Who Is Ian Haworth According to His Wikipedia Bio? Everything About The Journalist

Who Is Ian Haworth According to His Wikipedia Bio? Everything About The Journalist

Ian Haworth is a political pundit who, for the most part, discusses the ongoing position of political parties and the activities they engage in.

Both YAF and Turning Point USA have invited Haworth to speak at their events. According to the news personality, Democrats are fond of illegal immigrants, but they don’t want them living in their communities. He is a contributor to Morning Wire as well as The Daily Wire, where he works as a writer.

Recently, he uploaded a video to his Facebook account that featured Joe Biden speaking. Joe appeared to be having a good time in the video as he was driving around. Also, Ian expressed his enthusiasm to reveal that he will be appearing on the show that Gutfeld hosts on weekday evenings.

Additionally, he was responsible for the execution of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away. The Queen once made the statement that she would give her life for the people of Britain, regardless of how long or how short it could be.


Ian Haworth
Ian Haworth

Who is Ian Haworth?

The young man is a news personality, as stated in Ian Haworth’s Instagram bio, which may be found here. At the moment, he is employed at Watch Off Limits in the role of a host.

The political commentator calls the city of Nashville in the state of Tennessee in the United States of America home at the moment. According to the information available on his Linkedin profile, he has around nine years of professional experience in journalism.

According to the information provided, Ian attended the University of Oxford from October 2008 and June 2011 to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science. In addition, he held a Master of Computer Science and a Master of Computer Science degree, all of which had been earned at the University of Oxford.

Between the months of September 2011 and June 2012, he was actively involved at the University of Oxford. His statement that he came for freedom and stayed for the free refills was made in an Instagram post that he published. After receiving his degree from Oxford University, the journalist decided to pursue a career in journalism in the United States.

Ian worked for a software company in Silicon Valley before he became involved in political criticism. Because of his experience in technology, he is knowledgeable with online news.

How Old Is Ian Haworth? What Is His Real Age?

Young political analyst Ian Haworth can be found on his Instagram account, which is known by the username @ighaworth.

Watch Off Limits is hosted by a man who is originally from the United Kingdom but now resides in Nashville. According to his Insta Bio, he is a speaker at YAF and Turning Point USA.

The independence was the primary draw for the journalist, but the free drinks kept him there. His Instagram feed has approximately 428 posts and there are 12.9 thousand people following it at the moment. Unfortunately, the journalist has not revealed his age on social media. When I look at his picture, he appears to be in his late 30s.

The vast majority of the posts are concerned with political dilemmas and topics. He approaches issues by offering his viewpoint in an effort to find solutions. The journalist only occasionally disclosed private information about himself on social media.

On April 24, he uploaded a cute image of his family celebrating Easter together. In the picture, the journalist could be seen posing alongside a lady and a cat.

Ian Haworth: Who Is He?

Ian Haworth, a British anti-cultist, was born around the year 1947. In the late 1970s and during the early to middle 1980s, he made his home in Toronto, Ontario, despite having originally hailing from Lancashire in the United Kingdom. Upon his return to Britain in 1987, he established the Cult Information Centre, a prominent anti-cult group, and currently serves in the role of “General Secretary” for that organization. In addition, he established the Council on Mind Abuse (COMA) in the year 1979 in the city of Toronto.

Ian Haworth’s Council on Mental Health Misuse (COMA)

Following his experiences with a group that he refers to as a “cult,” Haworth and a few others established COMA. In the 1970s, when Haworth was trying to kick his smoking habit, he joined a support group in Toronto called the PSI Mind Development Institute. He asserted that during the course of the four days that he attended, he was hypnotized at least sixteen times. They established COMA after discovering other people who had gone through something like.

During the 1980s and 1990s, there was a widespread fear of satanism in North America. In addition to cults and new religious organizations, COMA was actively involved in this fear.

The primary focus of COMA’s efforts was to respond to phone calls from concerned family members and friends of individuals who had left their homes to participate in new religious movements.

In addition, COMA hosted seminars and served as a resource for the law enforcement, courts, social organizations, journalists, and other professionals in related fields. According to what Haworth told the Toronto Star about COMA’s history, when it was first established, the organization received between fifty and eighty phone calls or letters requesting information about new religious movements, and COMA gave approximately one thousand presentations all over the province of Ontario about cults. In 1992, the psychologist Robert Tucker, who was serving as the director of COMA at the time, stated that the organization receives between 100–150 calls per week.

Under Haworth’s leadership, COMA was run out of a covert location, and as a result, there was neither an office nor a facility where individuals could go to get assistance.

