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Elizabeth Wettlaufer, a legendary Canadian serial murderer, is the subject of the upcoming episode of Living With a Serial Killer season 2 on Oxygen. She murdered eight senior adults while working as a nurse in Ontario, and she also attempted to murder six more.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the next episode, scheduled to debut on Oxygen on Saturday, August 13, 2022, will feature the following:
A Canadian nurse enters a rehab facility and admits to killing several of her patients. Her childhood best friend shares their unbreakable bond as well as the horrific confession she made to him.
The episode will likely examine the circumstances surrounding the murders, the confessions, and other information relevant to the case, viewers can anticipate.

Living with a Serial Killer: Elizabeth Wettlaufer murdered eight persons from the ages of 75 to 96

Dubinski, Kate
Dubinski, Kate @KateDubinski
According to Justice Gillese, Elizabeth Wettlaufer would have continued killing if she had not confessed. Nobody in long-term care thought that a health care worker could hurt patients, and nothing in the system could have stopped her.
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When Elizabeth Wettlaufer practised nursing in Ontario between 2007 and 2016, she killed eight seniors. She allegedly gave her elderly patients deadly insulin doses, as reported by Oxygen, including (found by Oxygen):

Jim Silcox, age 84 Gladys Millard, aged 87. 84 Maurice Granat – 95 Helen Matheson 90 Helen Young Mary Zurawinski, aged 96. 79-year-old Maureen Pickering Age: 75 Arpad Horvath
According to reports, the victims’ loved ones thought that they had passed away naturally.

Additionally, Sandra Towler (77) and Beverly Bertram were among the other people the former nurse attempted to murder (68).

Late in 2016, Wettlaufer visited the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, where she allegedly admitted to her crimes. The local police and the Ontario College of Nurses were later notified by the center’s staff.

After Wettlaufer’s arrest on October 24, 2016, for the purposeful administration of deadly insulin to six additional persons, she also acknowledged to the murder of eight elderly people. In the end, she received eight concurrent life sentences with a 25-year parole eligibility requirement.

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Living With a Serial Killer on Oxygen dives deeply into some of the most gruesome killings carried out by a number of infamous serial killers. The series’ official summary for Oxygen is as follows:

What it’s like to learn that the person you share your life with is actually a ruthless murderer is what the book “Living with a Serial Killer” explores.

The second season of the programme is now airing. The true crime television show’s first season debuted in April 2021 to generally favourable reviews from critics and audiences. The show focuses on police investigations, the circumstances that drove serial killers to perpetrate some of the most horrible murders, and other topics. The cases will be presented to viewers in an unbiased, undistorted manner, and they will also receive insight into the thoughts of the murderers.

Elizabeth Wettlaufer will be the subject of the next Living With a Serial Killer episode that airs on Oxygen on Saturday, August 13, 2022, at 9.00 pm ET.

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