Is Reclaim on Netflix a True Story? What Location Was Used?

The Taiwanese drama film “Reclaim” on Netflix, which was directed by CJ Wang, is about a woman named Yeh Lan-hsin who is preparing to retire. Lan-hsin is constantly rushing to complete new tasks in an effort to maintain her personal and professional lives. Lan-hsin makes the decision to bring her mother home when she becomes ill. Lan-hsin, however, is made to yearn for her long-held ambition to live in a larger spacious home as a result of the declining living space. La-hsin begins to lose the capacity to tell the difference between reality and her dreams when she spots a house that looks just like it does in her nightmares.

The film, which stars Hee Ching “Nina” Paw, Shih-Hsun “Johnny” Kou, and Chia-Yen “Alice” Ko, is a moving portrayal of the stress that working women frequently experience. Many people have been left wondering where the movie came from and whether the plot and characters were based on actual people. Fans of the film’s visual appeal have also expressed interest in learning where it was shot. We have the solutions you need if you have questions similar to these!

Reclaim: Is It a True Story?

No, the plot of “Reclaim” is not based on a real event. CJ Wang, who previously wrote the script for the 2011 film “Thief,” directed and wrote the script for the film. Wang emphasizes the difficulties and tribulations that women, particularly those who have a professional life, frequently experience through the narrative of the movie. Yeh Lan-busy hsin’s and chaotic existence highlights how many women are expected to handle all domestic duties while working full-time jobs.

The topics raised in the film are very relatable to everyday life and give an international audience an understanding of how Taiwanese families operate. Even though Yeh Lan-father hsin’s did move into their home owing to ill health, her husband opposes her wish to relocate her mother into their home. This odd interaction demonstrates to the observer how, despite the necessity or desire, married women are not expected to care for their parents by the community.

As the film progresses, it presents an unsettling portrait of how women around the world frequently sacrifice their needs in order to satisfy their spouses, kids, or other close relatives. Due to the mothers’ presumption of being the primary caregivers, other family members frequently disregard any hardships they may be carrying. Despite the lack of words, the story conveyed in “Reclaim” is certain to speak to mothers everywhere. Yeh Lan-frantic hsin’s existence is depicted in the movie with great use of its visual aspect.

Despite the fact that the plot is made up, “Reclaim” does show a genuine aspect of women that isn’t frequently seen on screen. In the film, Yeh Lan-hsin gradually grows more yearning for her dreams as a result of ignoring her desires in order to carry out what she sees as her job. It demonstrates that Yeh Lan-hsin is still a human with independent wants and needs, despite the fact that she sometimes appears to be able to handle numerous tasks at once. She made a choice and took steps in a desperate attempt to live the life of her dreams that are both painful and relatable.

Reclaim shooting sites

Taiwan’s Taipei City is most likely where “Reclaim” was shot. The film was made by RG Productions, a company that director CJ Wang established in 2015. Let’s examine the specifics of the shooting site in more detail.

Taiwan’s Taipei City

Taiwan’s capital is Taipei City, sometimes known as Taipei. Taipei served as the principal filming location most likely because the movie’s plot takes place there. Taipei City has prospered as Taiwan’s financial, political, and cultural hub over the years. The National Palace Museum, Bangka Lungshan Temple, and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall are just a few of the stunning structures in Taipei that are renowned for their traditional architecture. The city’s contemporary skyline, on the other hand, is nothing to laugh at. Additionally rich in natural beauty and offering stunning views, the area around Taipei.

Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, is populated by a large number of individuals working hard to improve their quality of life and realize their aspirations. For similar reasons, Taipei serves as the setting for Yeh Lan-story hsin’s in “Reclaim.” Its established infrastructure makes the city one of the most sought-after sites in the nation for filming. The 355 and The Sadness, among many other well-known movies, were both filmed in the nation’s capital.

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