Angela Dewire: Know About The Wife of UNL Coach Trev Alberts and His Net Worth in 2022

Angela Dewire: Know About The Wife of UNL Coach Trev Alberts and His Net Worth in 2022

Trev Alberts is the athletic director at UNL, and he is married to Angela Dewire. They have a family together and are very happy.

Alberts used to play linebacker for a football team. In 1994, he was the fifth pick in the first round. He has played in 29 NFL games, starting seven of them. He has made 69 tackles, forced three fumbles, and picked off one pass.

He is now in charge of sports at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It was his dream to play American football, but he did it and became famous and well-known in the sport. Even though everyone was shocked by the news of his early retirement, he kept doing what he loved as a sports broadcaster.

He worked as a broadcaster for many years before becoming an athletic director in 2009. With all the help and encouragement from his wife and family, it’s no surprise that he’s a successful person today. Let’s take a look at the life of an American sports administrator who made everyone fall in love with him.


Trev Alberts
Trev Alberts


Meet UNL Trev Alberts Wife Angela Dewire

Trev Alberts is the athletic director at UNL. He is married to Angela Dewire, whom he loves very much. On February 18, 1996, they got married and have been together ever since.

Alberts married Dewire when he was a football player for the Indianapolis Colts. About a year after he got married, he quit playing sports because he hurt himself. Still, he and his wife raised a beautiful family that was full of love and support.

Angela is known for being kind and supporting her family. She is also known as Trev’s better half. She was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on March 16, 1970.

She was one of her parents’ six children. Her father was a truck driver. He was a big fan of the Indianapolis Colts and the Detroit Tigers. Angela’s father died in 2015 in Hamilton, Indiana, which was a sad event.

Angela and Trev have been with each other for about 26 years. And during all of that, the couple has stayed together, through good times and bad.

It’s not surprising that the couple is known as one of the most powerful and admired couples in the world. Dewire has always liked to support her family from behind the scenes. However, she still goes to the press conference and shows up to encourage her husband in public.

Angela and Trev have three grown children who are all now following their dreams and passions. They were together for about five years before they got married and moved on to new things in their lives.

Even though a lot of people know Alberts’ wife, she has always kept to herself and led a low-key life. The followers still talk about their big wedding, which makes them closer. When they were living with Trev, his wife and kids were always in the spotlight, and now they are well-known people.

Angela went to conferences and events to support her husband even though she wanted to keep her own life private. She might have gone out in public a few times, but you can still find pictures of her on the web.

She also works as a volunteer for several non-profit groups and has a kind heart to help support her family. Even though Dewire has kept her work life out of the spotlight, she must have been making a pretty good living.

A Look at How Much Trev Alberts Makes

Trev Alberts is an American sports administrator and former football linebacker. He must have made a lot of money with his salary. He works at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln right now. He was named the next athletic director at UNL.

UNL made the announcement on July 14, 2021, so Alberts hasn’t been working at the University for very long. He has now signed a contract to be the athletic director. His base salary will be around $800,000, and if they win the College Football Playoff, he will get an extra $150,000.

And luckily, Trev will get a bonus of about $500,000 if he stays at UNL until 2026 and keeps his job. Since he started working for the team a little over a year ago, he must have made a lot of money from his salary.

Trev Alberts’s Past Life

Before Trev Alberts became an athletic director, he was a linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts football team. He was drafted in 1994, but injuries forced him to quit after only two years.

He played American football for three seasons before giving up the sport in 1997. The average salary of an Indianapolis Colts player is now more than $80,000. Taking into account that it was 1994, he might have made a little more than the average player.

Before he started playing American football professionally, Trev played college football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He was on the team from 1990 to 1993, and in his last year, 1993, he even won an award.

Trev couldn’t play professionally for long, so there aren’t many player stats for him. Even so, he was able to impress everyone on the field and become known as one of the best linebackers in football in just two years.

Also, he played college football for a long time, so people who like him are familiar with his style and skills. There’s no question that he must have made more than the average football player did at the time.

How Much Trev Alberts Earned as a Player?

After Trev Alberts stopped playing professional football, he went into sports broadcasting and wrote about college football for CNN/SI and Sports Illustrated. The average pay for contributors to CNN Sports is more than $30,000.

Taking all of this into account, Alberts may have made more than $30,000 as a contributor to college football. Later in 2002, he started working for ESPN as an in-studio analyst, making an estimated average of more than $80,000 a year.

After years of working in broadcasting, Trev became the athletic director at the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 2009. In 2021, he moved to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to do the same job.

With his fame and popularity, he has been in a lot of controversies. In 2011, when he decided to cancel football and wrestling and try to bring UNO to the Summit League, he got a lot of attention.

