Olympic Folk Wrestling Champion Jordan Burroughs Sets Record For Seven Straight Gold Medals

Jordan Burroughs won his sixth world wrestling championship. With this and his 2012 Olympic gold medal, he became the first American wrestler to win seven gold medals around the world.

Burroughs, who is 34, won all five of his fights at the world championships in Belgrade over the past two days in the 79 kg weight class. This is not an Olympic weight class.

On Friday, he beat Iran’s Mohammad Nokhodi 4-2 with his signature double leg takedown and a rematch of the world final that Burroughs also won last October.

Burroughs said in June that he would retire after the 2024 Olympics, regardless of whether he made the team. He had long wanted to beat John Smith’s American record of six total Olympic and world titles.

Jordan Burroughs
Jordan Burroughs

The 2011 NCAA Championship is where Jordan Burroughs and his wife Lauren Mariacher met

The best wrestler has not only won a lot of awards for his work in the sport, but he has also found love and started a happy family.

On a website they made for their wedding in 2013, Jordan and his wife Lauren told the story of how they met.

Jordan and Lauren met for the first time at the NCAA Final in 2011. Even though she was there to watch her brother compete for American University, Jordan caught her eye.

She started talking to Jordan on Facebook after she added him. In the end, they became friends, and in October 2013, two years after that, they got married.

In the same month, Jordan tweeted that he thought getting married to the woman of his dreams was a bigger deal than getting gold medals.

Jordan and his wife Lauren are both 30 years old

The couple has been married for almost nine years and may be one to two years apart in age. Jordan just turned 34 years old on July 18, which was his birthday.

On May 14, two months before his own birthday, the wrestler posted a birthday message for his wife. He said that having Lauren as his wife is a good thing.

Since no one knows for sure when Lauren was born, she is thought to be between 30 and 35 years old.

On the other hand, Burroughs was born in the United States in 1988 in Camden, New Jersey. He grew up mostly in the Winslow Township, New Jersey, neighborhood of Sicklerville.

Beacon, Ora, Banner, and Rise are the couple’s four children

A few months after Jordan and his wife got married, Beacon was born on July 19, 2014. They added to their family on June 11, 2016, when a girl named Ora came into the world.

In 2018, Lauren had a miscarriage, which was sad for the couple because they were expecting their third child. She wrote about how important her miscarriage was on her blog. She said it helped her think more deeply about life and her kids.

Even though Jordan and Lauren’s miscarriage was a traumatic event in their lives, it didn’t have a big effect on them. The married couple worked hard to make their lives better and grow their family.

After Burroughs won his seventh medal, he had his third child

In 2019, Jordan told the world that he was having his third child. This was after he won his seventh medal at the wrestling world championship. Lauren also told her husband when she was congratulating him on his bronze medal.

The third child of Rise, Jordan, and his wife was born in January 2020.

The wrestler and his wife try to give their kids names that mean something and have a symbolism to them. Rise’s name was probably chosen to show that it was strong and could overcome problems.

Also, Burroughs and his wife Lauren Mariacher wrote on social media that “God’s timing is perfect” when they announced the birth of their fourth child. Banner Jordan Burroughs was born at 8:36 p.m. on September 26, 2021. He weighed 7 pounds and 10 ounces.

Jordan Burroughs
Jordan Burroughs

His family is proud of his Olympic gold medal

The most famous American wrestler of all time, Jordan Burroughs, posted a picture of his victory on Instagram an hour ago. Since then, a lot of his friends and family have told him how happy they are for him.

The man who went to Winslow Township High School won his seventh Olympic or world gold medal on Friday in Belgrade, Serbia. He won the 79 kg freestyle world championship.

Burroughs did an American flag-raising victory lap around both competition mats. Burroughs has been playing for the Pennsylvania Regional Training Center for more than a year. He moved from Lincoln, Nebraska, to Philadelphia and now lives there.

He spent most of his career at 74 kg, where he won his first world title. Last year, he moved up to 79 kg and won his sixth world title.

His father, Leroy Burroughs, also played sports in his time

Burroughs was the youngest of his parents’ four kids. He grew up in a small town in New Jersey called Sicklerville.

He talks about how his dad’s help made him a successful Olympian. His father, who is in his 60s, also played sports, but he didn’t make it to the Olympics.

His son remembered when he was a small child and his father was getting ready for a party. He sat and watched as his father got dressed, putting on his best self for the world to see.

On the other hand, he praised and thanked his father for believing in him and helping him become the person he is now.

How Much Money Will Flowrestler Have in 2022?

Burroughs seems to have a large fortune worth millions of dollars because of how well he did in the Olympics. Fullcelebs.com thought that he was worth $4 million. His successful freestyle and folkstyle wrestling careers have helped him make a lot of money and get rich.

