What happened to Samantha Josephson? ID’s See No Evil to revisit gruesome murder of college student

This week, a new episode of ID’s See No Evil will be available for viewing. The upcoming episode, titled “Unsafe Uber,” will tell the heartbreaking tale of Samantha Josephson’s horrific death.

The plot of the Arrow Media and Saloon Media production See No Evil centers on how security cameras are used to investigate actual crimes. The show combines testimony from the police, witnesses, and families with dramatic reenactments and real-world imagery.

Before watching the forthcoming episode of ID, viewers should read the following information on Samantha Josephson.

Examining the terrible murder of Samantha Josephson by a cold-blooded killer

Samantha Josephson, a student at the University of South Carolina, was 21 years old. She was a senior studying in political science and intended to practice international law after graduation by becoming a lawyer. She held full scholarships to Drexel University School of Law and partial scholarships to Rutgers Law School, thus she had huge aspirations for herself and her education.

But on March 29, 2019, Samantha Josephson went out with her friends three weeks before she finished her degree. That night, around 2 AM, she scheduled an Uber to take her home. She saw a car as she was waiting for her cab, thought it was her Uber, and got inside Nathaniel Rowland’s automobile. When the latter understood the error, he promptly used his childproof lock system to capture Samantha. She was afterwards abducted by him, and she was never heard from again.

The following day, when her friends failed to find her, they called the police and reported the incident. They discovered by watching the security footage that she got into the wrong vehicle and issued a BOLO, or Be On the LookOut, for a black Chevy Impala.

How did Samantha fare?

By the time the BOLO was published, Samantha Josephson’s kidnapping was obvious. On March 30 at 4 AM, Nathanial Rowland was stopped, as shown on both the officer’s body camera and dash camera. Rowland attempted to flee the scene after getting out of the car, but he was quickly apprehended and taken into custody.

The cop was seen in the video finding Samantha Josephson’s phone while checking Rowland’s car. Additionally, he saw blood in the trunk, so he called for help.

Exactly 14 hours after Samantha Josephson got into the wrong automobile, her body was discovered. It was discovered by turkey hunters who happened to be in a secluded spot close to Rowland’s home 65 miles away in a field.

Samantha had been stabbed 120 times, a fairly horrifying discovery that startled everyone working the case. According to forensic pathologist Dr. Thomas Beaver, the attack was so brutal that there was just a tablespoon of blood left in her body, making it difficult for him to collect enough for a blood sample.

Rowland was not hurt at all at the time of his arrest. At the trial, his ex-girlfriend testified that she observed him cover his passenger seat with a white sheet the day after the murder and clean the blood off of his car and his multi-tool, which was thought to be the murder weapon, with bleach.

Nathaniel Rowland was convicted of kidnapping and killing Samantha Josephson on July 27, 2021, despite the fact that he had no past history of violence. He didn’t take the witness stand to defend himself after being found guilty; instead, he said:

The judge declared Rowland to be a “emotionless killer with a twisted heart” and expressed her entire satisfaction with the verdict against him. Nathaniel Rowland received a life sentence without the chance of release.

The plot of ID’s See No Evil centers on accounts of crimes that were solved with the aid of security cameras. These re-enactments, which are supported by authentic security-camera footage, also include testimony from police, bystanders, and families. The series’ official synopsis is as follows:

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