A Friend of the Family: Is It Available on Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime?

A Friend of the Family: Is It Available on Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime?

The criminal drama series ‘A Friend of the Family,’ which was developed by Nick Antosca, centres on a group of people whose lives are turned upside down as a result of a terrible event. The story recounts the experiences of Jan Broberg, who is kidnapped twice by a family acquaintance, creating a great deal of misery for both Jan and her parents. The story is based on actual events that occurred. The show features outstanding acting from a number of its cast members, including McKenna Grace, Anna Paquin, Jake Lacy, Colin Hanks, and Lio Tipton, which enhances the show’s realistic plot. Now, if you’re interested in true-crime tales, you should be keen to learn more about the biographical series that’s currently airing. Do not be concerned since we are here with the answers!

A Friend Of The Family
A Friend Of The Family

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What Does it Mean By A Friend of the Family?

The Broberg family consists of Bob and Mary Ann, along with their daughters Jan, Karen, and Susan. This is a religious family that enjoys volunteering their assistance to their friends and the community. Young Jan strikes up a friendship with the family’s lovely next-door neighbour, Robert Berchtold, who often pays them a visit at their house. On the other hand, her parents were unaware that he would soon begin to take advantage of their generosity and use their daughter against them. In the end, Jake resorts to kidnapping Jan on many occasions between the ages of 12 and 14 in order to further his sick obsession with brainwashing her. As a result, Bob and Mary Ann are in a race against the clock to save their daughter and shield her from the evil plans he has.

Is There a Netflix Version of A Friend of the Family?

There is unfortunately no episode of “A Friend of the Family” available on Netflix. You can utilise your subscription to watch riveting shows that are based on true crimes, such as “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” and “Unbelievable.” In addition to that, you also have the option of seeing the documentary titled “Abducted in Plain Sight,” which follows the real-life Broberg family.

How To “A Friend of the Family” on Hulu?

‘A Friend of the Family’ is not featured in the extensive library of video that is offered by Hulu, so members of the streaming service will have to go elsewhere to find it. However, there are other options available to you, such as “Candy” and “Under the Banner of Heaven.” You may try those.

A Friend of the Family on Amazon Prime

Even though ‘A Friend of the Family’ is not included in the library of movies and TV series that are available through Amazon Prime, there are plenty of other crime drama shows that you may watch to sate your craving for the genre. We strongly suggest that you watch ‘Deadly Seasons,’ a show that, despite being fictitious, has a storyline that is just as captivating.

Is the HBO Max version of A Friend of the Family Available?

Sorry to break it to you, but “A Friend of the Family” is not currently available on HBO Max. However, you need not be concerned because you will find a large number of other shows to binge-watch, such as “The Staircase” and “Landscapers.” Both of these performances are based on strange events that actually occurred and will continue to make you think long after they have finished.

How To Watch A Friend of the Family Online Without Paying?

You are in luck because Peacock provides new users with a free trial offer that lasts for 7 days; if you take advantage of it, you won’t have to pay anything to watch “A Friend of the Family.” In the meanwhile, we strongly encourage our audience to never engage in unethical behaviour in order to view the content of their choosing and to always pay for the appropriate subscriptions.

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A Friend of the Family’s Story

Peacock released the official trailer for A Friend of the Household on September 13, 2022. The film provides an inside look into the daily activities of the Broberg family. The preview maintains a sense of intrigue, which accurately portrays the tenor and spirit of the series. The second portion of the trailer demonstrates how different life becomes for the family once Jan is taken from them.

The main plot and overarching message of the film are presented in the teaser, which does not provide an excessive amount of information that could detract from the viewing experience. The viewers may anticipate a riveting and emotional crime drama series that honours its subject matter without capitalising on the natural sentimentality of the plot. This is something they can look forward to. In addition to the teaser, Peacock also distributed a brief plot summary of the show, which reads as follows:

“A Member of the Family” is based on the horrifying true tale of the Broberg family, whose daughter Jan was kidnapped numerous times over the course of several years by a seductive and infatuated family friend. “A Friend of the Family” is a terrifying true story.

