Journalist David Blaustein, where are you now?

Music lovers anticipated the return of Woodstock, one of the most well-known counterculture music festivals of all time, in 1999. However, by the end of the three days, the situation had deteriorated to unfathomable levels, resulting in several injuries and significant property damage. The documentary series “Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99” on Netflix details the problems with the 1999 iteration. Young reporter David Blaustein, who was in the middle of things at the time, recounts his experiences on the programme. Now that we know more about him, may we?

David Blaustein, who is he?

David Blaustein, a young journalist covering Woodstock in Rome, New York, at the time, was only 26 years old. He was a movie reviewer and entertainment correspondent for ABC News. In August 2022, David recalled during a radio broadcast that there had been warning signs from the start that something was wrong. At a former Air Force base, the festival was being held. It was difficult for concertgoers because of the sweltering temperature and the way the asphalt reflected the heat.

David discussed how the 1990s were a decade rife with violence and sexuality on the programme, which may have given viewers some idea of what they were thinking when they attended the performance. David really entered a mosh pit during Limp Bizkit’s performance at Woodstock, giving the journalistic coverage of the event a distinct viewpoint. But he claimed that Limp Bizkit’s main vocalist, Fred Durst, incited the crowd, causing many injuries as a result of individuals diving over each other.

David recalled seeing people with fractured bones, a girl with a glass bottle wound to the head, and blood all over the medical area. Additionally, he highlighted in the radio conversation how bad the restrooms were, how bad the sewage system was, and how bad the infrastructure was. All of this combined to create the ideal storm, which resulted in theft and vandalism.

Today, where is David Blaustein?

On the programme, David Blaustein discussed how, immediately following the third day’s performance of the last act, people in groups started acting like animals. In addition to the fires and the theft, there were also claims of sexual assault. David mentioned that the event’s planners denied any wrongdoing and played down the incidents. In the end, Woodstock ’99 was a failure, even though David came out unscathed.

David has reviewed numerous movies and covers the festival in addition to being a reviewer with Rotten Tomatoes approval. He conducted celebrity interviews and Oscar nomination previews while working for ABC. Before landing on-air jobs, David had a career working for radio stations. David appears to support gun control laws and is an ally of LGBTQ+ people. He resides in Massachusetts at the moment and is not afraid to express his political opinions on Twitter. As far as we know, David hasn’t written a movie review since 2017.

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