BJ Brown Arrested For Cassandra Jones Murder Case Suspect

BJ Brown, a man from New Orleans, was taken into custody in connection with the shooting death of his girlfriend, Cassandra Jones

An cop in Tennessee was allegedly shot by B.J. Brown, who is suspected of killing Cassandra Jones in New Orleans. Brown is also accused of killing Jones.

BJ Brown, age 32, is wanted for questioning by the New Orleans police department in connection with a possible murder. He is accused of being responsible for the death of Cassandra Jones, who was 48 years old and was identified by members of her family.

Investigating the Video of the BJ Brown Shooting

According to the New Orleans Police Department, BJ Brown is wanted for questioning in connection with a homicide that occurred on Monday in the 1400 block of Iberville Street. Brown is suspected of committing second-degree murder in connection with the incident.

@WWLTV The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has issued a statewide notice for a suspect in the shooting of a law enforcement officer. The suspect is also wanted for the homicide of a lady in New Orleans.

It happened early on Monday morning on an apartment building that was located in the 1400 block of Iberville Street. Brown is said to have shot Jones in the back, as stated by a witness. She started running, but then she fell.

At this moment, online videos show a man walking up to Jones with a long gun and firing at least two more shots at her.

Has the Suspect BJ Brown from New Orleans Been Arrested?

The New Orleans Police Department’s Violent Offenders Warrant Squad and the United States Marshals Service conducted a search for Brown on Monday afternoon and evening.

According to WSMV, an NBC station in Nashville, Brown is also wanted for shooting an Erin police officer in Tennessee on Monday night. This information comes from the station.

According to the Erin police department, Brown shot the officer while the officer was conducting a traffic stop on Highway 149 near Substation Loop. According to the sources, it is anticipated that the officer will pull through this. Even though Brown is accused of attempting to kill a law enforcement officer, the search for him continued in Tennessee on Tuesday night.

Because of the nature of the murder, Baraka is concerned about what the future holds for his hometown of New Orleans. A manhunt for him is currently being conducted throughout the state of Tennessee on Highway 149.

BJ Brown Is Guilty of Murdering His Girlfriend Cassandra Jones

According to the claims, BJ Brown shot and murdered Cassandra Jones like she was a dog when she was standing in the street. Relatives of Jones’s claim that she had a relationship with Brown in the past. The documents that were submitted to the court reflect a history of domestic abuse.

In a petition for protection that she filed in May, she accused Brown of abusing her in a variety of ways, including sexually, financially, emotionally, and physically.

Following their altercation, Jones asserted in a written statement that Brown even tried to suffocate her with a pillow. Brown was accused of this by Jones. In addition, she stated that Brown struck her in the face, causing her to lose several teeth as a result of the incident.

According to the information provided by the court clerk, Jones’ attempt to get a temporary restraining order was never completed. Jones served as a deputy clerk for the court clerk throughout the preceding year of his employment.

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