Death Explained of Robert Hawkins: Why Did He Decide to Kill Other People?

Death Explained of Robert Hawkins: Why Did He Decide to Kill Other People?

One of the deadliest incidents of a mass shooting in Nebraska occurred in December 2007, when a teenager opened fire in front of a Von Maur department store in Omaha. The documentary titled “Evil Lives Here: Something Is Different About Robbie” on Investigation Discovery covers this event. The mass shooter had a long history of mental illness, which is believed to have played a role in his decision to resort to such carnage, which was triggered by a couple of recent events. In addition, the shooter had a history of violent behaviour. If you are interested in learning about the people Robert hurt as well as the method by which he took his own life, we have your back. Let’s just begin then.

Robert Hawkins
Robert Hawkins

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Who Were The People That Robert Hawkins Hurt?

When a teenage assailant opened fire with a semiautomatic assault rifle in front of a Von Maur department store at Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska, on December 5, 2007, the state of Nebraska witnessed one of the deadliest mass murders in its history. The assailant was armed with a semiautomatic assault rifle. Around 1:43–1:49 in the afternoon, there was a shooting that resulted in the deaths of 8 people, and a further 4 people were injured as a result of the incident. The following are the eight people who were killed in the senseless carnage:

Gift wrapping was Beverly Flynn’s job at the Von Maur store, where she worked when she was 47 years old. In 2006, she also became a real estate agent for NP Dodge Co., and one of the first things she did after selling a house was to plant a rose bush in the yard. She had been shot multiple times, including once in the chest, and she passed away at the Creighton University Medical Center. Janet Jorgensen, who was 66 years old, was a sociable and outgoing person who had worked in the gift department of Von Maur for a significant amount of time. Her friends, husband, three children, and eight grandchildren, along with her customers and coworkers, are mourning her passing. She was loved by all.

Gary Joy, who was 56 years old, was a budding author who enjoyed writing short stories and poems in his spare time. Even before he could be rushed to the hospital, he passed away, despite the fact that he was a devoted son to his mother, Inez Joy, who was 91 years old. John McDonald, who was 65 years old and originally from Council Bluffs, Iowa, had a passion for music and was an accomplished bridge player and guitarist. When the shooting took place, he and his wife, Kathy McDonald, were at the Von Maur department store getting their Christmas gifts packed. They attempted to conceal themselves by hiding behind a chair, but he was shot and died instantly.

Kim Scharf, Gary Scharf’s ex-wife, used to call him “Dudley-do-right” because of his unwavering loyalty and honourable nature. Gary Scharf, who is 48 years old and hails from Lincoln, Nebraska. When he was shot, he was on his way home from a work trip and had stopped at the Von Maur store to stretch his legs. Angie Schuster, then 36 years old and a manager in the girls’ department at Von Maur, had been working there for more than a decade at the time of the incident. Due to the proximity of the store to the elevator serving the third floor, the authorities and members of her family hypothesised that she may have been among the first victims of the shooting.

Dianne Trent, who was 53 years old and worked as a store manager, was praised by her neighbour as an exceptionally kind and admirable person. After a long day at work, she looked forward to coming home and tending to her flowers, but she was one of the unfortunate people killed in the mass shooting. The youngest person to be killed in the shooting was Maggie Webb, who was only 24 years old and had recently moved from Chicago to the Von Maur store in Omaha. She obtained a degree in business administration and had a childhood spent in Illinois.

Why Did He Decide to Kill Other People?

Robert Arthur Hawkins was born in RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, England on May 17, 1988. His parents, Ronald Hawkins and Maribel “Molly” Rodriguez, were the proud parents. Robert’s parents described him as an intelligent but troubled child, and he was hospitalised for persistently violent behaviour when he was just 4 years old. Robert’s parents described him as an intelligent but troubled child. His tumultuous upbringing was a significant contributing factor in the development of post-traumatic stress disorder as well as attention deficit disorder in him. After making death threats against his stepmother Candace Sims when he was only 14 years old, Robert was committed to an institution and thus began his journey through a labyrinth of juvenile services programmes that lasted for the next 5 years.

Later on, he was also diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder and an unspecified mood disorder, and because he had a long history of mental disorders, his application to enlist in the Army during the summer of 2007 was denied. He also later received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Late in 2006, Robert left his childhood home and established a new one in the city of Bellevue, which is located in the state of Nebraska. His landlady, Debora Maruca-Kovac, said that he was “troubled” and that he was depressed after his breakup and getting fired from McDonald’s in quick succession about a fortnight before the mass shooting. She stated that he was depressed after his breakup and getting fired from McDonald’s in quick succession.