Almost immediately after it was established, numerous organizations launched attacks against COMA in an effort to discredit it. For instance, in 1980, a bogus newsletter that was apparently published by COMA workers was sent across the city of Ottawa. [18] Dr. B. W. Shaw, a spokeswoman for COMA, stated in an interview with The Canadian Champion that it was most likely created by “cult organizations,” with the express purpose of undermining COMA’s reputation as a reliable institution.

In 1987, Haworth resigned from COMA and moved to London, where she established the Cult Information Centre. In July of 1987, Robert Tucker was appointed to the role of director. [16] In August of 1989, Tucker relocated COMA to a different office in the city of Toronto, and the new address was made public.  Tucker made an effort in 1991 to boost the funding that COMA received through donations, service and consulting fees, and presentations. He informed the Toronto Star in June 1991 that COMA would have to shut down in September 1991 if it did not receive an additional 20,000 CAD in revenue. Tucker’s attempt was unsuccessful.

The Church of Scientology and Erhard Seminars Training (EST) both filed libel lawsuits against COMA in the early 1990s, which lasted for almost five years each. As a result, COMA was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1992.

Nevertheless, Tucker is of the opinion that there were more factors contributing to its demise. He writes in the Toronto Star that the passivity of the government and the reluctance of contributors both contributed to the organization’s failure to avoid bankruptcy. On March 1, 1992, COMA was formally dissolved as an organization.

Center for Information Regarding Cults (CIC)

In 1987, shortly after moving to the United Kingdom, Haworth established the Cult Information Centre.
As was the case with COMA, Haworth hid both the site of its office and the identities of its trustees in order to prevent harassment from newly formed religious groups. According to the information provided on the website of the CIC, Haworth has responded to 20,000 queries and given 1,200 speeches on various new religious organizations. CIC collaborates extensively with educational institutions, union organizations, and other organizations in order to disseminate information about new religious movements to students. According to Haworth, students are particularly susceptible to techniques of brainwashing because of their impressionable and impressionable minds.

Since obtaining its initial registration with the Charity Commission for England and Wales in 1992 (with the number 1012914), CIC has continued to operate as a charitable organization.

The Center for Investigative Christianity (CIC) asserts that it was the first organization to receive charity status specifically for the purpose of studying new religious organizations and exposing their “destructive techniques.”

 Ian Haworth’s Litigation Issues

In 1982, certain comments that Haworth made about Erhard Seminars Training at the University of Guelph were published in a local newspaper. These comments were made by Haworth.
After moving back to Britain in 1987, a Canadian court proceeded with a libel case against him even though he was not present for the proceedings in 1989. In the year 1990, Haworth was made aware of the libel lawsuit that resulted in a damages verdict of 5,000 British Pounds against him, along with 14% interest.The court in Canada decided in favor of Landmark Education International, which was later renamed Werner Erhard & Associates International (a corporatized form of EST), and awarded them 10,000 CAD in addition to the costs that were incurred by Haworth, an associate (Robert Sutherland), and the expense of the local newspaper.

Werner Erhard & Associates, which maintains offices in the United Kingdom’s capital city, took the matter all the way up to the High Court, where they were granted a total of 20,423 GBP in damages at Haworth’s expense.  In April of 1996, Haworth filed for bankruptcy, but this did not interfere with his work combating cults in any way. Both cases were dismissed: the action against the local newspaper was dismissed once it carried a statement written by EST, and the case against Sutherland was dismissed after he apologized and paid 100 GBP. After allegedly becoming aware of the libel action brought against him in 1987, Haworth allegedly fled to Britain in an effort to avoid having to pay damages. Despite this claim, he has never been subjected to any kind of legal action because of it.


Ian Haworth
Ian Haworth

Net Worth of Ian Haworth

It is possible that by the year 2022, Ian Haworth will have thousands of paychecks.

According to information provided by Compensation.com, the salary of the political journalist is anywhere from $29,712 to $46,665 each year. Their pay scales can be extremely variable depending on a number of aspects like the amount of years of experience, education level, qualifications, and extra abilities.

Beginning in September 2013 and continuing through May of that same year, he held the position of senior software engineer at IXL Learning. After that, he began working at Facebook in August 2017 and remained there until January 2021 in the capacity of a software developer.

The political writer has worked for The Daily Wire for a total of three years, two of which were spent there as contributors and the remaining year and a half as an editor (two years and four months). In addition to that, he has written a number of items, both news and analysis, for Morning Wire.

He was a member of the Fact-Checking organization at Facebook throughout the duration of his employment there, which lasted for a total of four years. In addition to that, he frequently updates his Instagram account with political videos in which he examines various events.

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