Has journalist Dan Wootton ever been married? What’s his wife name?

Dan Wootton, a writer from New Zealand who is 39 years old and has never publicly had a partner, has recently generated some headlines that raise some eyebrows.

However, he is in the headlines for a different reason after he was accused of being a hypocrite after mourning for the late Queen Elizabeth and putting flowers outside of Buckingham Palace. This is the reason he is currently in the news. He decided to memorialise the monarch by broadcasting a video of himself among her devoted people saying their final goodbyes. In the video, he was included.

In a caption, he provided further explanation of the journey by stating that he had returned to the palace after engaging in some introspection.

In point of fact, he witnessed large throngs of people of all ages and walks of life as Britain improved into her finest form for the benefit of its longest-serving monarch.

On the other hand, users of Twitter were quick to point out that he had attacked Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, for their planned visit to the Los Angeles National Cemetery on Remembrance Day in 2020. He claimed that the entire event was a sham, and that the only reason a photographer was present was because he happened to be passing by at the time.

In contrast to the dignified appearance of the royal family, who wore dark colours and garments, he sported a casual getup consisting of jeans and sunglasses.

Others referred to it as a staged performance while making fun of him for the way the footage was set up.

In point of fact, many individuals harboured the hope that he might have internalised the information that he should keep his lips shut lest he risk having his words come back to haunt him.

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton

A Few Quick Facts:

Full Name Daniel John William Wootton
Born 2 March 1983
Age 39 years
Home Town Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Alma mater Victoria University of Wellington
Occupation Journalist, broadcaster

Does anyone know if Dan Wootton has ever been married? Is He in a Relationship?

Dan Wootton, the executive editor of The Sun, came out as a gay in 2013, and as a result, he has never had a girlfriend, and he has also never been married.

Due to the fact that he is well-known for maintaining a high level of discretion regarding his romantic and sexual relationships, it is quite improbable that he will ever come out with his lover on any public venues.

After coming out as a homosexual, he made the difficult decision to expose simple facts about himself and expose himself to a wave of scrutiny. This decision was made despite the fact that the majority of reporters are not too keen on opening up about their genus and sexuality because it may be turned against their favour.

In the same statement, he went into greater detail about his stance on equality and expressed the wish that the media would stop hiding the relationships that exist within his community. He also expressed the hope that one day, it would become more normalised.

Even while he is considered as one of the most well-known and mainstream editors and reporters in his co-community at the moment, this does not imply that his sexual orientation should be used to judge whether or not he is correct on contentious issues.

In particular, he was criticised for the skewed reporting that he did regarding Charlie Sheen’s status as an HIV-positive individual.

In point of fact, he does not get along well with bisexuals, as evidenced by the fact that he referred to George Shelley as a confused guy who hid who he was in order to avoid being labelled by society.

After consistently expressing his thoughts in a strident and unfiltered manner, he was sure to earn the enmity of others, as evidenced by the fact that the X Factor winner Steve Brookstein publicly dissed him by naming him.

The English singer Lilly Allen also called him out for his foolish words about the young girls, and she questioned why he had such a deep-seated hatred for them.

When Tom Hayes, author of The Independent, referred to his work as “insidious piece of stigma-reinforcing journalism,” he caused him a significant amount of discomfort and headache.

How old is Dan Wootton, and who are his parents according to Wikipedia?

Journalist Daniel John William Wootton, who is 39 years old, was born in the United Kingdom and is the son of two British parents. His mother was from Basildon in Essex, while his father hailed from a military family in Malta. His mother and father met in Malta.

He came into this world on March 2, 1983, and he lived his childhood in Lower Hutt, which is located in the country of New Zealand.

After finishing his secondary education, he went on to acquire a Bachelor of Arts degree in media studies and political science from Naenae College, which is affiliated with Victoria University of Wellington.

When it came to finding out what was going on in the world and reporting on it, his innate sense of inquiry and watchfulness were always assets that worked to his advantage. Soon after, he established himself as a knowledgeable debater and realised that this was the path he wanted to follow for the rest of his life.

In point of fact, once he had finished his degree studies, he dove headfirst into his professional life by landing gigs as an entertainment columnist at The Dominion Post and providing daily reporting for the television show Good Morning.

At the age of 21, he relocated to the British Isles, where he spent a large amount of time perfecting his skill and working for trade journals. He was aware that he had the potential to do much more than that.

In the process of doing so, he became involved with Broadcast magazine due to the fact that it did not take him very long to make contact with the staff of News of the World TV. He started out as their editor while at the same time contributing to the Daily Mail’s how-business editor department and beginning to write columns and do reporting for the publication.

After getting involved in a legal dispute, in which he was required to appear before the Leveson Inquiry about the phone hacking incident at News International, the business endeavour turned into a catastrophic loss for him.

