What’s become of Paul Leslie Quirk? Murder of Christina Khoo Gek Hwa

What’s become of Paul Leslie Quirk? Murder of Christina Khoo Gek Hwa

Paul Leslie, 49, has lately been detained on suspicion of killing his wife Christina Khoo Gek Hwa and leaving her body behind.

Leslie, who describes himself on Linkedin as a podiatrist, was apprehended on Friday at the Esparina Residences complex in Seng Kang. Continue reading to find out more about the murder and its cause.

What’s become of Paul Leslie Quirk? Murder of Christina Khoo Gek Hwa

Paul Leslie Quirk repeatedly struck his wife Christina Khoo Gek Hwa, 43, in the head on January 4 of the previous year. He repeatedly stabbed her with a hanger and a pair of kali sticks till she passed out as the murder weapon.

He continued to stab her neck with a kitchen knife after that until he was happy. Not only that, but he also killed a poor puppy that day.

After Christina’s mother was battered and stabbed to death by her second husband, Christina’s adolescent son apparently sought to stop her killer (his stepfather, Paul Leslie) from receiving his share of the mother’s property.

To be specific, after tying the knot with the boy’s mother, Christina, in 2017, Paul adopted the 16-year-old boy. Paul, a podiatrist, has just been detained for the crime he committed a year ago.

Pediatrician Paul Leslie Quirk’s Wikipedia Page and Recent Arrests

The reports claim that Paul and Christina were married on August 8, 2017, and that they spent several years living together in the Sengkang condominium. He had married Ms. Khoo twice.

At 12:07 PM on the day of the crime, police found Christina lifeless when they arrived at their unit. Thus, paramedics declared her dead at the scene.

Paul killed their family dog and threw it from the third-floor balcony after beating and fatally stabbing his wife. The dog was later discovered covered in blood. Oh, Puddle.

The reason for this is that Paul Leslie, an Australian man who suffers from schizophrenia, killed his wife because he believed she was a monster that needed to be banished to the depths of the earth. Additionally, he believed that the unfortunate dog was a monster just like her wife.

He introduced himself to the cops as “Jesus Christ” while answering the door while covered in blood. He went on to say that he killed his wife as a result of voices he was hearing.

After spending three weeks on remand at Changi Prison’s medical center for psychiatric observation, Quirk will now appear in court once more on January 24.

Although the original indictment included a life sentence, it was later lowered to 10 years in consideration of his mental instability.

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