Who discovered the last key in Locke and Key season three episode 7?

Now is the time for Locke and Key’s last season. The release date for Netflix was August 10, 2022. This season’s magical key plot will come to a close, but not before the Lockes and Captain Gideon square off since the latter wants the magical keys so he may destroy the planet.

Ellie finally caved down to Gideon in episode 6 when he threatened Rufus. She was the only one who knew where the last key was hidden, it was revealed.

one who, back in 1995, kept it a secret from Rendell.
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Where does Ellie take Gideon in Locke and Key episode 7?

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Since seeing the trailer, I haven’t stopped considering this situation.
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In 1995, Matheson Academy serves as the setting for Locke and Key episode 7, Curtain, in which Rendell uses the creation key to revive Caliban from Tempest. Rendell and his company, who intended to utilise the key to increase their production, don’t fare well when Gordie discovers the beast. Ellie then makes the decision to dispose of the key, placing it into Gordie’s brain.

In the present, Ellie is seen escorting Gideon to Gordie’s home so that Gordie can retrieve the key from his head. Gordie, who has lost all memory of the past, is perplexed by what is occurring and struggles but is hurt in the process. Using the Memory Key, Gideon enters Gordie’s mind.

Given Sam’s prior betrayal, Nina, Tyler, and Kinsey are still considering whether to allow him to join them. However, he appears genuinely regretful, wanting to assist and demonstrate his allegiance to the Lockes.

They choose to put their anger on hold and cooperate to defeat Gideon in light of the circumstances. When Tyler, Kinsey, and Sam arrive at Gordie’s residence, they discover Gordie is seriously hurt. To save Ellie and take the key away from Gideon, they enter Gordie’s head, where Ellie and Gideon were.

In Locke and Key, who ultimately discovers the key?

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However, Gordie is deteriorating and his inside lights are dying. As a result, the Lockes, Sam, and Ellie knew they had a limited amount of time to find the key before they were stuck inside Gordie’s skull for all of eternity.

In other news, Nina and Bode have been unsuccessfully attempting to open the safe with a variety of tools. The Alpha Key, which was necessary to fend off Gideon, is kept in the safe. They attempt to unlock the safe using a chainsaw, a drill, and even fire, but nothing appears to work.

Sam tries to delay Gideon while Ellie and the Lockes seek for the key within Gordie’s skull and escape. Meanwhile, Ellie and the Lockes stumble upon Gideon once more. Kinsey makes a significant discovery when she discovers the key concealed behind one of the piano keys inside Gordie’s brain. Sam fights off Gideon as they flee, but the struggle is short-lived since Gideon drops the piano on Sam, trapping him.

The paramedics are taking Gordie immediately to the hospital, but his prognosis for survival is not good. Will Sam, Tyler, Elle, and Kinsey be able to get away? There will be resolutions in the third season finale of Locke and Key. The most recent season of the show is presently available to stream on Netflix.

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