Explored The Relationship Between Kelsey Darragh and Jared Lucas: What Caused It to End?

Explored The Relationship Between Kelsey Darragh and Jared Lucas: What Caused It to End?

After five years of being together, Kelsey Darragh broke the news that she was ending her relationship with boyfriend Jared Lucas. She informed her audience of the development via a video that she uploaded to her channel.

Kelsey, an American video producer, actress, and development partner at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, has benefited from the buzz that surrounds this profession, which is generally regarded as one of the most exciting fields in the entertainment industry. Kelsey is an American video producer, actress, and development partner at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures.

The role that she played in the critically acclaimed and widely watched comedy web series Harder Than It Looks was largely responsible for propelling Darragh to the forefront of the entertainment industry. Because she is dedicated to her work and puts in a lot of effort both in front of and behind the camera, she is becoming more well-known on a wide variety of internet platforms.

On the other side, Jared Lucas, also known as Kap Slap, was born on October 4, 1989 in Lexington, Massachusetts. His real name is Jared Lucas. He and his family all grew up in Massachusetts, which is also where he currently resides. As a young boy, he had a keen interest in all kinds of musical genres. Soon after he discovered that his younger sister had cerebral palsy, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away.

When he was a troubled teenager, the talented artist would express himself via music. He tried his hand at a number of different instruments before eventually becoming proficient on the guitar, bass, and drums.


Kelsey Darragh

Kelsey Darragh 

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Relationship Between Kelsey Darragh and Jared Lucas

After being together for five years, Kelsey Darragh and her former lover, Jared Lucas, seduced each other. In spite of the fact that she did not reveal the reason for the breakup, she did publish a video in which she discussed the circumstances.

The gorgeous Florida native was in a relationship with DJ and co-producer Jared Lucas, best known by his stage name “Kap Slap.” Jared Lucas is also known as “Kap Slap.” It was stated that the two had started dating formally after the video producer disclosed in the video that she was involved in a serious relationship with another person.

The producer stated in a tweet from April 2018 that she has Trigeminal Neuralgia, a medical condition that she claims causes her to experience panic attacks on occasion, and that she has a list of things that her boyfriend should focus on to help her manage the problem. The tweet also stated that she has a list of things her boyfriend should focus on to help her manage the problem.

Many of the duo’s fans were able to relate to them on a personal level because of the bond they shared. Kelsey remarked that it was uplifting to hear others express their love to them as a couple and that it had been a highlight of their day. They have been credited by a great number of people for having impact in the right way. In addition to this, many people considered them to be the perfect couple.

Who is Jared Lucas?

The fact that Jared Lucas was formerly in a relationship with Kelsey Darragh has contributed to his widespread notoriety. Despite this, he maintains his own unique individuality, which contributes to his success as an individual in his chosen field.

The individual currently works as a DJ/Producer and provides online consulting services; he received his schooling at Lehigh University. When he graduated in 2013, he had been enrolled in the program since the year 2008 and had gained practical experience as a student leadership trainer and outdoor adventure program leader.

In addition to that, he participated in the Merge Mentoring Program, the Kappa Alpha Society, Club Volleyball, and Leadership Lehigh.

When asked about his background as a professional, he stated that he began his career in 2005 by joining jBay Trading Company. In 2009, he held the position of Em at the Product Management Internship, Software Storage Group, even though he was still a student at the time.

At work, he was responsible for the following accomplishments: programming VBA macros to aggregate top customer revenue streams; implementing a system that cut daily data reformatting time from two hours to ten minutes; generating price tiers in Access without having any previous training in database management.

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Career of Kelsey Darragh

She began her professional life as a writer, and she created content with the intention of influencing other women who were similar to herself. On June 3, 2012, she debuted her first channel on YouTube under the name “Kyndall J,” which marked the beginning of her career in the digital sphere. On July 30, 2012, she made her debut with a video entitled “Truth or Darragh Episode 1 – Jason Horton,” which she uploaded to YouTube. Truth and Darragh was her first series on her channel, and it quickly gained a significant amount of traction among her audience. Other television series that she has worked on include “Keep Calm, Kelsey On,” “TALKWARD,” and “Harder Than It Looks.”

She has more than 116 thousand subscribers, and her videos have been seen more than 4 million times.

In 2014, she appeared on an episode of Suburgatory alongside Jane Levy in a guest starring role. She had not yet graduated from college at that point, but she had spent the previous seven months working as a Content Developer for Playboy Enterprises, Inc. while she was still in school. She started with BuzzFeed as a Video Fellow in July 2015, and after a period of four months, she was promoted to the position of Junior Producer. In the end, she worked her way up through the ranks at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures to become a Video Producer and Development Partner.

