Date and time of the release of Episode 10 of Call of the Night Check Out the Sneak Peek and the Spoilers!

Date and time of the release of Episode 10 of Call of the Night Check Out the Sneak Peek and the Spoilers!

When Nazuna acted suspiciously toward Mahiru Seki in Call of the Night Episode 9 and raised suspicions about his identity, the audience’s interest in Mahiru Seki increased significantly. In contrast to the anticipation that Episode 10 would concentrate more on Mahiru, the episode instead gave all of the spotlight to Seri Kikyo, who was the second vampire to be introduced in the series after Nazuna Nanakusa. The change that took place in Seri to make her become the person who was going to kill Yamori had a devastating effect. However, now that she is aware of the reality of the situation about Nazuna and Yamori’s relationship, she is no longer a threat. The ninth segment of Call of the Night is referred to by its title, “No Fair.”

Call of the Night
Call of the Night

Episode 10 from the Show “Call of the Night”

In the first scene of episode 9, Seri Kikyo was irritated by a person who continued to contact her to ask about her whereabouts. In spite of this, she was relieved to see Yamori standing apart from her. Nazuna intervened just in time to prevent Seri from leaping to her feet and embracing Yamori. After a brief argument, Nazuna asked Seri why she wanted to get along with Yamori since it violated her code of not getting along with humans in the first place. Nazuna’s code said that she should not get along with humans.

After Seri finished explaining the situation and walked away, Yamori took the decision to follow her and find out what was bothering her. The singing session being conducted by Seri and Yamori was rudely interrupted by an unknown person who continued pounding on the door. The latter divulged the information that the person in question is one of her fans who has been standing in her way. Yamori, who despises the sight of bloodshed, came to the rescue of the victim and took him away from the karaoke club to a more isolated area. Seri had every intention of killing the man.

After he had introduced himself as Akiyama, he proceeded to tell everything about himself, including how he had first come into contact with Seri. Akiyama first became acquainted with Seri in a friendly capacity, but as time went on, he began to develop an obsession with her and eventually fell in love with her. While Akiyama was sending multiple texts to Seri’s inbox as a result of overthinking, Yamori was informed by Akiyama that he was not behaving in a rational manner. The audience was seen Seri’s true self for the first time in episode 9 of Call of the Night. This version of Seri shares many similarities with Nazuna.

Details on Call of the Night

Kotoyama is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Yofukashi no Uta, also known as Call of the Night (Japanese:, Hepburn: Yofukashi no Uta). Since the beginning of 2019, it has been published as a serial in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shnen Sunday. Viz Media holds the license for the English translation of the manga in the North American market. An adaptation of this work in the form of an anime television series produced by Liden Films made its debut in July 2022 on the Noitamina programming block of Fuji TV.

Plot of Call of the Night

Ko Yamori stops going to school and instead spends his time roaming the streets late at night since he is unable to sleep or find true fulfillment in his day-to-day life. When he does, he meets a girl named Nazuna Nanakusa who turns out to be a vampire and teaches Ko about the benefits of living a night-walker lifestyle. Because of this, Ko develops the desire to become a vampire himself; but, in order to accomplish his objective, he must first develop romantic feelings for her.

A lad of fourteen years old, currently in his second year of junior high school, who is gradually finding that he is unable to sleep as a result of his unsatisfactory existence. He sneaks away at night to go for a stroll in the neighborhood so that he can reawaken his senses. Ko is attempting to develop romantic feelings for Nazuna so that he can turn into a vampire and abandon his human life.
A “night-walker.” During Ko’s night out, she runs into him and offers to spend the night at an abandoned building so that he may forget about his problems there. Once he agrees, she proceeds to drink his blood while he sleeps. She is very reserved when it comes to romantic relationships and is easily embarrassed, yet she enjoys making crude jokes and mocking Ko. In addition to that, she is a huge fan of beer.
Yumiri Hanamori (Japanese) and Jade Kelly, both of whom provided their voices.
Juliet Simmons
(young) (English) A childhood friend of Ko’s who currently resides in the same apartment building as he does.
Kiyosumi Shirakawa (白河清澄, Shirakawa Kiyosumi)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa
An office worker known for being a busybody who is also one of Nazuna’s clients from her massage profession. Ko makes a solemn commitment to assist her after learning about the hardships she faces in life as a result of her hectic work schedule. He believes that they are both in the same position, and he will offer to transform her into a vampire after he has become one himself.
Kensho Ono lends his voice to the character Mahiru Seki (, Seki Mahiru).
A popular student who has been one of Ko and Akira’s friend for a long time and is also someone they hang out with at night.
Akihito Akiyama (秋山昭人, Akiyama Akihito) Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Seri’s vampire underling. He was rescued by Ko, and later on, when Ko had helped him and Seri understand their affections for each other, he requested Seri to turn him into a vampire so that he may live forever.
Seri Kikyo (桔梗セリ, Kikyō Seri)

A sexually active vampire who bears resemblance to a gyaru. When she finds out that Nazuna is spending the night with a human, she goes to Ko in an attempt to drink his blood after learning that Nazuna is spending the night with a human. However, she is prevented by Nazuna. She doesn’t understand why Nazuna is spending so much time with Ko since she hasn’t even transformed him yet, therefore the two of them don’t get along very well.
Nico Hirata (平田ニコ, Hirata Niko) \sVoiced by: Eri Kitamura

A vampire who, in his other life, works as a professor and is responsible for instructing students at night. When she initially meets Ko, she is not as welcoming of him as she later becomes, but she eventually comes around and is prepared to let him stay with Nazuna as long as he follows through with his plans to become a vampire and Nazuna continues to drink his blood.
Kabura Honda (本田カブラ, Honda Kabura)
Shizuka It provides the voice.

Call of the Night
Call of the Night

A vampire who prefers to dress in refined attire.
Midori Kohakobe (小繁縷ミドリ, Kohakobe Midori)
Voiced by: Naomi Ōzora
A vampire who works in a maid cafe and prefers to wear shirts with long sleeves. She is well aware of her own attractiveness, which might cause her to come across as a little too self-absorbed in some contexts.
Hatsuka Suzushiro (蘿蔔ハツカ, Suzushiro Hatsuka)
Voiced by: Azumi Waki

Kotoyama is the author and illustrator of the manga series Call of the Night, which is his second manga series overall after Dagashi Kashi. Kotoyama chose to name the series after the Creepy Nuts song of the same name, which would go on to serve as the ending theme music for the anime adaptation of the manga. On Sunday, August 28, 2019, it was first published in Shogakukan’s young adult manga magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday. Shogakukan has compiled its various chapter collections into their own standalone tankbon volumes. On November 18, 2019, the first book of the collection was released. As of the 15th of July in 2022, a total of twelve volumes have been released.

Viz Media made the announcement that an English translation of the manga would be made available in North America beginning on April 13, 2021 on July 3, 2020.

Despite the fact that she made an effort to adhere to her vampire code and refrain from making friends with humans, Seri’s heart has always been set on having human companionship. Even though Seri considered Akiyama a friend and didn’t want other vampires to find out about their relationship for fear that it could put Akiyama’s life in risk, she made the decision not to kill him even though she had the opportunity to do so. The episode as a whole was highly enjoyable, and it managed to maintain the audience’s interest throughout its entirety. Keep up with our site for the latest information.

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