Marcus Stoinis: Early Life, Cricketing Career, IPL Auction, International Journey, Family, Wife And More

Marcus Stoinis emerges as a formidable force in Australian cricket, embodying the essence of a true all-rounder

Marcus Stoinis: A Versatile Australian Cricketer

Marcus Stoinis, born on August 16, 1989, stands as a prominent figure in Australian cricket, showcasing his talent primarily in limited-overs formats for the national team.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Hailing from Australia, Marcus Stoinis exhibited an early affinity for cricket, honing his skills on the local grounds.

His dedication and talent soon caught the attention of selectors, paving the way for his entry into professional cricket.

Professional Career

National Team Representation

Stoinis earned his spot in the Australian national team, where he solidified his position as a reliable all-rounder.

His ability to contribute with both bat and ball added depth to the team, making him a valuable asset in limited-overs cricket.

Domestic Cricket

On the domestic front, Stoinis has been a consistent performer, representing Western Australia and Melbourne Stars.

Marcus Stoinis
                                                                       Marcus Stoinis (Image:@Instagram)

His dynamic performances have not only garnered accolades but have also played a pivotal role in shaping the success of his respective teams.

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Past Engagements

Prior to his current affiliations, Stoinis showcased his talents with teams such as Perth Scorchers and Victoria, leaving an indelible mark with his all-round capabilities.

Playing Style and Contributions

Stoinis is renowned for his versatility on the field. With the bat, he possesses the ability to anchor the innings or accelerate the run rate when needed, showcasing a wide array of strokes with finesse.

Moreover, his bowling adds another dimension to his game, providing crucial breakthroughs at crucial junctures.

Achievements and Milestones

Over the years, Marcus Stoinis has amassed numerous accolades, reflecting his consistent performances and unwavering dedication to the sport.

From memorable innings to match-winning spells, his contributions have left an indelible mark on Australian cricket.

Marcus Stoinis: A Rising Cricket Star from Australia

Early Life

Marcus Stoinis, hailing from Perth with Greek ancestry, began his cricket journey representing Western Australia at the U17 and U19 levels.

Marcus Stoinis
                                                                        Marcus Stoinis (Image:@Instagram)

His talent shone early on as he played for the Australian under-19 cricket team in the 2008 ICC Under-19 World Cup. The following year, he showcased his skills on an international stage at the Hong Kong Sixes.

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Domestic and T20 Career

Making Strides in Domestic Cricket

  • Stoinis ventured into domestic cricket, debuting for Western Australia in the 2008/09 Ford Ranger Cup after showcasing his prowess in several Futures League games for the state’s under-23 side.
  • His initiation into List A cricket was followed closely by his Sheffield Shield debut, both matches held at the Gabba against Queensland.
  • Although not initially securing a regular spot, Stoinis left an impression with notable performances.

Cricket Odyssey Beyond Borders

  • Beyond Australia, Stoinis made his mark playing for Scarborough in Western Australian Grade cricket and Northcote in Victorian Premier cricket.
  • His cricketing journey extended to England, where he spent part of the 2012 season playing for Peterborough Town Cricket Club, leaving a memorable mark with a hat-trick performance.
  • Additionally, he gained experience playing for Kent County Cricket Club during his time in England.

Venturing into the T20 Realm

Stoinis embarked on his T20 journey with the Perth Scorchers in the 2012–13 Big Bash League season, later transitioning to represent Victoria domestically before returning to Western Australia.


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Marcus Stoinis in the IPL

Stoinis’s talent attracted attention in the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he showcased his skills with different franchises.

Delhi Daredevils to Kings XI Punjab

His IPL journey began with the Delhi Daredevils in the 2015 edition, followed by a stint with the Kings XI Punjab in 2016.

Marcus Stoinis
                                                                        Marcus Stoinis (Image:@Instagram)

Notably, he delivered a career-best T20 performance for Kings XI Punjab, clinching 4/15 from four overs.

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Melbourne Stars Triumph

Stoinis found success with the Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League, signing a lucrative four-year deal. He emerged as the leading run-scorer for the Stars in the 2018-19 season, impressing with 533 runs and 14 wickets.

Continued IPL Stints

Despite a brief release by the Royal Challengers Bangalore, Stoinis was soon back in the IPL arena, this time with the Delhi Capitals in 2020.

Recent Achievements and Ventures

Stoinis’s cricketing journey has been marked by both triumphs and challenges.

While his remarkable innings, such as his 147-run blitz against the Sydney Sixers, have cemented his place as a cricketing powerhouse, he has also faced setbacks, like the fine for a regrettable on-field incident.

International Ventures

Beyond the IPL, Stoinis ventured into global cricketing platforms, including the Caribbean Premier League with the Barbados Tridents and Major League Cricket in the United States with the San Francisco Unicorns.

Marcus Stoinis’ IPL Journey: Teams and Performances from 2016-24

Introduction to Marcus Stoinis in IPL

Marcus Stoinis, the dynamic Australian cricketer renowned for his powerful batting and medium-pace bowling, has been a sought-after talent in the Indian Premier League (IPL) since 2016.

His all-around skills make him a valuable asset for any team in the IPL auction.

Stoinis’ Stint with Delhi Daredevils (Capitals)

In 2015, the Delhi Daredevils (now known as Delhi Capitals) secured Marcus Stoinis’ services, recognizing his potential.

Marcus Stoinis
                                                                    Marcus Stoinis (Image:@Instagram)

However, despite his capabilities, Stoinis did not get the opportunity to showcase his talent on the field for Delhi.

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Move to Punjab Kings (formerly Kings XI Punjab)

Ahead of the 2016 season, Punjab Kings (then Kings XI Punjab) acquired Marcus Stoinis, eager to harness his talent.