She has assisted in the rapid development of a female-driven comedy page as well as one of the fastest growing and most popular Facebook sites, SOML. She is also the host of the Adult Sh1t podcast for Buzzfeed. She has appeared in videos alongside other BuzzFeed stars, like Ned Fulmer, Michelle Khare, and Chris Reinacher, among others.
Her dream is to write, direct, and produce material that is centered on shareability and impact for other ambitious, messy, and fearless women who are similar to herself. Her audience will be other women.
She eventually parted ways with BuzzFeed, and these days she is the host of her own own show called Ladies’ Room. Kelsey’s personal life, including her relationship with her partner
Kelsey and her boyfriend

Since 2017, she has been seeing a DJ by the name of Jared Lucas, also known as DJ Kap Slap, and the two of them began their relationship that year. They got to know each other through Tinder, and he is a Lehigh University graduate with a degree in Integrated Business Engineering. Drinking is a pastime that the two of them enjoy together.
She is bi-sexual, which she has spoken clean about. Her favorite things to do in her spare time are go shopping and sightseeing.

Due to an error made by her doctor, she suffers from a condition known as trigeminal neuralgia, which is a disorder that causes her to experience persistent agony. She also suffers from a condition known as Anesthesia dolorosa, which causes her to have numbness in the lower half of her face as well as in her neck. This ailment causes her much discomfort.

She has experimented with acupuncture, crystal healing, medical marijuana, massage therapy, pill therapy, and surgery.

Why Kelsey Darragh and Jared Lucas End Their Relationship?

Many people are under the impression that Kelsey Darragh and Jared Lucas got divorced because Jared cheated on Kelsey and was dishonest with her.

Kelsey Darragh published a video on YouTube with the headline, “We split up,” about a month ago. In the opening, there was a description that began with an audible sigh, and it read, ” “This one is going to be a little bit different, close friends….thank you for being there for us over the course of the past five years. It’s been a wild ride, and I hope this episode sheds a little light on what’s been going on, how I’m moving on, and how I’ve been good with not being okay. It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, and I’ve missed it. I adore each and every one of you.”

On August 9, 2022, the footage was made available to the public.

The Response from the Audience

Over 87 thousand individuals have viewed the video and expressed their worry for the formerly extraordinarily attractive and contented couple. The following was written by one of the followers: “She is really intelligent and beautifully spoken. You put into words so many of my ideas and emotions in a way that I could never have done myself. I wish for your recovery to be as calm as possible.”

One more of them writes, “Your letter is written in such a graceful manner. One of the most difficult things I’ve ever learned was that a relationship could be a safe place for growth but still lead to growing apart, and that the pain can be the burning off of the things that aren’t working, and it sounds like that’s also been your experience. This was one of the hardest lessons I’ve ever learned. Such an abundance of affection, and so many embraces.”

The comments that are located underneath the video are nearly entirely supportive, and everyone seemed to be experiencing some level of grief over the fact that they were so closely associated with their lives over those years spent together. In spite of this, people have been accepting enough, and they are wishing both of them a happy existence on their own terms for the rest of their lives.


Kelsey Darragh
Kelsey Darragh


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The True Justification

Although many people believe that the couple broke up because they were too exposed and honest with one another, this is not the case. Darragh addressed this issue at the very beginning of the video and ensured that it did not include even a single grain of truth in any way, shape, or form.

She then went on to recount the conversation that the two of them had, and while she was reading it out loud, she couldn’t stop the tears that were streaming down her cheeks. Kelsey has found a safe haven in the partnership, and she takes great pride in the fact that in all those five years of their pairing, she has never ever lied to her lover. This is the one boundary that she had established for herself from the very beginning of the relationship.

After hearing what she had to say, it appeared as though Lucas had been dishonest about some aspect of the equation, and this had completely shattered her. She concluded the letter by stating that her love for Lucas will never change and that she would always love him more than anything else on earth. One of the most poignant lines was “Love is not something you can hold; it is only something you can give.” This was one of the most powerful statements made in the piece.

Nevertheless, it is quite challenging to watch her endure such a great deal of suffering. At a certain point in the video, she is unable to control her crying and asks for a tissue. Therefore, it is understandable why her loved one finds it difficult to observe it. In the end, she expressed her gratitude to all of those people who had stood by her side during the difficult moments.

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