a different direction with her life than becoming an athlete.

Jodeci is the only sister who is married and does not compete in athletics; therefore, we should learn more about her and her husband, Zacques Zang.

Jodeci Malixi
Jodeci Malixi

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Leylah Fernandez’s  Sister

Leylah Fernandez, a Canadian tennis player, has a younger sister named Jodeci Malixi. Jodeci is the older sister.

At Newport Family Dentistry in Vermont, United States, Jodeci Malixi is a highly accomplished dentist who practices at that location.

She rose to prominence because to the fact that her younger sister, the great tennis player Leylah Fernandez, is her older sibling.

Jodeci was born in the Canadian city of Montreal. Irene, her mother, is of Filipino and Canadian descent, while Jorge, her father, is originally from Ecuador. Her father, who played the sport in the past, is now serving in the capacity of a coach for her younger sister, Leylah.

After defeating the tennis superstar from Belarus, Aryna Sabalenka, in the semi-final match held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, Fernandez was able to clear her path to the final.

As the two of them are about to compete in the last exciting match, she will soon get the opportunity to meet the British tennis sensation Emma Raducanu.

Given that younger players are progressively beginning to acquire the force, the eventual destiny of tennis certainly appears to be a glorious one.

In reference to the younger players, Fernandez’s younger sister Bianca Jolie is also a tennis player and is getting ready to take over the tennis world in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, we are going to look at the nuances of her older sister Jodeci Malexi Fernandez.

An experienced dental professional, Jodeci Malexi Fernandez is the older sister of Leyla Annie Fernandez. She is known as “Leyla Annie.”

She graduated from dental school in 2017, and she currently works as an associate at the Highland Dental Center.

Dr. Jodeci Malexi Fernandez, DMD devotes a large portion of his time to dental fillings, dental crowns and coverings, and dental repairs.

The dental professional from Middletown, Ohio also treats teeth that are packed with pus, bad breath, and gums that are draining pus.

The sister of two tennis stars is also an accomplished cosplayer, in addition to her expertise as a dental specialist.

Jodeci Malixi’s Age

Jodeci Malixi Fernandez is in her mid-20s.

However, in light of the fact that her date of birth isn’t widely known to the general public as of yet, the age that is commonly attributed to her is dependent on how she looks.

In the meantime, her sister Leylah is currently in the midst of the final days of her adolescent years as she recently celebrated her nineteenth birthday on September 6th. This marks the beginning of her transition into adulthood.

At this point, the Hernandez family believes that the Hernandez sibling who is the youngest has reached the middle of her adolescence.

Jodeci Malixi’s Education

Jodeci Malixi Hernandez is a dental professional who was born in Canada and currently works in Ohio, United States of America.

She was born in Mississauga, Ontario, to her father Jorge, who had a career as a soccer player, and her mother, the name of whom has not yet been discovered. Her father played the sport professionally.

Her father is originally from Ecuador, while her mother is a Canadian citizen who was born in the Philippines and raised there.

It is generally agreed that Malixi attended Macdonald High School and then went on to complete her dental education at McGill University.

She is fluent in English, French, and Spanish, making her trilingual. Her other language is Italian.

Her younger sister Leylah frequently shares photographs of Jodeci on the Instagram account that she uses. Jodice is a very supportive sister to Leylah, and she is always there to cheer on her younger sister during competitions.

According to her profile on Linkedin, Jodeci is proficient in the languages of English, French, and Spanish. When it comes to her personal life, Leylah prefers to keep a low profile and maintain her privacy. Therefore, her handles on various social networking platforms are kept private.

Jodeci Malixi’s Career

Jodeci Fernandez Malixi Is A Dentist By Profession.

Newport Family Dentistry is located in Newport, Vermont, United States. Jodeci Fernandez Malixi is currently working there as an Associate Dentist.

During the 2012–2013 school years, Jodeci attended MC Gill University for her Pre Dentistry studies. In 2017, she received a degree from the University in DMD, Dentistry. Her graduation year was 2017.

After that, Fernandez was employed as an Associate Dentist at Mon Dentiste in Lasalle, Quebec, for close to seven months total. In that location, she carried out various surgical procedures, such as extractions and bone grafts utilizing autogenous membranes.

As of the first month of 2018, she was listed on the payroll at Newport Family Dentistry as an employee. Since she began working there four years and eleven months ago, we have already passed the milestone. At Newport, Fernandez is responsible for carrying out oral procedures such as extractions and gingivectomy.

In Addition to Being a Dentist, Jodeci Malixi Participates in the Hobby of Cosplay
In addition to the fact that she works as a Dentist full-time, Jodeci Malixi is also a dedicated cosplayer, which she does in her spare time.

On April 11, 2014, Jodeci made their first foray into the world of cosplay. She started uploading images of her cosplay to the Jodeci FM – The Cosplay Channel Facebook channel, which is her official cosplay Facebook channel.

It has been over eight years since she began her career as a cosplayer at the beginner level.

Jodeci has a lot of creativity, as seen by the fact that she creates cosplay clothes and weapons. In spite of the fact that she was under a lot of pressure and had a very full schedule as a dentistry student, Fernandez still found a way to design and perform the outfits for her audiences.

Her Facebook channel, which goes by the name Jodeci FM, is quite well-liked among lovers and followers of anime. The station has a substantial audience of three thousand viewers. Nevertheless, Jodeci has not published any more cosplay photographs since the year 2017.

Dr. Jodeci Malixi’s husband, Jacques Zang, holds the title of Doctor of Dental Medicine. On November 12, 2021, Jodeci Malixi wed Jacques Zang, who would later become her husband.

Her spouse, Jacques, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science from Concordia University. This degree was earned by Jacques.
Jacques Zang works at Ally in Florida, the United States, as an Actuarial Manager on a full-time basis. It had been seven months since he started working there.

In November of 2013, Zang began his career in the insurance industry by taking a job with TD. After beginning his career as an Actuarial Underwriting Analyst, he was eventually elevated to the position of Pricing Analyst in January of 2018.

Following his resignation from his position at TD insurance in January of 2020. Jacques began working with the Cincinnati Insurance Companies as an Associate Actuary and will continue to do so until April 2022.

Jacques is fluent in English and French language.

Leylah Fernandez
Leylah Fernandez

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Quick Facts on Leylah Fernandez

Name: Leylah Annie Fernandez
Date of Birth: September 6, 2002
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec
Age: 20 years
Height: 5 tf 6 in
Nationality: Canadian
Parents: Jorge, Irene
Siblings: Jodeci Malixi, Bianca Jolie
Handed: Left-handed
Turned Pro: 2019
Fan of: Real Madrid, Manchester City
Sponsor: Lululemon, Babolat


Who is Leylah Fernandez’s older sister?

Leylah Fernandez’s Jodeci Fernandez Malixi is a dentist and a cosplayer.

What does Jodeci Malixi do?

Jodeci is a dentist by profession.

When did Jodeci Malixi started doing cosplay?

Jodeci started cosplaying in April 2014.

What is Jodeci’s cosplay channel?

Jodeci FM – The Cosplay Channel is her official cosplay channel on facebook.

Who is Jodeci Malixi’s husband?

Jodeci Malixi’s husband is Jacques Zang, an Actuarial Manager.

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