The Eminence in Shadow: Is It Streaming On Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu or Funimation?

The Eminence in Shadow: Is It Streaming On Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu or Funimation?

The isekai series “Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!” or “The Eminence in Shadow” is based on the identical Japanese light novel series by Daisuke Aizawa. The main character of the anime is Cid Kagenou, a regular guy who creates the Shadow Garden organisation by posing as a member of the mafia. He chooses to take on the Diabolos Cult by putting everything on the line in an effort to become a genuine mastermind who pulls the strings from the shadows. Here is all the streaming information you will require in the event that the notion sounds intriguing and you decide to view the anime.

The Eminence in Shadow
The Eminence in Shadow

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What is Story The Eminence in Shadow?

Cid Kagenou had wanted to operate in the shadows and gain some power when he had lived in Japan. Sadly, he was unable to accomplish his objectives, but after being reincarnated into a magical realm, he saw this as the perfect chance to finally obtain what he had always desired. Cid intends to completely develop into a mastermind who has it all, with the goal of truly managing the heroic heroes and evil villains behind the scenes. He founds the Shadow Garden organisation and enlists fresh members to battle the enigmatic Diabolos Cult.

Does Netflix Have The Eminence in Shadow?

The fantasy action series is presently not available on the streaming giant’s library. As a result, subscribers can watch “Dorohedoro” instead.

Does Hulu Provide The Eminence in Shadow?

Hulu does not have “The Eminence in Shadow” accessible. Viewers can watch “No Game No Life” instead since it is extremely doubtful that the show will be available on the platform any time soon.

Is Amazon Prime home to The Eminence in Shadow?

The fantasy comedy series is not currently available on Amazon Prime. Watching “UQ Holder!” will definitely be enjoyable for subscribers looking for something comparable.

As of right now, Crunchyroll does not offer access to “The Eminence in Shadow.” I’m Standing on a Million Lives and other isekai programmes are available to streamer subscribers.

Is Funimation Airing The Eminence in Shadow?

The isekai series is not currently available on Funimation. If you’re looking for similar programming, we suggest watching “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” online.

Online streaming locations for The Eminence in Shadow

The Eminence in Shadow is available for streaming in the US on HIDIVE. Starting on October 5, 2022, all new episodes will be available for streaming on the platform in their original Japanese audio with English subtitles. The programme is accessible here.

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How to Obtain a Free Stream of The Eminence in Shadow?

As long as they view every episode during the 7-day trial period, those who intend to watch anime for free are welcome to use the HIDIVE service. However, we advise our readers to avoid utilising unethical methods and to only watch their preferred online material after paying for it.

Details on The Eminence in Shadow

Daisuke Aizawa and Tzai are the authors and illustrators of the Japanese light novel series The Eminence in Shadow (!, Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!). On the website Shsetsuka ni Nar, which publishes user-generated novels, it started serialising online in May 2018. Later, Enterbrain bought it, and they have been publishing the series since November 2018.

Since December 2018, Kadokawa Shoten’s seinen manga magazine Comp Ace has been running a serialised version of a manga adaption with artwork by Anri Sakano. Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! Shadow Gaiden is the name of a Seta U spin-off manga. Comp Ace has been serialising, “The Eminence in Shadow! Shadow Side Story” since July 2019. Three tankbon volumes have been used to collect it. The North American rights to the main manga and the light novel have both been licenced by Yen Press. Nexus debuted their adaption of an anime television series in October 2022.

Plot of The Eminence in Shadow

Modern-day Japan has a child who aspires to be a mastermind who rules covertly, but while he is practising, he is killed by a truck. Under the guise of Cid Kagenou, he reincarnates in a fantastical setting where he maintains a perfectly average appearance so as not to stand out and instead pursues his ambition of influencing from the shadows. He comes across an elf girl who is sick with an unknown illness one day and heals her. Cid invents a tale in which he claims that the Cult of Diabolos is secretly in charge of this world and that Shadow Garden, his covert organisation, is the only force capable of battling them. The elf girl, who is now known as Alpha, joins this group and starts recruiting new members. Although Cid considers it to be a delusion, the stories he made up were real. Cid keeps using the moniker Shadow to battle the Cult of Diabolos, utterly ignorant that he is entangled in a complex power struggle.


The Eminence in Shadow
The Eminence in Shadow


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Characters of The Eminence in Shadow

Seichir Yamashita provided the voiceover.

