Jackson Guthy & Madelyn Cline’s Dating Rumors Explained

Jackson Guthy & Madelyn Cline’s Dating Rumors Explained

Late in the month of May 2022, a video that has since gone viral on TikTok showed Outer Banks actress Madelyn Cline and Jackson Guthy attending a wedding together, leading to rumors of a romantic relationship between the two of them.

Madelyn Cline, whose full name is Madelyn Renee Cline, entered the world on December 21, 1997, in the United States of America. She is well known for her role as Sarah Cameron in the drama series Outer Banks, which is available on Netflix. She is also a model.

In a similar vein, Jackson Guthy is a singer and songwriter from the United States. He was born on March 19, 1996.

It would appear that all of the most famous It girls are connected in some way to Jackson Guthy. In recent years, the singer-songwriter has been linked to Madelyn Cline, which has led to rumors of a romantic relationship between the two of them.

There have been rumors circulating that Madelyn Cline and Jackson Guthy are dating; are They?

According to numerous stories circulating on the internet, Jackson Guthy and Madelyn Cline are reportedly seeing each other. The status of the couple’s relationship has not been disclosed to the general public; it is unknown whether or not they are dating.

Following that, the Instagram rumor feed DeuxMoi provided their take on the rumors. According to the social media account, which released an anonymous report through Instagram Stories, I have it on very good authority that Madelyn Cline is dating Jackson Guthy. This information comes from the social media account.

In addition, “Wedding images were a tip off” was used as the subject line of the post. During the time that rumors were beginning to emerge, the couple was seen having lunch together in Malibu while they were both out and about in the city.

Neither the singer nor the actress has commented on the romantic rumors that have been circulating about them. The request for a remark that J-14 made was not immediately met with a response from Jackson and Madelyn’s agents.

The musician, who is currently 26 years old, has been romantically involved with multiple famous women. At the beginning of January 2019, he started dating Olivia Jade, who is Lori Laughlin’s daughter.

Madelyn Cline The Boyfriend and Her Previous Relationship

Madelyn Cline was publicly seen in a romantic relationship with her co-star on Outer Banks, Chase Stokes, for well over a year before their breakup became public knowledge in November 2021 on Netflix. Prior to being romantically linked to Jackson, Madelyn Cline was openly dating Chase Stokes for well over a year.

In an interview with Us Weekly that took place in February 2021, Chase responded to a question regarding his relationship with Madelyn by saying, “It was really always work-oriented basically until the day we wrapped.”

Cline spent part of her early summers in New York City working on television advertising. Some of these early summers, she worked on advertisements for T-Mobile and Sunny D.

She was promptly cast in her first minor roles, such as Taylor Watts in Vice Principals and Chloe in Boy Erased, both of which she played quite fast. On both “Stranger Things” and “The Originals,” she has appeared in recurrent supporting roles.

In June of 2020, she let the world know that she was dating her co-star on the show Outer Banks, Chase Stokes. In spite of the fact that the couple broke up amicably in October of 2021, they continued to work together on the program in a manner that was entirely professional.

┬áMadelyn Cline’s Net Worth

Madelyn Cline is expected to have a net worth of $3 million by the year 2022, thanks in large part to her successful acting career.

She is an American model and actress, but she is most known for her role as Sarah Cameron in the drama series Outer Banks, which can be seen streaming on Netflix.

Outer Banks, a television series that began its first season on April 15, 2020, featured Cline in the role of Sarah Cameron. Outer Banks debuted in 2018.

The sitcom, which she referred to as her “breakout performance,” was well received, and it has been renewed for a second season, which will premiere in July 2021.

Cline and Chase Stokes made a cameo appearance in the music video for “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer and Kygo, which was released in September of 2020.

She has confirmed her participation in the sequel, which will take place in June of 2021 and is titled Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Cline was raised in Goose Creek, South Carolina, by his parents Pam, a real estate salesman, and Mark, an engineer. Goose Creek is located not too far from Charleston.

She only spent a short amount of time in college before deciding to leave and go to Los Angeles in order to pursue acting on a more serious level.

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