What time will ABC broadcast Press Your Luck Season 4 Episode 5? Explored are contestants, challenges, release dates, and more.

Attempt Your Luck In episode 5, Season 4 returns with two new and one returning contestant. On August 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, a brand-new episode of the unscripted reality series will debut.

Viewers will get to know participants from Texas, Georgia, and California in the newest episode. The game will be played by the two contestants for the first time, but one player has made a long-awaited comeback to exact revenge on Whammies on Press Your Luck.

Press Your Luck Season 4 Episode 5 information

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On Thursday, August 11, Press Your Luck Season 4 will show a new episode. The upcoming episode, THE CHALLENGER!, is described as follows:

As they attempt to avoid that terrible Whammy, our participants are taking significant risks, but Elizabeth Banks, their host, keeps them on task.
The three competitors who will participate in the game on the upcoming Press Your Luck episode are:

1) Harlingen, Texas, is the hometown of Julio Mata

2) Laguna Hills, California is the home of Brooklin Milliere.

3) Alpharetta, Georgia is the home town of Russ Stebick.

On the game show, Julio and Brooklin will be making their debuts, but not Russ. When Peter Tomarken, the show’s former host, “out of nowhere” began calling him “Rambo Russ,” he had already played the game. His friends and family still refer to him by this name now.

Although Whammies defeated Russ “on the second one,” he had won the first game. “About $9000 in cash and prizes” were earned by him. His small son eventually started taking lessons on a grand piano, which was one of the prizes he received back then. His son continues to play the piano today.

For Russ, appearing on the show was “an fantastic experience.” He returned the following day as the returning champion during his first appearance on the programme, but Whammy defeated him the second time, ending his appearance.

Russ is now “back for 2 out of 3” after winning his first game and losing his second. He has returned to get revenge on the Whammies.

Russ must be careful not to get into contact with the animated character in order to ensure that he defeats the Whammies this time and wins the competition.

To begin, all three players must correctly answer a short question in order to receive spins on the Big Board. Then, as they fight to avoid getting hit by Whammies, who will steal all of their winnings and leave them with nothing, they will spin to win money and other rewards. Then, players with no balance will be required to leave the performance.

Only those players who can evade Whammy will advance to the Bonus Round, where they must play to win while attempting to avoid it once again.

Concerning Press Your Luck

Bill Carruthers and Jan McCormack invented the Press Your Luck game show that airs on American television. The programme debuted on CBS Daytime on September 19, 1983, and after being cancelled, it terminated on September 26, 1986.

On March 13, 2019, ABC and Fremantle collaborated to relaunch the series. In the new iteration, the last competitor competes with the Whammy “to win a fortune.” A few months later, Banks’ appointment as the show’s new host was confirmed.

Watch the new Press Your Luck episode on Thursday to find out if Rambo Russ can defeat Whammy and take home the big prize.

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