The main character, a noble family’s son. Actually, after dedicated his previous life to being more powerful than a nuclear bomb, he was reincarnated from another universe by being struck by truck-kun. He is the covert leader of the Shadow Garden, a group that battles the Cult of Diabolos (, Diaborosu Kyoudan) in secret, although he thinks that both groups are made up and that their members are just playing a game. He wants to blend in and act like a “mob” figure, but he has chniby inclinations and bases all of his decisions on what he thinks will look the coolest.

Kurea Kagen

An accomplished spellsword, Cid’s older sister. She considers herself to be stronger than Cid and pushes him around, frequently acting aggressively toward him by striking him and inflicting various types of physical harm when she becomes irritated with him. She does, however, have an obsession with him and will behave erratically when she believes her brother is in danger. Later, she takes on Diabolos and turns into its host, but Cid believes she is merely acting.

Arekushia Midogaru, aka Alexia Midgar

Kana Hanazawa provided the voice.

She is a snooty princess who makes it her mission to anger Cid as much as she can. Cid and her had previously pretended to date, but since he was willing to end their relationship, she started to feel real affections for him. She is also one of the few individuals (apart from Shadow Garden members) to have witnessed “Shadow” in action firsthand but is unaware that Cid is in fact “Shadow.”

Iris Midgar is also known as Airisu Midogaru.

Yko Hikasa provided the voice.

The older sister of Alexia. To battle the Cult or Shadow Garden or anybody else who might try to disturb the quiet, she assembled a group of troops apart from the Knights.

Rose Oriana (also known as Rzu Oriana)

Haruka Shiraishi provided the voice.

the princess of the nearby, artistically-renowned kingdom of Oriana. She controversially switched to studying the sword in the Midgard Spellsword academy rather than more traditional techniques. She was elected president of the student council, and Iris Midgar, the first princess of Midgar, was regarded as having superior swordsmanship at the academy.

“Alpha” (, “Arufa”).

Presented by Asami Seto

The original Shadow Garden member was a lovely elf girl. She was hardly recognisable as a human person when Cid first encountered her since she was under the influence of a demon. When Cid experimented on her, he unintentionally discovered a treatment for Demon possession, and in exchange for curing her, she vowed allegiance to him. She later tracked down and enlisted the other six core Shadow Garden members, leading them in their hunt for the Cult of Diabolos.

Alpha (, Alpha)

Inori Minase is the voice actor.

She was the first Shadow Garden member to be discovered by Alpha rather than Cid. She was the second member of the group. an elf with a large chest and natural beauty. She records Cid’s exploits as his Shadow identity in “the war chronicles of Shadow-sama,” which she writes. By publishing the tales Cid would tell her, including well-known works like Spirited Away and Spider-Man, she rose to international fame as an author.

Gamma (Ganma, )

Suzuko Mimori provided the voice.

Though the third member of Shadow Garden, she is extremely intelligent despite being physically and technically unsound. She is in charge of founding and running Mitsugoshi Company, the front company that provides financial support for Shadow Garden. In the form of his “Shadow Knowledge,” Cid first informed her of ideas and things from his previous world that Gamma was later able to duplicate and sell for enormous profit.

The Delta (Deruta)

Presented by Fairouz Ai

The Beast-kin female that makes up the fourth member of Shadow Garden is exceedingly vicious and strong, but not particularly intellectual. She possesses enhanced senses as a result of being a beast-kin and may utilise these to discover and hunt her prey, including the ability to detect odours at large distances. She has only recognised Alpha and Cid as being stronger than her, and she only listens to people that are more powerful than her.

Ipushiron, or Epsilon

Hisako Kanemoto is the voice actor.

The fifth member of Shadow Garden is an elf female with a snobbish demeanour who goes by “the precise” due to her deft magic-user skills. She is adept at working with and using the slime bodysuits that all members of Shadow Garden have. She is noted for being a world-renowned pianist who made the Moonlight Sonata popular after Cid introduced it to her.

Zeta (, Zta)

Presented by Ayaka Asai

Eta (イータ, Īta)

Reina Kond is the voice actor.

The “numbers” come after the first seven Shadow Garden members, who were chosen by Cid. The first of the numbers to be presented is Nu, a former noble girl who was abandoned after becoming Demon-possessed. Later, she was rescued and welcomed into the Shadow Garden by one of the Seven Shadows. She is an expert at donning disguises and applying makeup. using specially prepared slime to resemble skin and mould it into the appropriate shape.

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