Is Robbo Afl 360 still ill ? Facts about Mark Robinson’s wife and family

Robbo, a character from AFL 360, had serious illnesses and health problems for a long time. After undergoing an open heart surgery in the middle of July, he has now made his way back to the program.

Mark Robinson is a well-known name in Australian sports journalism. Because he is the principal football writer for the Herald Sun publications, he takes part in the pre-game AFL discussion that is broadcast on the 1116 SEN radio station.

According to rumors, Robbo, the co-host of AFL 360 on Fox Footy, suffers from serious health problems as a direct result of his drunkenness. Everyone is extremely worried about Robbo and hopeful that he would make a speedy recovery.

The co-host of AFL 360 had a conspicuous absence during the end of the 2021 season, and he has now revealed the health scare that forced him to step away from his responsibilities in the media in order to focus on getting better.

Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson

A Few Brief Facts Regarding Mark Robinson

Name Mark Robinson
Nickname Robbo
Profession News Corp’s chief football writer
DOB December 25, 1967
Age 54 years
Nationality Australian

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Is Robbo, from AFL 360, Still Not Feeling Well?

AFL 360 Mark Robinson has finished the procedure that he needed to combat his sickness and improve his health. The presenter is doing fine at this time.

Despite having described in gory detail a recent medical emergency that required open-heart surgery, Robinson, who is 53 years old, is currently making a recovery from his illness. Robinson’s health emergency forced the procedure.

Robinson, the leading football writer for the Herald Sun, recently revealed in an interview with News Corporation’s Saturday magazine V Weekend that he recognized he was “in trouble” after experiencing two medical incidents during round 18 of the Australian Football League (AFL) in July.

The leading football writer for the Herald Sun was forced to miss the final weeks of the 2021 AFL season in order to undergo open-heart surgery. As a result of this, he was unable to fulfill his writing and TV commitments. Robinson encountered the first of two medical emergencies at home on a Saturday morning in July, and it was the first of two that ultimately led to surgery being necessary.

In an interview that will appear in the revamped version of the Herald Sun’s Saturday magazine V Weekend, which will make its debut this coming weekend, Robinson discussed the emotions he experienced and the suffering he endured throughout the operation that ultimately saved his life. He claimed that at first, he thought he had captured Covid, but then he realized that it was something far more terrible.

Mark Robinson, co-host of AFL 360, Has a Dangerous Health Condition

After coming to terms with the fact that he was dying, Mark Robinson, a prominent football journalist for the Herald Sun, underwent a heart operation that involved six bypasses. Nevertheless, despite the suffering and astonishment, he came to the realization that there was more love than he could have possibly anticipated.

Robinson, who made an inspiring recovery for the final episode of the AFL 360 program in September, stated that he still gets “emotional” when discussing his health crisis.

During the difficult period, the media celebrity expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support received from the AFL community.

Even after his return to the show, he was able to make a joke about it with the co-host of AFL 360, Gerard Whateley. During the first two weeks, he was unable to move in any way. However, as time passed, Robinson explained on AFL 360, “he gradually regained some strength in his body.”

Is There A Woman That Mark Robinson Calls His Wife?

Mark Robinson has never addressed the matter of his romantic relationships or his marital status in any public pronouncements. There is a good chance that Mark has never been married.

The well-known sports personality has not once addressed his wife; if he had, he would have undoubtedly done so at some point in the past, but he has never done so.

He contributes to the pre-game discussion of the Australian Football League (AFL) on the radio station 1116 SEN, co-hosts the television show AFL 360 on Fox Footy, and writes frequently about football for the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne. All of these activities take place in Australia.

When Collingwood footballer Alex Fasolo’s battles with severe depression were made public in June 2017, Robinson tweeted about the player, alleging that Fasolo was fabricating his illness because of how quickly he recovered from his ordeal. Fasolo’s struggles with severe depression were made public in June 2017. After some time had passed, the president of Collingwood alleged that Robinson ignored the club’s medical advice when he contacted Fasolo. Robinson subsequently removed the tweet and apologized for what he had said.

