Young Royals Season 3: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Preview, Meme, Where to Watch & More

Young Royals Season 3: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Preview, Meme, Where to Watch & More

Wilhelm found becoming a prince difficult; the weighty obligations made him nervous. Erik, his older brother, was the only source of relief. Erik always had his brother’s best interests in mind. In contrast to Wilhelm, Erik was the epitome of perfection; he carried out his responsibilities as the crown prince with commitment and honesty. Following the release of a video showing Wilhelm taking part in a party brawl, Wilhelm was sent to Hillerska. Wilhelm was sent to school to lead a disciplined life, but instead, he fell in love with Simon, a charming but reserved choir boy. Wilhelm was notified that his brother had passed away in a horrible accident, making him the new crown prince just as he was coming to terms with his feelings for Simon.

Young Royals
Young Royals

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Young Royals Season 3: More Details

Wilhelm was crushed by his brother’s death and the crown’s weight. Being gay was suddenly even harder; to make matters worse, a sex tape of the two was going around. Wilhelm vowed to be truthful with the media, but his mother coerced him into making a speech in which he denied being in the video. Simon understood that Wilhelm might always choose to protect the crown over him if given the opportunity. Wilhelm had no intention of letting him go when he broke up with him.

After the holiday break, the students returned to Hillerska. Simon’s sister Sara received a scholarship to enroll in Hillerska’s boarding school. Although it’s challenging to keep up with her wealthy peers now, Sara had always imagined what it would be like to live like them. Simon is still getting over the chaos caused by the sex video. His buddies recommended he start dating Marcus, a local of Bjarstad. When Marcus heard Simon sing, he warmed to him. Simon was not over Wilhelm, but he also needed a distraction badly. Wilhelm received numerous texts from August throughout the vacation, pleading for him to forgive him.

The released film had shattered Wilhelm’s life with Simon, and he had no interest in making amends with August. Because August was his cousin and a royal family member, he could not call the police and report August’s behavior. Wilhelm, therefore, chooses to punish him as he believes appropriate. This season, the show examines August and Sara’s relationship and Wilhelm and Felice’s friendship. Every time he is asked to carry out his royal duties, Wilhelm continues to experience panic episodes. Will Wilhelm compromise his position for Simon? Will Wilhelm and Simon’s romance ultimately prevail?

Young Royals
Young Royals

Young Royals Season 3: Cast

Starring Frida Argento, Malte Grdinger, Omar Rudberg, Nikita Uggla, and Edvin Ryding.

Written by Lisa Ambjörn, Lars Beckung, Sofie Forsman, Camilla Holter, Pia Gradvall, and Tove Forsman; directed by Erika Calmeyer and Rojda Sekersöz; shot by Marek Wieser; edited by Gregers Dohn.

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Young Royals
Young Royals

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Casts Name:

• Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm of Sweden
• Omar Rudberg as Simon Eriksson
• Malte Gårdinger as August of Årnäs
• Frida Argento as Sara Eriksson
• Nikita Uggla as Felice Ehrencrona

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Young Royals Season 3: Release Date

Young Royals’ first two seasons were separated by over a year and a half, but season three may come out sooner than season two did now that COVID restrictions appear to be lifted. If so, the delivery date might be in the winter of 2023.

That, however, is contingent upon how soon a season three renewal is revealed. Netflix usually decides whether to renew a show a month or so after the start of a new season. If it takes longer than that, the release date might be pushed out to 2024.

However, we would be highly shocked if Young Royals were to be abruptly canceled. With that cliffhanger, there is more to explore in a potential third season of the program, which has a vibrant fan base.

Young Royals Meme
Young Royals Meme

‘Young Royals Season 3: Plot

If Young Royals is renewed for a second season, it’s unclear where the story will go next; nonetheless, it will need to take up where the dramatic events of the season 2 finale left off.

As fans have grown so attached to Prince Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship over the episodes we’ve seen so far, the focus is likely to stay firmly on them.

Wilhelm was pushed to choose between duty and love in the first season, and that subject is likely to recur in any upcoming stories as the young heir deals with the pressures of public life.

Young Royals
Young Royals

Young Royals Season 3: Trailer

None yet! We’ll update this page as soon as we learn whether Young Royals will be available on Netflix and whenever a new video becomes available.

Why not watch the season 1 trailer to refresh your memories for the time being?

Netflix has the first two seasons of Young Royals available for viewing. View more of our drama coverage, or check out our TV Guide to find out what’s on tonight.

Young Royals Season 2: Review

Omar Rudberg has doubled in cuteness in only a little over a year! It may not be the most important thing to mention in a review. Still, Rudberg’s singing ability and overall beauty in “Young Royals” make it very plausible that a crown prince would fall “really, sincerely, madly” in love with him. And Edvin Ryding captures the vulnerable quality of first love in his portrayal of the pining Prince Willhelm.

A few weeks after the first season of the Swedish Netflix series “Young Royals,” the second season picks up the story. Willhelm returned to Hillerska for a new semester to make things right with his boyfriend, but Simon wasn’t interested in talking to him. The crown prince (Malte Gardiner), who had videotaped and publicized his private moments with Simon and caused a national scandal, is now even more determined to exact revenge on August. As Sara (Frida Argento), Simon’s sister, moves in to live on campus, she finds herself drawn to August while being aware of his awful behavior.

Season two of “Young Royals” is fascinating, fast-paced, and full of teenage angst, love, fear, and hope despite only having six episodes. Edvin Ryding, who plays Willhelm in this version and is a little older than the previous one, becomes much more endearing as his character develops. Willhelm, who is now more than just a “backup” to the throne, is still mourning over his elder brother’s passing. Simon’s abandonment of him has only made the tragedy worse. He also uses sneaky little techniques to harm August because he doesn’t have access to the courts.

Thus, Edvin successfully switches from being lost and helpless in one scene and being calm and logical in the next. Oh, and the two lead actors have lovely chemistry together. Simon attempts to “move on,” but he has choir practice to attend to and even finds a fantastic diversion in Marcus, a pupil from a different school (Claes Hartelius).

Every character has shades of gray, precisely like in season one, except Marcus, a recent recruit who Simon calls “quite perfect.” Love a program when they introduce a foe capable of dethroning the protagonist. Marcus and Simon make a lovely couple, although their chemistry isn’t quite as strong as Willhelm- Simon’s. Sara is another problematic character who continues to be difficult to dislike because of the odd combination of innocence and transgression she possesses. Malte Gardinger’s August is a complex antagonist since he doesn’t do much to merit atonement despite appearing genuinely sorry for his sins. Viewers may forget that the main protagonists are all just sixteen or seventeen years old due to Hillerska’s rich visual backdrop, which includes fancy balls, exclusive parties, strange rituals, and sex scandals. Hillerska is a boarding school for the super-rich and royals. Therefore, it stands to reason that they will make poor choices, misbehave, act rashly, and kick themselves for it.

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