Lisa Yamada (Cruel Summer Season 2): Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth and More

Lisa Yamada: Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth and More

South Korean actress, singer, and dancer Lisa Yamada is best recognized for her roles in the films All of Us Are Dead (2022), All American (2021), and Man with a Plan, among others (2020). Lisa Yamada was born on, and she is originally from Seoul, which is located in South Korea. As in 2022, Lisa Yamada’s age is N/A. More information on Lisa Yamada can be found in the following. This article will shed some light on Lisa Yamada’s biography, wiki, age, birthday, family details, affairs, controversies, caste, height, weight, rumors, and other lesser-known facts, among other things.


Lisa Yamada
Lisa Yamada

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Who is Lisa Yamada?

In addition to her work as an actor, dancer and singer Lisa Yamada possesses a great deal of talent. She is always looking to add something new and exciting to her life. She reminds me of a young Hollywood starlet. Her stunning performance has helped her build a successful career in the industry.

Every young person can look up to her as a source of motivation and a model to emulate. She is a working performer in the arts of acting, dancing, and singing. It is common knowledge that one of Lisa Yamada’s most well-known works is the motion picture Smashed.


Lisa Yamada
Lisa Yamada


Lisa Yamada (Cruel Summer Season 2): Wikipedia

Although she is a successful actress, Lisa Yamada does not yet have a Wikipedia profile, nor is there accurate information available regarding her net worth. However, despite her young age, it’s possible that she’s already amassed a considerable fortune through her work.

Despite this, we should be able to locate some information about her on the internet.

In addition to English, she is also completely fluent in Japanese. Recently, she has been very successful in securing a number of different projects for herself.

According to the information that is currently available, she made her screen debut in 2011 when she appeared in an episode of National Geographic Investigates, a documentary television series, playing the part of a young sister.

In her earlier years, she was almost exclusively involved in television series. Recent examples of her work include All American, Never Have I Ever, and Little Fires Everywhere, amongst others.


Lisa Yamada
Lisa Yamada


Lisa Yamada: Age

The information that can be found on the internet suggests that Lisa Yamada is 17 years old. 2003 was the year she was born. Her horoscope is a Virgo, at least according to her Instagram account.

Lisa is a rising star from the United States who possesses a variety of talents. In addition to acting, she also performs in the areas of signing and dancing. Despite this, she is perhaps most known for the parts she played in Hollywood.

All of Us Are Dead is a South Korean thriller drama and an original series produced by Netflix. The actor has been cast in the role. This coming Friday, January 28, the show will finally be made available to the public.

Throughout the course of the series, we get to see her act out the part of Hyo-Ryeong. She is quite professional despite her young age, and as a result, there is a need for her services in the field.

She has appeared in films with well-known actors such as Matt LeBlanc, Kerry Washington, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, and a number of others.

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Lisa Yamada (Cruel Summer Season 2 Cast): Career

Over the course of her career, Lisa Yamada has been in a variety of shows, and she is quickly becoming a prominent figure in the entertainment world.

She will take on the part of Parker in the play.

Man with a Plan, All of Us Are Dead, Little Fires Everywhere, and All American are some of the films in which Yamada has appeared.

She has also appeared in episodes that are broadcast on Netflix, Nickelodeon, Hulu, CBS, and a great deal of other services. Despite her age, she is receiving a lot of interest from a variety of shows.



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Lisa Yamada: Instagram and Boyfriend

On Lisa Yamada’s Instagram account, we are unable to find any posts in which she discusses her partner. There is no concrete evidence to suggest that she is in a relationship with anyone at the moment.

The information that is presented on a number of websites suggests that she is not currently in a relationship and is instead concentrating on her professional life.

In just twelve hours, the premiere of All of Us Are Dead will take place!

When viewing her profile on Instagram, it appears as though she does not spend a lot of time on the platform. Nevertheless, Lisa has provided a link to her IMDb bio in the description of the video.

It would appear that she prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye, despite the fact that she demonstrates a great deal of diversity in her work life.

Lisa Yamada (Cruel Summer Season 2): More Information

Yamada is a rising performer in the areas of acting, dancing, and singing, and she has lately booked roles in projects such as “All American,” “Never Have I Ever,” “Little Fires Everywhere,” and a great deal of other shows on Netflix, The CW, Hulu, Nickelodeon, ABC, CBS, and other networks.

She has worked with a number of well-known people in the entertainment industry, including Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Matt LeBlanc, Steven Spielberg, and Halle Berry. As a native speaker of both Japanese and English, Lisa is in high demand after appearing in a number of shows in the past.

The vast majority of people are moved to admiration by her dedication to her career and her enthusiasm for her chosen field, and she creates an impression that is difficult to forget after every performance and audition she gives.

Lisa Yamada On the Specter of Mysticism

In the television series “On the Sound of Magic,” the actress Yamada plays the leading character of Ah-Yi (2022). The TV series The Sound of Magic belongs to the genres of Drama, Fantasy, and Music. Ji Chang-Wook, Yamada, and Hwang In-Yeop are among the most notable cast members of the television series The Sound of Magic, which will premiere on May 6th, 2022.

Yun Ai, ever since she was a young girl, had the ambition to one day become a magician. In point of fact, she is a student in high school who cannot afford to buy new socks. After a chance encounter with a shadowy magician at a carnival, she makes the decision to go after her ambition.

Lisa Yamada: Height and Weight

Lisa Yamada, how old are you? Yamada is an actress who was born 19 years ago ( as of 2022). She is an actress who is noted for her beauty, talent, and prominence in the industry.

Yamada is an actress who stands 5 feet, 4 inches (162) tall and weighs between 50 and 55 kilograms. Her body measures 34 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 32 inches deep (approx). Her eyes are also brown, and her hair is a combination of black and brown in color.

 Fascinating Things About Lisa Yamada

1. Lisa Yamada was born in the United States in 2003. She rose to fame after winning a Hip Hop dance competition. Everyone in the industry adores her because of her endearing personality and stunning acting abilities.
2. Based on her latest appearance, she appears to be 17 years old in the year 2020. However, the exact date of birth is not available on the internet.
3. When it comes to her height, she stands at a respectable 5 foot 4 inches.
4. She has a large number of Instagram and Twitter followers. She has a lovely body and is very attractive.
5. She only has one Instagram picture with her boyfriend. However, no other information about her boyfriend is available on the internet.
6. She has a large number of fan followers and receives a lot of love from her friends, but her wiki is not available on the internet.
7. Despite the fact that she is a rising star. Unfortunately, there are no specifics about her birthplace, parents, or other family members.
8. She is a professional actress. Aside from that, she is an excellent hip hop dancer and performer.
9. In terms of her net worth, there are currently no information available on the internet.
10. She is a U.S. resident. Her racial background is white. Her dark eyes and white skin tone make her look stunning.


Lisa Yamada
Lisa Yamada


Lisa Yamada: Short Bio

Name Lisa Yamada
Birthday 2003
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 115Lbs
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress
Married/Single Single
Instagram @lisaymda

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Lisa Yamada Trivia

  • Lisa Yamada was born in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Lisa Yamada is an actress, popularly known for All of Us Are Dead (2022), All American (2021), and Man with a Plan (2020).
  • She has performed the role Serena Wong of ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ and Chella of ‘Game Shakers.’

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