Pinuppixie from Tiktok is how old? Information We Have on the Social Media Star
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Canadian social media personality Bianca Blakney ( Source : Thefamouspeople )



The Tiktok Pinuppixie’s well-known celebrity is 24 years old.


She is a Tiktok personality and cosplay content maker known under the handle Pinuppixie. Similar to this, her brief cosplay videos from the 1950s have amassed more than 9 million followers.


Even she experimented with vintage appliances dating back as far as the 1910s in numerous movies. She created her Tiktok account for amusement and in line with the vogue at the moment.


On her Tiktok, Bianca has amassed 10 million followers and 404.9 million likes. She has been wearing antique clothing since 2017, as she stated on her account.



Bianca, 24, is better known in Tiktok as Pinuppixie.

Sagittarius was Pinuppixie’s zodiac sign when she was born on November 25, 1997, in Canada. By the name of Bianca.


The superstar weighs 55 kg and is also five feet, four inches tall. Canadian nationality is held by Bianca.


When she was younger, she was really passionate about fashion and modeling. The TikTok star received a lot of love and attention from her parents, and with their help, she is able to pursue her day-to-day work.


She also uses the username @pinuppixietm on the social media site Instagram, where she has 342 thousand followers and has followed back 2,000 users.


When Pinuppixie was young, she was very passionate about both fashion and modeling.

When Pinuppixie was young, she was very passionate about both fashion and modeling ( Source : Biographymask )

She shared all of her social media accounts on the website www.pinup-pixie.com, which she indicated on his account.


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Does Pinuppixie Have a Husband?

She reveals that she is married when discussing her marital status. In a same vein, she and her spouse created the Tiktok back in 2021.


Jasmine and Jake, her stepchildren, have also been seen on her TikTok account.


She also danced while tripping over her cat in a video to Camila Cabello’s song My Oh My, and her videos have featured music by Avril Lavigne and Vampire Weekend.


She is active on Twitter with the handle @PinupPixiee. She gained 7,000 followers and reciprocated by following 100 users. The celebrity first signed up for Twitter in October 2015.



She claimed on her account that she enjoys wearing makeup and loves fashion. Given that her most recent tweet occurred on November 28, 2021, Bianca appears to be absent from Twitter.


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What Will Pinuppixie’s Net Worth Be in 2022?

$50k in net worth in 2022

Monthly Salary in 2022: $3,300

With a monthly salary of $3,300, Pinuppixie has a net worth of $50,000. She is also enjoying a comfortable life because to her money.


Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and sponsorships are the sources of her revenue.


Additionally, in 2022, her YouTube channel received 1 million views and 13.7 thousand subscribers. She signed up on July 9, 2020, for YouTube.


She added that in addition to game plays and reactions that she plans to produce soon, she also posts tutorials, VLOGS, and many other other types of videos. She encourages her followers to keep an eye out for them.


Additionally, the celebrity enjoys skating in her spare time and loves animals.

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