Slow Horses: Title Meaning

Slow Horses

We follow a group of British intelligence agents who make a series of mistakes that end their careers and send them to the decrepit Slough House branch of the MI5. The show is called “Slow Horses” on Apple TV+. Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman) leads a team of agents who do low-paying jobs until they become … Read more

Who Plays Catherine Standish in Slow Horses?

Slow Horses

‘Slow Horses’ introduces us to a bunch of disgraced (and highly funny) British intelligence personnel who, for a variety of colourful reasons, have been assigned to the decrepit MI5 division known as Slough House. Working under the control of the crotchety and unabashedly disagreeable Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman), the squad is handed the most dismal … Read more

Explained Recap & Ending: Severance Finale

Severance Finale

Severance follows Mark Scout, an employee of Lumon Industries who is determined to find the truth about the company’s severance process and how it impacts the company’s workers. After arriving in Lumon and interacting with the outside world, Mark’s Innie form and his coworkers from the Macro Data Refinement department discover a hidden process that … Read more

Explained Recap & Ending: WeCrashed Episode 6

WeCrashed Episode 6

‘WeCrashed’ episode 6 shows Adam and Rebekah Neumann feeling the strain of their opulent lifestyle and selfish decisions. Adam is getting more and more attention from Benchmark Capital’s Cameron Lautner, the partner who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. Rebekah is working on a side project to start an education branch of the company. … Read more

Explained Recap & Ending: Slow Horses Episode 3

Slow Horses Episode 3

The third episode of the darkly humorous spy thriller ‘Slow Horses’ opens in the midst of a series of problems that have all been set in motion by the first two episodes of the show. In this episode, River Cartwright is concerned about his colleague Sid Baker, who is still barely holding on to life … Read more

Severance Theories: Will Irving and Burt End Up Together?

Irving and Burt

The staff of Lumon Industries, a sinister business empire that submits its people to the titular treatment, are the focus of ‘Severance.’ Employees who have been severed are unable to access work-related memories outside of the severed floors and vice versa. Employees in the Macro Data Refinement (MDR) department gradually become more aware of the … Read more

Severance Theories: Will Mark and Helly End Up Together?


Employees of the Macro Data Refinement (MDR) department attempt to find the truth about their jobs, the severance procedure, and their life outside of Lumon Industries in the film ‘Severance.’ In addition, the titular process stops the employees from accessing their work-related memories outside of their respective floors that have been separated. So two identical … Read more