Robert’s mental health did not significantly improve, despite the fact that he received treatment in multiple state facilities totaling more than $265,000 during that time. Sandra K. Markley, a deputy county attorney who is involved in the case of Robert, stated, “I’ve been reviewing his file, and of course, there is a lot of guessing. However, there was no evidence to suggest that he was dangerous in this regard. Additionally, Todd Landry, who is the Director of Children and Family Programs for the Department of Health and Human Services, emphasised that “all appropriate services were provided when needed and for as long as needed.” A statement made at the time by the Chief of Police in Omaha stated that “it may be impossible to come up with an explanation.”

Robert Hawkins is the Senior Education & Technology Policy Specialist at the World Bank as well as the Global Lead for Technology and Innovation in Education. In these roles, he works on issues that are at the intersection of the use of technology and education in middle- and low-income countries as well as emerging markets all over the world. Bob offers governments that are looking for new and innovative ways to improve teaching and learning in the classroom as well as strategic advice on improving education management and systems both tactical and strategic guidance along with advice and assistance in the form of advice and technical assistance.

Core to the World Bank’s global edtech team, Bob also co-leads the World Bank’s Global Solutions Group on Technology and Innovation in Education (alongside Mike Trucano). This group is responsible for providing strategic support to Bank management and clients; the development of new knowledge products and capacity building activities; engagement with external partners; and the development of cutting-edge knowledge i.

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How Did Robert Hawkins Die?

When Robert Hawkins started shooting with his semiautomatic assault rifle on December 5, 2007, he ended up killing 8 people and wounding 4 others in the process. His final tally was 8 dead and 4 injured. The 19-year-old then turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head, taking his own life to avoid being apprehended by law enforcement. The apartment that he rented in Bellevue contained a number of notes that the deceased had written and left for his family.

Wiki Of Robert Hawkins

A couple of them were made public, which showed how Robert thought of himself as “a constant disappointment.” In them, he begged his family not to miss him and apologised to them for giving them a difficult time ever since he was a child. He also urged his family not to miss him. In the letter, he advised, “Just remember the fun times we had together. I love you mommy. I love you dad.” The final sentence of the note read, “PS. I’m really sorry.”

The suicide note that Hawkins’ mother gave to the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department an hour before the rampage contained the following, in part: “I just want to take a few pieces of shit with me… just think tho, I’m going to be fuckin famous.”

At approximately 1:36 p.m. Central Standard Time, surveillance footage revealed that Hawkins entered the Von Maur department store through the south entrance while he was initially unarmed (19:36 UTC). After entering the store for a short distance, he surveyed the surrounding area before turning around and leaving. Returning to the building six minutes later through the same entrance, he went straight to the elevator at his immediate right, this time carrying a Century WASR-10 (a commercial copy of the AKM 7.6239mm semi-automatic rifle) that he had stolen from his stepfather’s house along with two 30-round magazines that had been taped together and concealed in a sweatshirt. He rode the elevator all the way up to the penthouse.


Robert Hawkins
Robert Hawkins


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Shooting of Robert Hawkins

Hawkins exited the elevator on the third floor at approximately 1:43 p.m. Central Standard Time (19:43 UTC) and began firing his weapon. He started by shooting and killing two women who were standing near some clothing racks, and then he moved on to the atrium and shot and killed two men who were on the first and second floors. After that, he went to the third floor and shot two people, one of whom later died. After that, he walked to the customer service desk and shot several more people, ultimately taking the lives of three of them. After that, Hawkins ended his life by taking his own life by shooting himself in the chin. He discharged more than thirty rounds, striking twelve individuals. There was an instant death toll of six, one victim passed away on the way to the hospital, and a second patient passed away 45 minutes after arriving at the emergency room of another hospital.

About six minutes after the initial 911 call was placed, Omaha Police Department officers arrived at Westroads Mall. On December 7, 2007, the police department made public audio tapes, transcripts of the 911 calls, as well as images captured by mall security surveillance cameras. These were all made available to the public. The sound of gunshots can be heard in one of the 911 calls.

An autopsy performed on Hawkins revealed that he had a concentration of valium in his body that equated to 200 nanograms per millilitre. This value represents the lower end of the therapeutic-use range for valium, which is 100–1500 ng/mL.

There was not even a shred of evidence that he had used any other drugs.

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