Elizabeth Wettlaufer, a Canadian serial killer,: 5 facts to know

Between 2007 and 2016, the legendary Canadian serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer killed eight people in Ontario. The upcoming episode of Oxygen’s Living With a Serial Killer, which is scheduled to debut on Saturday, August 13, 2022, will centre on her misdeeds. Rotten Tomatoes quotes the episode’s synopsis as follows:

A Canadian nurse enters a rehab facility and admits to killing numerous of her patients. Her lengthy friendship with her childhood best friend is revealed, as is the horrific confession she made to him.

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Here are five facts you should know about Elizabeth Wettlaufer before the programme airs on Saturday.

Five things you must know about Elizabeth Wettlaufer if you’re going to live with a serial killer

1)Elizabeth Wettlaufer formerly worked as a nurse
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The fact that Elizabeth Wettlaufer was a nurse in Ontario is possibly the most horrifying aspect of her. Wettlaufer committed multiple murders while employed at Caressant Care, a retirement community in Woodstock. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from London Baptist Bible College, according to Oxygen, and registered as a nurse in 1995.

2) Problems with mental health
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Elizabeth Wettlaufer, who is suspected of killing 8 nursing home patients, had a 21-year employment history with no disciplinary actions.
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According to Oxygen, Elizabeth Wettlaufer struggled with a number of mental health conditions, including as depression and borderline personality disorder. According to reports, she has also struggled with drug addiction and sexual identity issues.

In 1997, she married a truck driver called Daniel Wettlaufer. Apparently, the pair got divorced in 2008. According to CTV News, Wettlaufer’s mental health suffered as a result of the divorce, which also raised her stress levels.

3) Workplace disciplinary issues

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Elizabeth Wettlaufer claimed in a terrifying video confession to killing eight seniors that she experienced a “red surging” feeling.

Wettlaufer reportedly received repeated warnings from the Caressant Care ageing home’s administrator, according to Global News. Additionally, other documentation showed that she had committed numerous “medication blunders.” She apparently had multiple suspensions before being finally dismissed from the house in March 2014.

4) Seniors hurt
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Daughter of James SILCOX, who was allegedly murdered by Elizabeth Wettlaufer in a nursing home in Woodstock, showed up to court holding his bible, according to CTVNews View image on Twitter 6 4.

The victims that Elizabeth Wettlaufer chooses to murder are among the most horrifying aspects of her crimes. When she worked as a nurse, she treated the elderly who became her victims. Most of them were in the 75–96 age range.

She gave eight elderly people in the aforementioned age category fatal dosages of insulin, according to Oxygen. According to reports, she had also used the same technique to try to kill six other elderly people.

5) Numerous admissions
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Elizabeth Wettlaufer, a former nurse, has pleaded guilty to eight charges of first-degree murder.
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According to reports, Wettlaufer admitted to numerous people—among them her childhood friend—about the murders she committed. She checked into the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto in September 2016.

She confessed to her misdeeds there, where the staff then alerted the authorities, making the centre important to her final capture. The centre also informed the Ontario College of Nurses.

On October 24, 2016, Wettlaufer was taken into custody and charged with eight charges of first-degree murder. After questioning her, the police filed another six charges, including two counts of severe assault and four counts of attempted murder. Ultimately, she was given eight consecutive life terms in prison, with no chance of release until 25 years had passed.

On Saturday, August 13, 2022, be sure to see the newest episode of Living With a Serial Killer on Oxygen.

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