Jeff Jansen: How did the co-founder and pastor of Global Fire Ministries passes away?

Jeff Jansen: How did the co-founder and pastor of Global Fire Ministries passes away?

Evangelical pastor Jeff Jansen, 59, died on August 10, according to a recent statement issued by Global Fire Ministries (GFM). He co-founded the GFM foundation, which issued a statement regarding his passing. The declaration said:

“We are very sorry to inform you that Jeff Jansen passed away suddenly. People who know Jeff over the years will never forget him.

The family of Jansen also made a statement through an Instagram post at the same time. The caption accompanying a photo of the late pastor read:

We announce the passing of our father, Jeff Jansen, to the Lord’s house with heavy hearts. The legacy left by our father will be one of fervent love for the Gospel, God’s people, and all nations.

Both comments stated that more information on the potential memorial service will be released after it was decided, despite the fact that no cause of death had been disclosed. Along with his estranged wife Jan Jansen, the pastor leaves behind his children Hannah, James, John, Philip, Mercy, Truth, and Given.

What details are available about Pastor Jeff Jansen?

Global Fire Ministries was founded by Pastor Jeff Jansen and his estranged wife, Jan Jansen. The self-styled prophet had spoken at religious gatherings for more than 22 years. Around 19 years ago, in 2003, the citizen of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, created the Global Fire Ministries.

The senior pastor at Fathers House 360 was also known as the evangelist pastor, Jeffrey Thomas Jansen. His website indicates that he was additionally connected with missions like:

JJI Covenant Network (a World Apostolic Network of Churches and Ministries), Prophetic U (JJI School of the Prophets and Supernatural Academy), JJI Partnership and Mentoring Academy, JJI Prayer Furnace and International Revival Coalition, JJI Covenant Network (a World Apostolic Network of Churches and Ministries), and JJI Prayer Furnace and International Revival Coalition

On Jeff Jansen’s website, it was further stated:

“Jeff has a strong desire to see the power of God enflame and transform churches, cities, regions, and even nations. Jeff moves with a powerful anointing of prophecy and healing miracles that makes the visible Glory of God manifest everywhere he goes. Jeff emphasizes that fellowship and connection with the Holy Spirit are essential for transformation while teaching, training, and equipping Christians on how to live and operate in the supernatural Presence of God.

The late 59-year-old had also written books that advocated about his religious ideas along with his employment as a pastor and conference speaker. Glory Rising, Furious Sound of Glory, Revival of the Secret Place, Trump the Destiny of God’s America, Exploring the Unseen World, The Believers Guide to Miracles, Impartation Activation, and other works were among the many that he had published.

Internet users respond to Jeff Jansen’s passing at 59

Following the news of his passing, a flood of condolences appeared on social media. Many of Jansen’s followers posted condolences with biblical quotations on Twitter..


At the age of 59, Jeff Jansen went away suddenly. Many people’s lives were influenced by his ministry. I hope for the Jansen family’s comfort during this trying time. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and he delivers those whose spirits are crushed, according to Psalm 34:18 (NLT).


According to the website of their church, the co-founder of #GlobalFireMinistries and MAGA false prophet Jeff Jansen has passed away.

Jeff Jansen divorced his wife in 2021

Jansen had to leave Global Fire Ministries last year, which resulted in his estranged wife taking over the business. According to the ministry, the pastor at that time adhered to these guidelines:

“a sequence of morally questionable decisions, inadequate coping strategies, [and] character faults,”

His choice to abandon his wife and kids was, according to the ministry, a prelude to his departure. It was said:

“Jeff recently made the deliberate choice to separate from his wife and family in order to pursue his own goals, choosing not to participate in the process of healing and rehabilitation. He hasn’t changed and shows no regret.

It is currently unknown whether the couple had finished their divorce and separation before to Jansen’s passing.

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