A Jazzman’s Blue’s  Cast Amirah Vann’s Parents and Her Ethnicity 

A Jazzman’s Blue’s  Cast Amirah Vann’s Parents and Her Ethnicity 

It wasn’t until 2016 that Amirah Vann started to get the attention of the general public despite the fact that she has been working in the acting industry for the previous 15 years. Amirah’s abilities were put on display by being cast in the part of Ms. Ernestine in the television series Underground, which aired on WGN in the same year.

After making an appearance on the show, she was cast in the role of Tegan Price on How to Get Away with Murder. In the end, Amirah was given a recurring role on the show, and it was clear that she was well on her way to becoming the kind of actor that deserves attention from the general public.

In the past, she has made appearances as a guest star in a number of popular television programs, such as Girls on HBO and Mozart in the Jungle on Amazon. Let’s dig a little deeper into her private life and find out more about her mother and father.

Amirah Vann
Amirah Vann

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Amirah Vann’sChildhood

The family home of Amirah Vann’s father is located in Georgia, thus Amirah’s parents took her there when she was little. Georgia is a kind and hospitable state.

Her mother is of Puerto Rican descent, while her father is of African-American ancestry; hence, she hails from a family that is both diverse and multiethnic. She acknowledges with pride the contributions of both of her parents’ cultures to her identity as it exists today.

Vann has an older sister. She is the aunt of her nephew as well as two of her nieces.

On Mother’s Day, she shared a picture of her mother on social media along with a touching statement that said, “I pay respect to my mother, who is the foundation of our family. Your remarkable demonstration of love that is not conditional has set a precedent for future generations to follow. Best wishes for Mother’s Day! Te amo con todo mi corazón.”

Amirah recognizes the importance of diversity in the entertainment industry and is thrilled to have the opportunity to play a role in bringing a wide range of characters to the big screen. She hopes that through her career in the entertainment industry, she would be able to “fight for the voiceless.”

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Who is Amirah Vann?

Amirah Vann is an actor, and the role of Ernestine, which she played in the series “Underground” on WGN America TV is arguably what has brought her the most recognition. In addition to this, she is well-known for a number of her other notable acting engagements, such as her roles in the films “And So It Goes” (2014) and “Tracers” (2015), as well as her roles in the television series’ “Major Crimes” and “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Early Life, Nationality, and Educational Background of Amirah Vann

Amirah Vann was born on July 2, 1978, in the borough of Queens in New York City, United States, under the zodiac sign of Cancer. She is also of African-American ethnicity, in addition to having ancestry from Georgia in the United States, which comes from her father’s side, as well as Puerto Rican descent, which comes from her mother’s side. Her father is of mainland American descent. After Amirah finished her elementary schooling, she went on to graduate from Far Rockaway High School and then enrolled at Fordham University, where she eventually received her bachelor’s degree and earned her bachelor’s degree. Later on, she pursued further schooling at the illustrious Tisch School of the Arts in New York City, where she ultimately earned a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Beginnings of Amirah Vann’s Professional Life

Amirah began her professional performance career by singing at weddings and dancing in the background at a variety of public events. This was also how she got her start in the entertainment industry. After some time, she joined The Continuum Company, and it was with that company that she made her debut as an actress on stage, performing in a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” After this, he appeared in a number of off-Broadway productions, including “The Mountaintop,” “Laughing Pictures,” and “Trouble in Mind,” among others.
Amirah made her first appearance in front of the camera as an actress in the year 2006, when she was included in the short film “Three and a Half Thoughts.”

This was followed by her first performance on the small screen, which was in an episode of the television series “Family Values.” Vann developed her acting chops over the course of the following decade by starring in a number of films and television series, including “Girls,” “Believe,” and “Mozart in the Jungle.” “Once More with Feeling,” a comedy drama film released in 2009, was one of the films that she was a part of during this time period.

Amirah rose to more notoriety in 2014 when she participated in the romantic comedy drama film “And So It Goes” starring Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas. This was followed by a supporting role in the 2015 action film “Tracers,” in which Taylor Lautner played the lead character.

The real turning point in Amirah Vann’s acting career came in 2016, when she was cast in the recurring role of Ernestine in the television period drama series “Underground.” The series tells the story of the so-called underground railroad in Georgia, which was used by African-American slaves to escape to their freedom. Amirah Vann’s character, Ernestine, is a former slave who helps other slaves escape. She played Ernestine, the top house slave, in a total of twenty episodes throughout the course of the show’s two seasons before the production was canceled. Amirah received recognition for her work in the form of a nomination for the Image Award in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in the year 2017.

