“Home For Harvest”: Cast And Filming Location Of The Hallmark’s Rom-Com Movie

“Home for Harvest” (2019) is a romantic comedy film that was produced by Hallmark and directed by Andrew Cymek.

Home For Harvest Scene
Home For Harvest Scene

The story follows Katie, a travel journalist played by Brigitte Kingsley, as she learns that her next assignment will require her to concentrate on writing about her hometown. She had left the site feeling brokenhearted and assumed that by doing so, she had eliminated all of the negative memories associated with it.

However, not long after her return, she is confronted by her former partner, the one who was responsible for her suffering all those years before. On the other hand, there is a fresh face in charge this time around.

‘Home for Harvest’ is a light, breezy, and quintessentially Hallmark film about love, community, and nostalgia. It is a celebration of life in a tiny town and, despite having a restricted budget, it features a setting that is lovely, just like the majority of other Hallmark movies. We’ve got you covered if you’re curious about the locations the filmmakers used to shoot the film in order to achieve this effect.

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“Home For Harvest”: Filming Locations Of The Movie

Set in the town of Greenville during what is supposed to be the harvest season, ‘Home for Harvest’ was largely filmed in and around the east-central Canadian province of Ontario. Between the months of October 2018 and April 2019, filming took place. Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the filming locations.

Port Perry, Ontario

A major chunk of the film was shot in Port Perry, a village located in the township of Scugog, Ontario. A number of sequences were filmed at Nature’s Bounty Farm, which is an absolutely stunning orchard that can be found at 651 Scugog Line 2, Port Perry.

Port Perry is the administrative and commercial heart of Scugog, and its location 84 kilometers (52 miles) northeast of Toronto makes it the county’s most important city. The town has a long and illustrious history that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, when the first immigrants arrived in the region.

Reuben Crandell, a United Empire Loyalist, is credited with being the first known settler in the area. 1821 was the year when he and his wife established the first homestead in the region. Because of its downtown that was built during the Victorian era, Port Perry earned a name for itself as a popular vacation spot in the centuries that followed. The television shows “Reacher” (2022-) and “Hemlock Grove” (2013-2015) both shot scenes there as well.

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Pontypool, Ontario

In the Canadian province of Ontario, the village of Pontypool is an unincorporated community that is now included in the city of Kawartha Lakes. This location was used to film a few of the sequences in the movie. The history of Pontypool may also be traced back to the 19th century. When the first census was carried out in the region in the year 1835, there were already residents working in agriculture. The town was named after the town in Wales that shares the same name.

Jewish people used to frequent Pontypool when it was a resort town for vacations. “Pontypool” is the name of a horror movie that was directed by Bruce McDonald and released in 2009. Tony Burgess’s novel “Pontypool Changes Everything,” which was published in 1995, served as the inspiration for the film, which was set in the town with the same name.

“Home For Harvest”: Cast Members

The storyline of “Home for Harvest” centers on the love triangle that exists between Katie, her former boyfriend Chad, and her current boyfriend Noah. Chad is portrayed by Troy Blundell, whereas Landy Cannon portrays Noah in the movie. Cannon, Kingsley, and Cymek, who is Kingsley’s spouse, have collaborated with one another on a number of projects, one of which is the television series titled “Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds” (2014).

Brigitte Kingsley is a well-known Canadian actor and producer who was born in the city of Sudbury in Ontario. She began her acting career while she was a senior in high school and appeared in a number of commercials. In 1996, she had her first appearance on a television show when she appeared in an episode of “Game Nation.”

Kingsley had her first appearance on the big screen in the film Frequency, which was released in 2000. In the film, she plays a bar waitress. Since then, she has continued to make appearances in movies and television shows, and she has established a niche for herself as an actress in telefilms with the help of productions like “Christmas with a View” and “My Boss’ Wedding.”

Blundell launched his acting career with the telefilm titled “DC 9/11: Time of Crisis” in the year 2003. Like his two co-stars, Blundell has also established himself as a telefilm actor and has participated in productions like ‘Mistletoe Magic’ and ‘Picture Perfect Romance.’

Regarding Cannon, he was born in the city of Oshawa in Ontario, and he had his acting debut in the film “The Real Blonde” in 1997, for which he is credited with playing the role of the “Beach Boy.” Some of the other productions he has acted in are the short film ‘Gloria’ and the feature film ‘My Wacko Parents.’

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