Dan Wootton’s Net Worth & Learn About His Professional Life

Dan Wootton, a former reporter for GB News, has an estimated one million to five million dollars in net worth as of the year 2022. Wootton began his career as a journalist in New Zealand. Before he found out that The Sun had an opening for a column writer in 2013, he had spent his first few years devoting his time to his academic pursuits. He made the most of the occasion and was given the responsibility of editing the newspaper’s bizarre section, which earned him the promotion to assistant editor.

Because of his significant contributions to the entertainment industry, he was recognised with a British Press Award in the category of show business. He was even a guest on the morning show Lorraine, which airs on ITV, while also appearing as a guest on BBC Radio 5 Live.

In the meantime, his career took a turn for the worse after he insulted HIV-positive patients with some derogatory remarks he had written about the actor Charlie Sheen from Two and a Half Men. However, the intonations that his ailment co-related to his behaviour did not make any sense, despite the fact that he was in no manner an ideal mentor.

Following a short break as a result of his contentious words, he returned to his job as the host of a weekly discussion radio programme called Dan’s Dilemmas, succeeding Eamonn Holmes in the role.

In point of fact, he was the journalist who wrote the infamous story that was published in 2018 and accused Johnny Depp of being a batterer of his wife. Even though the corporations brought a case against him, he ultimately prevailed because of his substantially correct reporting.

In January of this year, he made the decision to sever ties with the organisation after learning that his show, Tonight Live with Dan Wootton, would be rebranded and reduced to two hours.

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton


In his native New Zealand, he began his career as a journalist by contributing an entertainment section to the daily broadsheet The Dominion Post in Wellington and working as a reporter for the morning television programme Good Morning. When he was 21 years old, he relocated to the UK, and after a time spent working for trade magazines, he discovered a position with Broadcast magazine.

Wootton joined the News of the World TV team in February 2007[9], rising to the positions of TV editor in November 2007 and show-business editor in November 2008 until the publication’s closure in July 2011[13]. He later testified to the Leveson Inquiry in 2012 regarding the News International phone hacking scandal, where he denied publishing stories obtained through phone hacking.

In 2013, Wootton started writing a new Sunday column for The Sun. In 2014, he was appointed editor of the Bizarre section of the newspaper. In 2016, he was elevated to assistant editor (showbiz and TV). At the 2010, 2013, and 2018 British Press Awards, he received the “Showbiz reporter of the year” award. Between 2011 and 2019, Wootton appeared as a showbiz reporter on ITV’s Lorraine. She has also been a guest on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Wootton and The Sun faced harsh criticism in 2015 for a piece he wrote for the publication titled “Hollywood HIV Panic.” Lisa Power, an expert on HIV policy, referred to it as “vile” and expressed regret that Wootton had “given his name to such a terrible work,” claiming that it served to further stigmatise those living with the virus. Wootton’s work was criticised by the Terrence Higgins Trust, a British HIV charity, and The BMJ, a peer-reviewed medical trade publication.

From March 2018 to February 2020, Wootton hosted a weekly talkRADIO programme called Dan’s Dilemmas. He then took over as host of the station’s drivetime show, succeeding Eamonn Holmes.

In the matter of Depp v. News Group Newspapers Ltd., libel actions by Johnny Depp against Wootton and News Group Newspapers began in the High Court of Justice in July 2020. The lawsuit arose from a The Sun piece from 2018 that labelled Depp a “wife beater.” The court found in favour of News Group on November 2, 2020. In 12 of the 14 occurrences that Amber Heard alleged, attacks were deemed to be proven to the civil standard by Mr. Justice Nicol, who also decided that The Sun’s article was substantially accurate on the balance of probabilities.
Wootton announced in January 2021 that he will leave The Sun and talkRADIO to write a weekly column for MailOnline and host a daily show on GB News. Tonight Live with Dan Wootton, his GB News programme, was renamed Dan Wootton Tonight in November 2021 and cut down to two hours.

After Wootton supported the Great Barrington Declaration and proposed that herd immunity might be a cure for COVID-19 in October 2020, Labour MP Chris Bryant referred to Wootton as “a nutcase” and “you’re a complete and utter nutcase and you’re dangerous as well, a dangerous conspiracy theorist.”


Who is Dan Wootton sister?

  • Dan Wootton has a sister named Ash.

Who is Dan Wootton partner?

  • Dan Wootton does not have a partner.

Does Dan Wootton have an illness?

  • Dan Wootton does not have an illness.

Was Dan Wootton on Daily Mail?

  • Dan Wootton was a columnist for the daily mail.

Who is Dan Wootton’s father?

  • Dan Wootton’s father was born on a British army base in Malta.

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