Where Was Love in the Limelight by Hallmark Filmed? Who comprises the Cast?

Summer Rivera and Nick Mendez are two longtime pen friends in the Hallmark romantic drama “Love in the Limelight,” which was directed by Ron Oliver. Since she was a teenager, Summer has admired Nick, who is currently the main vocalist of a well-known band. Now that he is the object of desire for every other lady in town, it is more difficult for her to communicate her sentiments. When Nick travels to Summer’s town for a return concert, the pen pals get the chance to finally meet.

Summer finally has an opportunity to express her feelings, and their meeting paves the way for their friendship to develop into something more. Grandma Rivera, her maternal grandmother, likewise exhorts her to follow her intuition and take calculated risks. The romance story has a few humorous aspects thrown in here and there that keep the audience amused throughout. Furthermore, the inventive usage of settings is certain to make you ponder about the real locations used for filming the Hallmark movie. Allow us to give you all the information you need in that instance!

Locations where Love in the Limelight was filmed

The entire state of Utah, notably Salt Lake City and Wasatch County, was used to film “Love in the Limelight.” The romantic film’s primary photography began in May 2022 and was completed by the end of the same month. Since Salt Lake City, where Summer is from, and where the most of the action takes place, it seems sense that the production crew chose to base itself there. Without further ado, let’s explore each single area that is mentioned in the film.

Utah’s Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, the capital and most populated city of Utah and the county seat of Salt Lake County, served as the location for the most of the crucial scenes for “Love in the Limelight.” In order to record multiple interior sequences, the romance drama’s production crew slept out in Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel at 555 South Main Street. The five-star hotel has hundreds of rooms with modern conveniences and other opulent features.

Additional segments were also captured at Salt Lake City’s West Terminal Drive’s Salt Lake City International Airport. In addition to this love drama, Salt Lake City has over the years served as the location for a number of other films and TV shows. ‘Hereditary,’ ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ ‘The Night Clerk,’ and ‘Big Love’ are a few of the prominent ones.

Utah’s Wasatch County

According to rumors, the actors and crew of “Love in the Limelight” apparently reportedly used the locations of Wasatch County, Utah, to film some additional scenes. The county is home to a number of lakes and protected areas, including Witts Lake, Witts Lake Wildlife Management Area, Strawberry Reservoir, Deer Creek State Park, Soldier Creek Recreational Area, and Currant Creek Reservoir. Wasatch County has served as the backdrop for a number of films and television programs, including “Yellowstone,” “Friends & Lovers,” “Love, Fall & Order,” and “A Home of Our Own.”

Cast of Love in the Limelight

In the Hallmark movie, Alexa PenaVega plays the part of Summer Rivera. She may look familiar because she portrays Shilo Wallace in “Repo! The Genetic Opera” and Carmen Cortez in the “Spy Kids” series. She is also well-known for a number of other motion pictures, such as “Taking A Shot at Love,” “Ms. Matched,” “Nashville,” and “The Tomorrow People.” Summer’s potential suitor Nick Mendez is portrayed in the love story by Carlos PenaVega, Alexa’s real-life partner.

Carlos is recognized for his performance as Carlos Garcia in the television series “Big Time Rush.” In addition, he appears in the films “Killing Hasselhoff” and “Spare Parts.” Ivonne Coll (Grandma Rivera), Chase Ramsey (Toby), René Rivera (Antonio Rivera), Angela Cole (Ashley), Karin Argoud (Maria), René Rivera (Antonio Rivera), and BZ Cullins are more cast members that had significant parts in “Love in the Limelight” (Dewey).

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