“The Brobergs were completely unprepared for the clever tactics their neighbour employed to take advantage of their vulnerabilities, force a wedge between them, and turn their daughter against them. The Brobergs were loyal to their faith, their family, and their community. This is the tale of how the course of their lives was irrevocably altered — as well as how they managed to survive.

The season will consist of a total of nine episodes, with the premiere of the first three episodes taking place on the same day. On November 17, 2022, the conclusion is scheduled to be shown on Peacock.

Abducted in Plain Sight, a documentary produced by Netflix and received widespread critical praise, was the first to tell the story of Jan Broberg. Skye Borgman served as the film’s director, and it was honoured at a number of film festivals, including the Newport Beach Film Festival, the Phoenix Film Festival, and many others.

Brief Glance on A Friend of the Family

Mckenna Grace, Jake Lacy, and Anna Paquin, amongst a large number of other actors, will all play significant parts in the upcoming crime drama. Within the context of the series, Mckenna Grace portrays the character of Jan Broberg. On the basis of the teaser, it appears that Grace will offer a chilling performance in which she will depict the atrocities that Broberg suffered as a youngster.

There’s always a chance that the person living next door to you is a psychopath.

Mrs. and Mr. Broberg are a typical suburban couple who are devoted to their faith, their family, and their friends. Anna Paquin and Colin Hanks feature in the role of Mrs. and Mr. Broberg. That is, until their daughter was stolen on multiple occasions over the period of several years by a single “friend” named Jake Lacy. Nick Antosca, executive producer of “The Act” and “Candy,” has created a new series called “A Friend of the Family,” which is based on a true event. Antosca also acts as the showrunner, executive producer, and writer for the upcoming Peacock limited series, which will premiere on October 6.

A Friend Of The Family
A Friend Of The Family

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A Friend of the Family’s Details

“A Friend of the Family” also stars Lio Tipton, Mckenna Grace, and Hendrix Yancey, who are all put on edge by the behaviour of a next-door neighbour who suffers from “impulsive mood” swings that have lethal implications. Eliza Hittman, who directed “Never Rarely Sometimes Always,” is in charge of the direction of numerous episodes of the series, including the pilot. Alex Hedlund also serves as an executive producer for the series. Additionally, real-life survivors Jan and Mary Ann Broberg are both involved in the production of the series as producers.

The showrunner, Antosca, was quoted in a press statement as saying, “It’s easy to evaluate the Broberg family’s story from the outside.” “When people first hear it, their initial reaction is to get defensive and wonder how these parents could have let something like this happen. This is a very strange tale. When I first heard it, I felt compassion for the family’s precarious situation, and I had the impression that I understood their narrative from an objective standpoint. But it resonated with me, and I wanted to understand it from the inside — to know what their lives felt like, to live in the experience of each family member, and to comprehend how they were caught in such a peculiar web — and I wanted to help viewers understand it as well.

Antosca attributes the kidnapping to a “master manipulator” who took advantage of the Brobergs’ weaknesses and sexual inclinations in order to put himself in a position to abduct their daughter.

Regarding the Peacock programme, he continued by saying, “The series lives outside of the conventional genre categories.” “It’s a thriller constructed around obsessive relationships, a family drama, and a nightmare coming-of-age story,” said the narrator of the book. This is a tale of terror that is also about enduring against the odds.

Jan Broberg noted that “the majority of predators are not strangers,” but rather someone we know, someone who is conversant with the complexities of the relationships around them in order to “psychologically isolate family members.”

After first encountering her attacker in 1972 at a local church, Broberg revealed her ordeal by stating, “From the age of 12 to 16, I was sexually attacked and brutally brainwashed by this man who I trusted.” “This narrative is going to get you talking, shouting, and crying, and it is also going to make you upset. Good. I have high hopes that others would start talks as a result of our experience, as it is said that “secrets live in the shadows and the silence.”

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