ID’s See No Evil: Who is Nathaniel Rowland and where is he now?

Samantha Josephson, a young student, was victimized by Nathaniel Rowland in a horrific act due to a misunderstanding.

Since it first premiered in 2015, ID’s See No Evil has explored crimes that are solved with the aid of security cameras. The show incorporates actual footage, reenactments, police, witness, and family testimonials.

Before the premiere of the upcoming Nathaniel Rowland and ID See No Evil Season 9 episode, here is everything fans need know.

identifying and tracking down the killer Nathaniel Rowland

Rowland lived in New Zion, a neighborhood in Columbus’ Clarendon County. Basketball was his favorite sport, and he finished his education at East Clarendon School. His social media accounts showed that he was a student at South Carolina State University in 2017, however he was not enrolled there when Samantha was killed.

24-year-old Following his conviction for the 2019 murder of Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old woman, Nathaniel Rowland gained notoriety. After leaving for her residence at 2 AM and incorrectly believing it to be her Uber ride, the latter vanished in March 2021.

A farm 65 miles from where she vanished was where turkey hunters discovered her dead 14 hours later. It just so happened that Rowland’s home was near to the field. The police issued a BOLO, or “Be On the LookOut,” for a black Chevy Impala as soon as Samantha’s friends reported seeing it.

On March 29, 2019, Samantha got into Nathaniel Rowland’s automobile under the impression that it was her Uber. This misunderstanding allowed Rowland to take advantage of Samantha. He captured her in his automobile using his childproof lock mechanism, then kidnapped her.

He had previously been arrested for a crime in South Carolina for acquiring a signature or property under false pretenses, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.

Where is he today and what happened to him?

On July 27, 2021, Nathaniel Rowland was determined to have kidnapped and killed Samantha Josephson. After the BOLO was issued and Rowland was stopped one night, the crime was discovered. Rowland attempted to flee the scene after getting out of the car, but he was quickly apprehended and taken into custody.

The officer could be seen checking Rowland’s car and finding Samantha Josephson’s phone in the dash and body camera footage. He noticed blood when he opened Rowland’s trunk, which prompted him to call for help before continuing his inquiry.

120 knives were used to stab Samantha Josephson. Dr. Thomas Beaver, a forensic pathologist, claims that the attack was so savage that it was difficult to collect enough blood to make a blood sample because she had almost completely lost all of her blood.

Samantha Josephson was abducted and killed, and Nathaniel Rowland was held responsible. He was described by the judge as a cold-blooded killer with a twisted heart. Rowland was given a life sentence without the chance of release.

Before being punished, Rowland insisted he was innocent. His attorneys said that it was uncertain whether his DNA was present on the knife. They added that while the victim’s blood was discovered on his bandana and sock, none of Rowland’s DNA was discovered on the victim’s corpse.

Concerning ID See No Evil

ID’s See No Evil, narrated by Ross Huguet, centers on crimes that have been solved with the aid of security cameras. Each episode includes eyewitness, family, and police testimony as well as dramatic re-enactments supported by real security camera evidence. The sad kidnapping and violent murder of Samantha Josephson are expected to be featured in the future episode, dubbed Unsafe Uber.

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