Carson Neel: Who Is He And What Charges Does She Face Regarding Jack Elliott’s Death?

Carson Neel: Who Is He And What Charges Does She Face Regarding Jack Elliott’s Death?

After three years, Texas Christian University fashion student Carson Neel has made headlines once more as she is accused of murder in the 2019 death of TCU freshman Jack Elliot.

Ten days after he drowned, Elliot’s body was found. Elliot’s parents claim in a wrongful death lawsuit that Delaney Brennan shoved Elliot over the boat while they were kissing.

All of the kids on the boat at the time of the event were teens. They were about 19 years old.

Who Is TCU’s Carson Neel?

The boat ride was under Carson’s control. She kept an eye on Elle Weber as she operated the boat. Later, Brennan pushed Elliot off the ship’s front.

One witness stated that Elliot fell from the boat’s bow after Brennan flirtatiously shoved him; she gave him a playful shove that caused him to fall overboard, hit a propeller, and perish in the water.

The group didn’t look for Elliot for longer than five minutes, according to one of the students’ affidavits, before heading back to the coast. The group reportedly bought alcohol but afterwards tossed it in the lake before contacting the authorities.

Later, the gang made the decision to tell the police a lie in order to conceal the truth. To obtain information from others on the boat when Jack fell off, Jack’s family launched a wrongful death case.

Elle Weber implied that Jack and Delaney were dating when she said that Brennan had pushed Jack in jest. Another boater claimed in the statement that Delaney repeatedly said, “He faltered. I wasn’t going to shove him.”

What Became of The Texas Christian University Student After Delaney Brennan Was Arrested And Charged For Jack Elliott’s Death?

Charges Against the Students Regarding Jack Elliott’s Death

Four additional teenagers, along with Neel, are being prosecuted for lying about the boating event that resulted in Elliot’s death. The boat trip’s organizers, Brennan and Carson Neel, are charged with felonies and could spend ten years in jail or pay a $10,000 fine.

The other three teenagers, Elle Weber, Joshua Evans, and Anthony Salazar, are facing misdemeanor charges for their participation in the event.

The accused in the case was taken into custody as a consequence of fresh information concerning the occurrence.

What’s become of Carson Neel? Detail on Arrests & Bookings

The details of her arrest are still unknown. The dispute was previously privately resolved, but the students were re-involved in it in 2021. The five kids involved in the case will have a pre-trial hearing, the Travis County grand jury decided.

Because Carson Neel put the booze in the lake, he was accused of a felony based on the available evidence. He showed up in court on August 2 for a preliminary hearing.

With regard to the deletion of the cellphone video, Delaney Brennan was also charged with felony tampering with evidence alongside Neel; she will show up in Travis County Criminal Court on August 17 for a pre-trial hearing.

Elle Weber was accused of giving law enforcement false information. The date of her preliminary hearing is August 16. A misdemeanor charge of giving alcohol to a minor was brought against Joshua Evans. He appeared in court on August 7.

Salazar Anthony also showed up in court on August 2 for a preliminary hearing after being charged with misdemeanor perjury. We pray that justice is served to Jack Elliot’s family for his untimely passing.

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