Why Did Albert Pujols And His Wife Deidre Pujols Divorce After 22 Years Of Marriage?

Albert Pujols, who was known as “The Machine” or “La Máquina” in Spanish, spent his first 11 seasons in Major League Baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals. After that, he played for the Los Angeles Angels for more than nine seasons.

After that, he played for the Los Angeles Dodgers for half a season before coming back to the Cardinals for what he says will be his last season in 2022. In 2018, Pujols got his 3,000th hit, making him the 32nd player in MLB history to do so.

Since 2020, the 42-year-old has been the oldest player still playing in Major League Baseball. He is known as one of the best of all time and is a sure thing for the Hall of Fame.

But Albert is in the news right now because of his shocking split from his wife of 22 years, Deirdre.

Albert Pujols
Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols And Wife Deidre Pujols Divorcing After 22 Years Of Marriage

Albert Pujols said on Monday that he and his wife, Deidre, are getting a divorce. This comes just days after Deidre had surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Albert has filed for divorce from my wife, Deidre, after 22 years of marriage. This is sad. In a statement released by his agent, Dan Lozano, the 42-year-old St. Louis Cardinals star said, “A lot of questions have been asked about what’s been going on at home over the past few days.”

He said he knew it wasn’t the best time, since Opening Day and other family events were coming up soon. These problems are never easy, and they didn’t appear out of nowhere.

In the end of his statement, Pujols said that he and Deidre “remain committed” to giving their five children “a loving and safe environment to grow up in.”

What happened to Deidre Pujols?

Pujols’s wife has been in touch with her fans and followers to let them know she is safe and getting ready to go to a cooking program.

She deleted all of her Instagram posts and is taking a break from social media to clear her head.

On the other hand, today is also her daughter Esther’s 10th birthday, school has started, and according to her Instagram account, their kids are doing great.

Deidre was born in Roeland Park, Kansas, and is usually thought to be about the same age as her 42-year-old husband Albert. Her Instagram bio also has a link to Open Gate International, which is a charity.

The Pujols Family Foundation includes Deidre

His wife is also a part of the Pujols Family Foundation. This is a non-profit group whose goal is to help families and bring God glory through what we do.

Since they started this charity in 2005, they have worked to help poor people in the Dominican Republic and people here in the U.S. who have Down syndrome.

Also, they want to help children and families with Down syndrome by bringing attention to the condition, giving people hope, and meeting immediate needs.

In a similar way, they want to improve the living standards and quality of life for the poor in the Dominican Republic by giving them goods, medical care, and education.

And give kids with disabilities or diseases that are very bad special things to do.

They’ve been married since 2000 and have five kids

Albert Pujols has five kids with his ex-wife, Deidre Pujols. The oldest is Isabella, who was born to Deidre from a previous relationship. The other four are named Albert Jr., Sophia, Ezra, and Esther Grace.

Albert Jr. was born in 2001 and is now 20 years old. Sophia was born in 2005 and is 17 years old. Ezra, their son, was born in 2010 and is now 12 years old. Esther, their daughter, was born in 2012 and is now 10 years old.

Isabella, Deidre’s daughter from her first marriage, has Down syndrome

On their first date, Deidre told Albert that she had a daughter named Isabella who was born with Down syndrome. This was according to Sports Illustrated. A few years later, they set up the Pujols Family Foundation to help families with children who have Down syndrome.

In 2018, on World Down’s Syndrome Day, Albert wrote a special note to his daughter Bella. He told her that she was “a gift to me, to our family, and to everyone you meet.”

The ex-couple is still very involved in the neighborhood and plays a big role in the Pujols Family Foundation. Even though Deidre, her husband, and their five kids live in Orange County, the foundation has also grown there. The main office of the foundation is in St. Louis.

There are cooking classes, golf outings, help finding jobs, and invitations to Major League Baseball games for the kids with Down syndrome.

Albert Pujols
Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols Eldest Son Is A Golf Roster

According to vanguardlions.com, the son of the designated hitter is a business administration major who plays golf. In the same way, he went to Pacifica Christian High School and graduated.

Also, Jr. Pujlos says that the 2011 World Series, in which the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Texas Rangers, was his favorite sports event. He would love to go to the Masters golf tournament in Georgia or the Ryder Cup.

Dominican-born baseball players have a huge net worth of $170 million

Celebrity Net Worth says that Albert Pujols is worth $170 million. Since he first played in the MLB, Pujols has been known as one of the best hitters and most reliable players.