How much Trev Alberts Will Be Worth as Athletic Director in 2022?

In 2022, Trev Alberts is likely to have a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. At the moment, he works as an athletic director and makes an average of more than $80,000 a year.

Aside from that, he has had a successful career for decades and now lives in a beautiful home with his family. He also owns expensive houses, cars, clothes, and other things.

There’s a chance that the athletic director must also have stocks in the market. He also led Omaha Athletics with his team, built Omaha Sports Properties, and worked with Learfield to form a partnership.

His many accomplishments shine even brighter now that he has won the NCAA’s highest award and been named to the academic All-Big Eight team three times. Also, he and his parents had a good life when he was growing up.

He went to one of the best high schools and colleges to finish his education, and he also started playing football for his high school. In 1993, he won the Butkus Award and the Jack Lambert Trophy as the best linebacker in college. He also made his football career more interesting by getting three sacks for the Heisman Trophy.

Trev Alberts Career Earnings

Trev Alberts started his football career in college in 1990 and ended it as a professional linebacker in 1997. Even though he was retired, he kept working as a sports announcer and then as an athletic director.

Trev has pretty much from his career in the past few years. But despite his fame and popularity, he has always chosen to keep his life to himself. Also, he must have made more than a million dollars as a professional player for more than two years.

After he retired, he worked as a broadcaster for well-known networks like CNN, ESPN, CSTV, and CBS. This added a few million dollars to the money he had made over the course of his life.

As an athletics director, he worked for Nebraska-Omaha from 2009 to 2021 and then for UNL from 2021 to 2023. Based on his average salary at UNL, which was around $800,000, he has already made about $1 million from his current job.

Trev said at the time, “I think the potential for UNO’s athletic programs is unlimited. This new chapter in my life will be exciting for me and my family. I had an amazing time as a college athlete. For a few years now, I’ve wanted to go back to college athletics and give something back. This position at UNO is a privilege.”

According to, he could be booked for corporate events, speaking engagements, meet-and-greets, endorsements, and virtual events. His booking fee is between $10,000 and $20,000.

Who are the Children of Trev Albert?

Trev Alberts and his wife, Angela Alberts, have three kids: Chase, Ashtynne, and Breanna.

Alberts and his wife became parents for the first time in 1997, when their first and only child, Chase, was born. His son graduated from West Point in 2020 and then joined the 3rd Infantry division.

Chase is also in a relationship with his sweetheart, Cassidy Noble, to whom he got engaged in late 2020. He is in his mid-20s and has made a good life for himself.

Chase had been with his partner for a long time. When he graduated from high school in 2020, they got engaged that same year. Later in late 2021, Mitch Sherman tweeted, “Nebraska AD Trev Alberts will miss the Purdue football game on Saturday at Memorial Stadium to go to the wedding of his son Chase and Chase’s fiancee Cassie. “I had a nice talk with my wife,” Alberts said, “and she told me I would be at the wedding.”

Ashtynne, Alberts’s second daughter, was born on November 5, 1999. She is 22 years old and will soon be 23 on her next birthday, which is coming up in a few months. She is an athlete who has played volleyball at Clemson for three years.

Ashtynne is currently pursuing her dreams and focusing on her career. Besides their firstborn and secondborn, the Alberts also have a daughter named Breanna, who was born in 2004 and is now a teenager going to school at Clemson University.

The Alberts siblings are the closest in the family, and they have a strong bond. Ashtynne, one of them, can be found on Instagram as @ashtynnealberts and has over 2,000 followers.

Chase also has an Instagram account with the username @chase alberts and more than 1,000 followers, but his social media is private. Breanna, the youngest sibling, has an Instagram account with the username @breanna alberts and more than 2,000 followers.


Trev Alberts
Trev Alberts

Trev Alberts’s Family

Trev Alberts was born on August 8, 1970, to Ken Alberts, a business executive, and Linda Alberts. He grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa, with his family, and he still loves to think about his childhood.

Alberts is now 52 years old and has his own family with his wife and children. Before he got married, he grew up with his older brother Troy, who is a sales director at an oil processor, and his younger sister Tami, who is an elementary school teacher.

As a child, he went to Northern University High School, the University of Nebraska Omaha, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His parents helped him move forward in his career and reach his goal.

He lost his mother on his way to success. At the time, Trev said, “I was really happy today, but I was also really, really sad. My mom died last year, so she won’t be in New York in December to celebrate this honor with the rest of the family.

“She was almost too proud for her own good. She told everyone she met in Cedar Falls, Iowa, that she was my mother. I’m sad that she won’t be there to share this honor with us because I can only imagine how proud and happy she would be. For me, that was the saddest part of the day.”

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