Are Laura Zapata from Forever Queens and Luca Méndez still close friends?

The Mexican reality series ‘Forever Queens,’ also known as ‘Siempre Reinas,’ is available on Netflix. The show focuses on well-known figures in Mexican culture, such as Luca Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata, and Lorena Herrera. The four ladies have built names for themselves in the Mexican entertainment business because to the diverse range of talents that they possess. The show follows the four people as they become more familiar with one another and embark on a new adventure together. Aside from the time that the ensemble spends together, viewers also get a look into the individual lives of the cast members, including the challenges that they face in their personal lives and in their careers.

The first season of the show explores how the four different icons eventually came to work together. On the other hand, due to the force of their respective personalities and distinct artistic goals, it is not unheard of for them to disagree. One of these pairs, Luca Méndez and Laura Zapata, appeared to have suffered the most damage to their dynamic as a result of the situation. The two characters are shown in the program as having begun as close friends but have now found themselves at each other’s throats. Fans are interested to see whether or not the two characters were able to patch things up and continue their friendship after the high tensions that existed between them throughout the series. To our relief, the following is the information that we have regarding the same!

Lucía Méndez and Laura Zapata
Lucía Méndez and Laura Zapata

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Lucía Méndez and Laura Zapata’s Forever Queens Journey

The first episode of the first season of “Forever Queens” featured the first meeting between Luca Leticia Méndez Pérez, better known by her stage name Luca Méndez, and Laura Guadalupe Zapata Miranda, better known by her stage name Laura Zapata. Although they were familiar with one another before to the show, Sylvia Pasquel, who played a role in bringing the two of them together, was a more familiar face for both of them. The two people quickly got along with one another and were excellent friends. In point of fact, Lucia and Laura stole the show during their singing performance during the group’s night out at the bar, where they had met up with Lorena Herrera.

The four girls drew the attention of José Luis Roma, a music producer. José Luis Roma is a close friend of Lorena’s and had accompanied Lorena to the pub. By way of Lorena, José Luis made a proposal for a musical endeavor that would star all four females and highlight their iconic personalities. However, when it came time to record the song, Lucia was not pleased at all with the notes that were chosen nor the musical style that was used. She told José Luis the same thing and asserted that she would not sing something that was not suited to her.

The music producer told Lorena about what had taken place, and Lorena was the one who brought up the subject the next time the four women got together. Luca added that she did not want to put her signature look and what makes her recognizable to others in jeopardy in any way. The singer stated that she did not want to deviate from her established sound since she does not want her fans all over the world to be confused. She then proceeded to compare the followings of all four ladies on Spotify, having previously obtained their respective Spotify followings. This sparked the argument that Luca and Laura were going to have, with Laura claiming that Luca was allowing her ego to get in the way of what could be an amazing project. The argument began because of this.

Luca had revisited the topic of her problems with José Luis in the time leading up to their subsequent get-together as four friends. The record producer made the decision to go in a different direction, and he forwarded an updated demo to the artists so that they could hear it. After Laura had listened to the new song, Lucia attempted to apologize to her for her comments from the previous night. She explained that she had merely intended to point out the statistics, and that as an artist, she was trying to stick to the strategies that she knew had been successful in the past. Because of this, the two of them got into another altercation, which quickly became more heated.

Luca stated that the only reason she wanted the project to be improved was because she simply wanted it to be, but Laura stated that Luca was no longer a member of the project because she had allegedly quit. As a result of this, Luca stormed out of the conference and claimed that the words that Laura made had insulted her and that the conflict had never been about her ego. The fact that Luca ended up recording her part for the new song does not change the fact that the tensions between the two had not been settled in the least, as was made clear during the process of making the music video for the song. Is it true that the two parties are no longer on speaking terms, or were they finally able to work through their differences? Hold on tight, for all of your questions are about to be answered.

Lucía Méndez and Laura Zapata
Lucía Méndez and Laura Zapata

Are Lucía Méndez and Laura Zapata Still Friends?

It would appear that Luca Méndez and Laura Zapata are, in fact, still good friends with one another. In the last episode of the first season of “Forever Queens,” the four main characters went on a getaway to work through the personal difficulties that had been plaguing them. At the end of their vacation, the four women showed their affection for one another by giving each other hugs and expressing how much they cherished one another. When it came time for the release of their song, the four of them stood up and declared that in spite of the challenges, they had a good time with the experience.

At the time of this writing, Lucia and Laura are both following each other on the various social media platforms that they use. The two women have only made positive comments about their experience while promoting the Netflix show in which they both starred opposite one another. The reconciliation that is represented in the show appears to have been successful in real life. We hope that both of them will find success in their future endeavors, and if the series is picked up for a second season, we look forward to seeing much more of them in the show.

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