Jordan got a spot in the 2016 Olympics, which were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Even though he was the best athlete in the world and had a good chance to win the Olympic gold medal in 2016, he lost twice and didn’t get a medal.

Jordan qualified for the World Championships in freestyle wrestling for the eighth year in a row, giving him a spot on the United States World Team.

In Budapest, Hungary, he also competed. He won a bronze medal, giving him a total of seven world or Olympic medals. This tied him with the great American athlete Dave Schultz for the second-most awards in American history.

His Extra Money from the Endorsement Deal

Burroughs has even gotten the kind of press coverage and endorsements that gymnasts, swimmers, and track and field athletes usually get. His sponsors right now are Resilite, Athletic Brewing, and Sunkist Kids.

Resilite started out making wrestling mats in 1959. Since then, the company has grown to become the leader in protective mats and padding for wrestling, gymnastics, cheerleading, pre-school, martial arts, and other sports.

In a similar way, Athletic Brewing focuses on using high-quality, natural ingredients to make tasty non-alcoholic drinks that can be enjoyed at any time.

The Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club wants to help wrestlers get ready for world and Olympic championships, make it easier for women to compete at all levels of the sport, and start youth programs in areas that need them the most.

In the 74-Kilogram Freestyle Division, the wrestler made $250,000

In 2016, the New York Times said that Burroughs won a gold medal in the 74-kg (163-pound) freestyle wrestling division at the London Games in 2012 and was paid $250,000. He receives $500,000 for winning the same medal at the Rio Games.

He paid for his wedding and other things with the money he got from the London payout.

Since 2011, his Olympic and world championship wins have brought him about $415,000. “It’s important for us to perform at our best at the Olympic Games since there isn’t a lot of money flying about in the sport,” he remarked.

Early years

Burroughs is from the New Jersey township of Winslow Township, in a place called Sicklerville. When he was in elementary school, he brought home a flyer about wrestling. At age five, he was the first person in his family to wrestle. He went on to Winslow Township High School, where he wrestled, played American football, and ran. He wanted to be a wide receiver in the NFL, but he gave up on that dream to focus on wrestling as a freshman. He weighed 130 pounds at the time.

As a wrestler, he won three district titles, two regional titles, the NJSIAA state title, and the NHSCA national title in his senior year. He had 115 wins and 20 losses by the time he graduated.

Going to college

In 2006, he went to the University of Nebraska on a full scholarship because he was the 52nd best senior in the country.


Burroughs had 16 wins and 13 losses in his first year. He also got into the NCAA, and at the Big 12 Conference Championships, he came in third.


For his second year in college, he made changes that helped him finish with a 34–6 record in the regular season. He also broke a single-season record by getting 98 dual takedowns and giving up only seven. This was one of the best sophomore years for UNL. As the top-seeded wrestler at the Big 12 Championships, Burroughs won the title with a technical fall and two major decisions. He was also named the tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler. At the NCAAs, he won his last three matches until the semifinals, when he lost to Brent Metcalf, a legend from the Hawkeyes. After beating J.P. O’Connor and Josh Churella in his last two matches of the season, he came in third place and was named an All-American.


During his junior year, he won the Cliff Keen title and was named the Outstanding Wrestler. He did this by beating AA O’Connor and Jordan Leen, who were both back for their senior years. He also broke the school’s single-season record for dual takedowns with 117 in 19 matches, giving up only one to future three-time Bellator MMA World Champion Michael Chandler. He did this for the second year in a row. Then, Burroughs won his second Big 12 title by beating Neil Erisman of Oklahoma State and Chandler again. He went into the tournament as the top seed and was unbeaten (34–0). In the finals, he beat the second seed, who was also unbeaten (17–0), to win his first NCAA title. In the semifinals, he also beat Gregor Gillespie, who would later fight in the UFC.


Burroughs had a 7–0 regular season, including a win over eventual UFC Interim Champion Justin Gaethje at the Las Vegas Invitational. However, he had to forfeit his next matches because of an injury he got in that match, which ended his season. He got hurt in a dual match against Central Michigan’s Steve Brown, where he lost in overtime because of the injury. Because of this, he had to wear a red shirt for the rest of the year.


Burroughs started his senior year comeback strong by winning the Harold Nichols Classic and Midlands Championships. In the finals, he beat the returning NCAA champion Andrew Howe and got the Dan Gable Most Outstanding Wrestler award for his performance. He finished the regular season with a perfect record of 29–0. At the Big 12’s, he beat Tyler Caldwell, who was ranked second in the country, 2–1 to win the title. At the NCAAs, he beat Caldwell in the finals again, giving him his second National Championship. After the season was over, he was given the Dan Hodge Trophy as the best college wrestler in the country. This was because he went the whole season without losing a single match. He got his diploma with a record of 128 wins and 20 losses, 13 of which were in his first year.

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