Where was the Big Sky River movie shot for Hallmark? Who comprises the Cast?

Hallmark’s “Big Sky River” is a romantic drama movie that was based on Linda Lael Miller’s self-titled novel. It was directed by Peter Benson. Following two characters who are both coping with the loss of a loved one, Tara Kendell and Sheriff Boone Taylor, respectively. Tara makes the decision to take a vacation from her hectic schedule in order to try and deal with the hurt her ex-husband caused her. She does this by renting a summer home in a small, isolated town where she can ride horses and have some alone time.

While Tara moves in next door for the summer, Sheriff Boone Taylor, who had lost the love of his life, finally finds his footing. As he gets to know her, he comes to the conclusion that she is special and wants to have her stay for more than just the summer. The reality of daily life make the idea of living in the country difficult when Tara’s stepdaughter arrives on the scene. While the romantic story keeps you watching, the picturesque and lush green setting of the rural town makes you wonder where the Hallmark movie was actually filmed. You might be interested in what we have to say about the same if that’s the case.

Locations for the films Big Sky River

Agassiz, in British Columbia, was the location for the filming of “Big Sky River.” In the month of June 2022, the love movie’s primary photography was completed. The production team decided to film the movie in British Columbia even though the plot takes place in the fictional Montana county of Parable. The broad and adaptable environment of the Canadian province makes it an excellent choice for doubling for locations from throughout the world, as it did for “Big Sky River.” So let’s move right along and see the precise places that are mentioned in the movie!

British Columbia’s Agassiz

The majority of the crucial scenes for “Big Sky River” were filmed in and around Agassiz, a tiny town in the Eastern Fraser Valley of British Columbia. For certain crucial scenes in the film, the Aberdeen building was changed into the fictional sheriff’s office in Parable County, Montana, in June 2022. Additionally, a few sections of Agassiz’s Pioneer Avenue were used for important filming locations.

To make the scene as convincing as possible, the fictitious sheriff’s office was flanked by numerous police cars and a few uniformed officers with some Montana flags flying in the background. Moreover, one of the building’s windows was obscured by a sizable sign that read “Sheriff’s Office Parable County.” The fliers on the bulletin board and other minor elements were altered suitably to make it resemble the imaginary county. The production crew even used rusty chairs, antique wooden wagon wheels, and spring flowers to finish the set.

Agassiz makes a perfect stand-in for a region like Montana because it is surrounded by mountains and has many water bodies, notably the huge Fraser River. Aside from “Big Sky River,” Agassiz has had a significant role in the creation of a number of other films and television programs, including “Love Hard,” “Recoil,” and “Wayward Pines.”

Greater Sky River Cast

Tara is portrayed by Emmanuelle Vaugier in the Hallmark movie. She has appeared in several more films, including “Mistresses,” “Two and a Half Men,” and “Covert Affairs,” where she plays the roles of Nico, Mia, and Liza Hearn, respectively. She also appears in “Masters of Horror” and “Painkiller Jane.”

Kavan Smith, on the other hand, plays the part of Sheriff Boone Taylor. He has been in numerous films and television shows, including “Human Target,” “Supernatural,” “Smallville,” “Fairly Legal,” “Rogue,” and others. You might be familiar with him from these roles. Cassidy Nugent (Erin), Lochlyn Munro (Hutch), Michelle Harrison (Casey), John J.J. Miller (Griffin), Sawyer Fraser (Fletcher), Lucia Walters (Joanna), and Peter Benson are more cast members who had significant roles in the Hallmark movie (James). Additionally, the film has appearances by Orlando Lucas (Dawson), April Telek (Kendra), Kevin Mundy (Slade), and Daniel Bacon (Leonard).

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