Vann joined the cast and crew of the fifth season of the police drama series “Major Crimes” on TNT TV in 2017. The series chronicles the day-to-day activities and challenges faced by the Major Crimes Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. Vann plays the recurring role of Special Agent Jazzma Fey in the series. Amirah Venn also played the role of the recurring character Tegan Price in the highly popular ABC TV’s legal drama series “How to Get Away with Murder.” This series follows a university law professor who, along with a handful of her students, becomes the mastermind behind a homicide plot.

Amirah Venn played the role of Tegan Price between 2017 and 2018. Amirah Vann’s most recent performance was in the role of FBI Agent Justine Simon in the 2018 television crime series “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.”. This was Vann’s most recent acting engagement.

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Net Worth of Amirah Vann

Have you ever given any thought to the amount of wealth that this American actress has amassed to this point? How much money does Amirah Vann have? Since 2003, she has maintained a professional acting career on stage and in front of the camera, which is the primary source of the majority of the money that makes up her estimated total net worth as of the middle of the year 2018. This wealth was primarily acquired through her stage and on-camera acting work.

The Personal Appearance of Amirah Vann as well as her Presence on Social Media
Amirah has a tall and slender body figure, standing at 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) in height and weighing approximately 135 pounds (58 kg) (61 kg). Because of all of these ‘perks,’ in addition to the dark color of her eyes and hair, she has an appearance that is rather appealing, which has surely benefited her in the field that she specializes in.

Amirah has an active presence across a number of social media platforms, including her Instagram and Twitter profiles, which together have more than one hundred thousand admirers and followers. Her official Facebook profile currently has 22,000 followers and likes from adoring fans.

Is Amirah Vann Married?

Amirah Vann is not married, but she is also not available because she is in a committed relationship with a man named Patrick Oyeku. Although Amirah Vann is not married, she is also not available. It would appear that their relationship is fairly pleasant, and that their love is blossoming, judging from the photographs that both of them have posted of one other on her official Instagram account.

New York is the place where Amirah Vann began her life on July 2, 1978. At this point in time, she is 44 years old. She was born in the United States and has African American ancestry. She is a citizen of the United States.

Vann spent a significant amount of time working in Off-Broadway theater prior to transitioning into the world of cinema and television.

In the years leading up to her breakout performance in the 2016 American period drama series Underground on WGN, in which she played Ernestine, the most important house slave on the Macon plantation, Vann appeared in supporting roles in a number of films, including And So It Goes and Tracers, among others.

The sitcom was canceled in 2017 after having aired for a total of two seasons. In later years, she made an appearance on an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a special guest. In the final season of Major Crimes, she also appeared as Special Agent Jazzma Fey. She is an accomplished actress.

During the 2017–18 season of the ABC courtroom drama How to Get Away with Murder, Vann portrayed the character of Tegan Price, a lawyer, on the show. After having started off as a recurring character, Vann was promoted to a series regular for the fifth and sixth seasons of the show.

Relationship Between Amirah Vann and Her Boyfriend Patrick Oyeku

Patrick Oyeku, the boyfriend of Amirah Vann, is a father to two children from a previous relationship.

They have a history together that goes back quite some time. According to the images that she has shared on her official Instagram account, the two of them look to have a healthy relationship, and the intensity of their love for one another appears to be rising on a daily basis.

Even though Patrick’s brother had brought them together initially, it wasn’t until much later that they became friends with one another. Amirah stated that she had been performing a lot of theater and was continuously hunting for parts as an actor, which left her with no time for dating because she was so busy with her career.

A child named Nyla Fe Oyeku, who was born to Amirah in February 2020, is acknowledged by her parents, Patrick and Amirah, with providing them with a motivation to continue living. She and her partner made numerous attempts to find the right time to introduce their newest member to the family, but they soon came to the conclusion that there would never be a time that was absolutely wonderful.


Amirah Vann
Amirah Vann

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Quick Facts About Amirah Vann

Full Name Amirah Charline Vann
Profession Actress
Birth Date July 2, 1978
Age 44 years old
Birth Place New York City, U.S.
Ethnicity African-American
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Years active 2006-present
Marital Status Engaged
Fiancee Patrick Oyeku
School Midwood High School and Far Rockaway High School
University Fordham University
Children Daughter ( Nyla Fe Oyeku)


Does Amirah Vann speak Spanish?

Yes, Amirah Vann is quiet fluent in Spanish.

How many kids does Amirah Vann have?

Amirah Vann has a daughter named Nyla Fe Oyeku with her finacee, Patrick Oyeku.

What character does Amirah play on Queen sugar?

Amirah plays the character of Parker Campbell on Queen Sugar.

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