He has won two World Series rings, been chosen for 10 All-Star games, and been named the National League MVP three times.

In a nutshell, the St. Louis Cardinals took him with the 402nd pick in the MLB draft in 1999. After getting a $60,000 signing bonus from the Cardinals, he played in a minor league baseball season for them.

In 2004, Albert agreed to a new seven-year contract worth $100 million. Even though he had plantar fasciitis, he was able to play well and had several great games.

His salary and the extra money he makes from endorsements

In his last deal with St. Louis, Pujols got $100 million over seven years. This was more than his highest salary with the Cardinals, which was $14.5 million.

With the Angels, he made a base salary of up to $28 million. At the height of his career, endorsements brought in an extra $7 million a year.

On December 8, 2011, Albert Pujols signed a contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim that would have paid him $254 million over the next ten years.

Before Alex Rodriguez’s 10-year, $275 million deal with the New York Yankees, this was the second-largest contract in baseball history.

In the history of baseball, only three contracts have been worth more than $200 million. Pujols’s is the third. Between June 2017 and June 2018, he made $30 million from his salary and endorsements, with his salary being his main source of income.

In 2012, the Pujlos bought a home for $5.55 million

In 2016, Pujols put his Irvine, California, mansion with 9,200 square feet on the market for $7.75 million. In 2010, the house was built in a style called Spanish Colonial.

In the same way, the house has a rotunda entrance with a winding staircase and a fountain in a gated courtyard.

The country house has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, one half-bath, a center-island kitchen, formal living and dining rooms, and other features. Albert first bought the house in 2012 for $5.55 million.

What is Albert Pujols’s record for home runs?

Albert Pujols has hit 697 home runs so far, which makes him the MLB player with the most home runs right now. He also ranks fourth all-time.

Who Is Albert Pujols’ Ex-Wife Deidre?

Deidre, who used to be married to Albert Pujols, was born in Roeland Park, Kansas, and is part of the Pujols Family Foundation.

Early years

Pujols was raised mostly by his grandmother, America Pujols, and 10 of his uncles and aunts in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He had no siblings. His father, Bienvenido Pujols, was a pitcher for softball who had problems with drinking. When his dad got drunk after games, Pujols often had to drive him home. Pujols used limes as baseballs and a milk carton as a glove when he was a kid. In 1996, Pujols, his father, and his grandmother came to the United States. They moved to New York City’s Washington Heights, where Pujols saw a shooting at a bodega. They moved to Independence, Missouri, two months later to live with relatives, in part because of the shooting.

At Fort Osage High School in Independence, Pujols played baseball and was named to the All-State team twice. As a senior, he was intentionally walked 55 times, but he still hit eight home runs in 33 opportunities. He hit a home run that went 450 feet (140 m).

Going to college

After he finished high school a semester early in December 1998, Maple Woods Community College gave him a baseball scholarship. In the first game of his only college season, Pujols hit a grand slam and turned a triple play by himself. As a freshman, he played shortstop and hit.461 with 22 home runs. He then decided to enter the Major League Baseball (MLB) draft.

Work as a professional

Few teams were interested in Pujols because they didn’t know how old he was, where he would play, or what he looked like. Fernando Arango was a scout for the Tampa Bay Rays. He suggested that his team sign Albert Pujols, but when they didn’t, he quit. The St. Louis Cardinals picked Albert Pujols with the 402nd overall pick in the 13th round of the 1999 Major League Baseball (MLB) Draft.  Pujols turned down a $10,000 bonus at first and spent the summer playing for the Jayhawk Collegiate League’s Hays Larks (a summer league in the National Baseball Congress). When the Cardinals raised the amount of the bonus to $60,000, he agreed to sign.

In 2000, Pujols began his minor league career with the Peoria Chiefs of the single-A Midwest League. He played third base for them. In 109 games, he hit.324, had 128 hits, 32 doubles, 6 triples, 17 home runs, and 84 RBI. He was chosen as the best player in the league and put on the All-Star team. In the high-A Carolina League, Pujols played 21 games with the Potomac Cannons. He hit.284 with 23 hits, eight doubles, one triple, two home runs, and 10 RBI. He finished the 2000 season with the Memphis Redbirds in the AAA Pacific Coast League (PCL). He only played in three regular season games with them, but he hit.367 in the playoffs and was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) as the Redbirds won their first PCL title.

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