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At a pub, Craig Hutchison and Mark Robinson argued with each other head to head

According to the information provided by Brian Taylor, Craig Hutchison and Mark Robinson recently participated in a tense “informal meeting.”

According to BT, a recent column that Robinson penned for the Herald Sun was met with lukewarm reception from both readers and the newspaper’s staff. It has come to our attention that throughout the course of the past week, a few experts working in the media argued, ” The Saturday Rub, as stated by James Brayshaw, claims that.

BT confirmed that a Robbo anecdote served as the inspiration for the meeting. According to what he said, Robbo has published in the local media an article that is critical of The Footy Show.

As a result, an unofficial gathering was organized. The first statement was as follows: “Let’s not beep about, everyone at my paper thinks you’re a beep, and I am the captain of that beep team,” which was delivered in a very calm manner by the author of the harsh remarks about The Footy Show.

The Estimated Wealth Of Robbo In 2022

Mark Robinson’s profession as a travel writer has contributed significantly to the accumulation of his current net worth of over $31 million.

During the course of his career spanning well over 20 years, he has collaborated with a wide variety of individuals. He is employed by three distinct media firms including News Corp Australia, Fox Footy, and 3AW.

Known figure in the sports world Mark Robinson is a contributor to the Herald Sun in Melbourne, Australia, and writes extensively on football. He is also a contributor to the pre-game talk of the Australian Football League (AFL) on the radio station 1116 SEN and co-hosts the television program AFL 360 that is broadcast on Fox Footy.

Learn More About the Career of Mark Robinson

After completing his junior football career at the Sandhurst Football Club in Bendigo in 1992, Robinson began to write about football the following year. Throughout his career, he has focused mostly on writing about Australian rules football, and ever since Mike Sheahan’s retirement in 2012, he has held the position of head football writer for the Herald Sun.

Robinson has been a co-host on the Fox Footy television show AFL 360 ever since the year 2010. Robinson was a panelist on multiple shows on the 1116 SEN radio station, including The Run Home and match-day AFL discussion, up until the end of the 2017 season.

In 2018, Robinson became a member of the panel for the Sunday Sports show on 3AW. He was joined on the show by Daniel Harford and Jimmy Bartel. In the latter half of the year 2021, Robinson suffered numerous cardiac incidents that required him to undergo therapy, one of which being open-heart surgery.


Robinson, who played youth football with the Sandhurst Football Club in Bendigo, began covering the sport the next year, in 1992. Throughout his career, he has focused primarily on writing about Australian rules football. He has held the position of chief football writer for the Herald Sun since 2012, taking over for Mike Sheahan after the latter retired from the sport.

Since 2010, Robinson has been a co-host of the television show AFL 360, which airs on Fox Footy.

Up to the end of the 2017 season, Robinson participated as a panelist on a number of the episodes broadcast on the radio station 1116 SEN. These shows included “The Run Home” and “match day AFL discussion.”

During the year 2018, Robinson began contributing to the Sunday Sport show on 3AW alongside Daniel Harford and Jimmy Bartel as a panelist.

In the later half of the year 2021, Robinson suffered many cardiac crises that necessitated the intervention of medical professionals, one of which being an open-heart operation.

Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson

Controversies and Feuds

Robinson is said to have been involved in a variety of verbal and physical altercations with a few other journalists, such as Damian Barrett, Andy Maher, and Michael Warner, among others. These rumors have been circulating for quite some time. After it was revealed that Collingwood footballer Alex Fasolo had been battling severe depression in June 2017, Robinson tweeted about Fasolo, implying that the speed with which Fasolo had recovered was proof that he was lying about his illness. Fasolo had been open about his struggles with depression. Later on, he removed the tweet and issued an apology for what he had written. The president of Collingwood later stated that Robinson disobeyed the club’s medical advice while contacting Fasolo, however Robinson later claimed he regretted his actions.

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