Stoinis made a promising start, but subsequent seasons saw a dip in his performance, leading to his transfer to Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in 2019.

Flourishing with Royal Challengers Bangalore

During his stint with RCB, Stoinis showcased his batting prowess, amassing runs with an impressive average. However, his bowling performance was below par, prompting RCB to release him ahead of the 2020 season.

Return to Delhi Capitals and Resurgence

The Delhi Capitals secured Marcus Stoinis’ return in the 2020 mini-auction, recognizing his potential as a match-winner.

Stoinis thrived in various roles for Delhi, contributing significantly to their journey to the IPL finals for the first time.

Transition to Lucknow SuperGiants

In 2022, Marcus Stoinis joined the Lucknow SuperGiants for a significant sum, highlighting his value in the IPL market.

His stellar performance in the 2023 season further solidified his position as a top-tier player, prompting his retention by the SuperGiants for the 2024 IPL season.

Marcus Stoinis’ IPL Auction Price: A Look at His Journey and Valuation

Marcus Stoinis’ IPL Auction History

Marcus Stoinis, the versatile Australian cricketer, has seen his IPL auction price fluctuate over the years, reflecting both his performance on the field and the demand for his services among franchise owners.

Early Days: Delhi Daredevils to Punjab Kings

  • In 2015, Marcus Stoinis entered the IPL arena when he was first acquired by the Delhi Daredevils (now known as Delhi Capitals) for INR 25 Lakh.
Marcus Stoinis
                                                                      Marcus Stoinis (Image:@Instagram)
  • This marked the beginning of his journey in the cash-rich league, where his potential as an all-rounder started to gain attention.
  • The following year, in 2016, the Punjab Kings (formerly Kings XI Punjab) saw promise in Stoinis and secured him for INR 55 Lakh.
  • This move demonstrated the growing recognition of his talent and his ability to contribute significantly to a team’s performance.

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Ascending Value: From Delhi Capitals to Lucknow SuperGiants

  • Stoinis’ value in the IPL soared in 2018 when the Punjab Kings utilized the ‘Right to Match’ card to retain him for a staggering INR 6.2 Crores during the mega-auction.
  • This significant investment underscored the confidence that the franchise had in his abilities, cementing his position as a valuable asset in the IPL ecosystem.
  • Following his stint with the Punjab Kings, Marcus Stoinis found himself donning the colors of the Royal Challengers Bangalore after being traded by his former team.
  • This transition marked a new chapter in his IPL journey, as he continued to showcase his prowess with both bat and ball.
  • In a strategic move, the Delhi Capitals opted to bring Stoinis back into their fold during the mini-auction, further highlighting his appeal as a sought-after player in the league.
  • However, this reunion was short-lived, as the franchise released him ahead of the 2022 mega-auction, paving the way for yet another phase in his IPL career.

The Big Leap: Joining the Lucknow SuperGiants

  • In 2022, Marcus Stoinis witnessed a significant milestone in his IPL journey when he was acquired by the Lucknow SuperGiants for a hefty sum of INR 9.2 Crores.
  • This move signaled a new chapter for Stoinis, as he embraced the challenge of representing a new franchise in the league.
  • Looking ahead to the 2024 IPL season, Marcus Stoinis remains a valuable asset for the Lucknow SuperGiants, with his auction price reflecting the confidence and expectations surrounding his performance on the field.

Meet Marcus Stoinis’s Partner: Sarah Czarnuch

Discover more about the romantic relationship between Australian cricket all-rounder Marcus Stoinis and his partner, Sarah Czarnuch, a prominent model and entrepreneur.

Marcus Stoinis’s Girlfriend: Sarah Czarnuch’s Background

  • Unveiling the identity of Marcus Stoinis’s girlfriend, we delve into the life of Sarah Czarnuch, a multifaceted personality known for her modeling career and entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Sarah is the proud owner of a design company bearing her name, SarahCzarnuch x Elliatt, showcasing her prowess in both the fashion and business realms.
  • Notably, her talents and charm earned her the esteemed title of Miss Tourism Metropolitan International in the year 2013, adding a touch of glamour to her already impressive portfolio.

The Relationship Between Marcus Stoinis and Sarah Czarnuch

Marcus Stoinis, the versatile Australian cricketer renowned for his skills on the field, has found companionship and love in the company of Sarah Czarnuch.

Their relationship blossoms amidst the limelight, capturing the attention of fans and admirers alike. Together, they form a dynamic duo, blending athleticism with elegance, and passion with sophistication.

Sarah Czarnuch: Beyond the Title

  • While Sarah’s title as Marcus Stoinis’s girlfriend may garner attention, her individual achievements and aspirations stand as a testament to her independent spirit.
  • Beyond the glamorous facade lies a woman of substance, driven by ambition and creativity.
  • Through her design company, Sarah channels her artistic vision, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion industry.

Marcus Stoinis and Sarah Czarnuch: A Modern Love Story

Their relationship transcends boundaries, embodying the essence of a modern love story. Marcus Stoinis and Sarah Czarnuch navigate the complexities of fame and fortune with grace and authenticity.

As they embark on life’s journey together, they redefine what it means to be a power couple, inspiring others to pursue their passions fearlessly.


1)What is the age of Marcus Stoinis?

As of March 2024, Marcus Stoinis is 34 years old.

2)Who is the current girlfriend of Marcus Stoinis?

The current girlfriend of Marcus Stoinis is Sarah Czarnuch.

3)Were Stephnie Muller and Marcus Stoinis in a relationship?

Yes, Stephanie Muller and Marcus Stoinis were in a relationship and were about to get married.

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